Cardio Test

Today we test rowing (20 min, or less).

And if conditions allow, 200m and 400m running tests (walking is an option).

Classes are hard capped at 18. We cannot take any more because of the rowers. Register ahead of time!

Dan earned his overall level yesterday!

27 thoughts on “Cardio Test”

  1. Rowing (20 min)
    Score: 4,931 meters
    – Started around 1:50 pace slowly rising to 2:08 in the middle then got it back to 2:02 ish. Pushed last 2 min ish down to 2:00 min pace.
    – Next time: middle of the workout minutes 8-12… push to maintain pace and end with same strategy.

    And if conditions allow, 200m and 400m running tests (walking is an option).
    Time 400m: 1:18 (post row… so ok)

  2. Did the 20 min row a couple weeks ago, Purple 2

    And did the 400m run the other day (1:25)

    …so I did the 1 mile test today, got Black 1. Apparently I’m a decent runner, at least at the shorter distances. Who knew. (Not me) πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  3. 20 minute row
    5396 m
    red 3
    that was disgusting…

    400m after row 1:16….now I have to do the mile run…yeah….
    blue 3

  4. Janet Sommerville

    Running 400m – Blue I

    Rowing 20 minutes – Blue III

    This week is killing me cardio and sore.. don’t be like Janet and slack off getting the the gym the past month or so and go on vacation…. It hurts to come back.

  5. 44 Birthday Burpees for BJ!

    200m: 44 sec
    400m: 1:30
    Blue III

    Already did rowing: Black

    EMOM 20 minutes
    1min Assault bike
    1min rest
    100 calories

    Thanks Kevin. Good job everyone!

  6. Rowing 20 min
    Yellow II
    I didn’t push hard enough throughout row. First time doing 20 minutes… pretty boring, will know what to expect next time and crush my score.

    200m 45 sec
    400m 1:18
    Blue III

  7. Rowing 20 minutes
    5061 m . 1:58.6 pace. Black I

    Running 200m – 47 seconds
    Running 400m – 1:19 Blue III

    Thanks Amanda!

    Great to Level it up with the 5pm crew!, excellent work!

  8. Running 400m – 1:34 Blue III

    Rowing 20 minutes – 5050m Black

    Need to row harder at first. Made the rookie
    mistake and looked at women pace times instead of men’s when starting

  9. Samantha Both

    200 m run – 44 seconds
    400 m run – 1:23

    Row test — 4379 m (2:17.0 pace)

    Open gym
    4 rounds
    Incline DB press x 6 (30#)
    Incline barbell press x 12 (55/55/50/45)
    Flat bench DB flys x 15 (10/10/10/12)
    Rest 2:00 between rounds

    4 rounds
    Weighted chin up x 6 (5#)
    Pendalay rows x 12 (75#)
    Banded face pull x 25 (Red)
    Rest 2:00 between rounds

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