This workout is certainly no Bull!

Two rounds for time of:
200 Double-unders
50 Overhead squats (135/95#)
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile


Skipping will be decided upon by each person. How many can you manage? 50, 100, 150, 200? All singles? You decide.

OHS and PU can be done as sets of 35 or 20.

Running can be 800m.

Oh, and a 45 min cap, so be on time (or even early!), because at 10 min into the class, the coach is pushing the start button whether you’re ready or not.

Working out the kinks before the WOD
Working out the kinks before the WOD

85 thoughts on “Bull”

  1. Mobility
    Warm upx1
    Group warm up

    WOD: “Bull”
    2 rounds of:
    -200 singles
    -50 overhead squats @20
    -20 pull ups (green)
    -1 mile run

    Time: 40:37
    Great work 6amer’s!!!!!

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1

    WOD: Bull

    2 rounds 45 minute cap

    200 double under (singles)
    50 OHS ( not flexible enough so front [email protected] 85# 35x round 1, 20x round 2)
    50 Pull ups ( Strict PU 35x round 1, 20x round 2)
    Run 1 mile ( 800M)

    Time 32:41

    Something was off this morning I felt really slow and heavy?? Maybe coming down with something. Hope not though!

  3. We did Bull at CrossFit New England at the end of Aug while we were in Boston, I did the same reps today as I did there except did a 1000m row instead of an 800m run/preggo shuffle.

    2 Rounds
    500m row
    25 OHS 35#
    25 Pullups (Med/blue band)
    1000m row

    26:23 (with a pee break after the awesome 1500m back to back row)

    CFNE time with 800m preggo shuffle instead of 1000m row – 28:29…baby PR?

  4. Decided to lower the reps. The empty bar felt really heavy today. I need some rest days! And I wanted to finish under the time cap.

    WOD: “Bull”
    2 rounds of:
    -50 DU’s
    -35 OHS @ 45#
    -35 Pullups
    -1 mile run

    time = 35.59

    I really liked the runs, I prefer to run in the cold than the heat!

  5. Quick group Wu

    Two rounds for time of:

    200 Double-unders(mainly sets of 20’s)
    50 Overhead squats @70# (sets of 10’s)
    50 Pull-ups(sets of 10’s 1st round and 5’s the 2nd round)
    Run 1 mile

    Reached Time Cap with 1200m to go.

    I didn’t quite have the mental drive this morning. The whole time I was thinking on lowering the weight, doing less reps, running only 800m(would have been only 800m the first round but Kevin gave the little push I needed to run the 2nd lap.)

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    WOD: Bull
    Two rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders -> scaled to 200 Singles
    50 Overhead squats -> scaled to 35 @ 20#
    50 Pull-ups -> scaled to 35 with Green band
    Run 1 mile

    Time: 36:42

    Great job 6 am’ers. Thanks Kevin!

  7. Wod scalled to
    2 rounds of
    200 singles
    50 ohs (20#)
    30 pull ups
    1.6k run

    Felt a little light headed in last run… Had to rush the last 100 m as i got paged!!! Glad i could finish!

  8. Mobility
    Group WU

    WOD: “Bull”

    2 Rounds:

    -200 Double-unders
    -50 Overhead Squats @30#
    -50 Pull Ups (Red Band)
    -1 Mile Run

    Time: 43:45 Very Happy with my score!!

    Great mental WOD! Great Work 8:30 Class!

  9. Mob
    WU x 1
    Group Warm Up

    WOD: Bull

    2 Rounds for time of:

    200 Singles
    20 OHS @ 20#
    20 Pull ups – black band
    800m Row

    TIme: 28:47

    Was going to switch to ring rows part way through the 2nd round of pull ups, but decided to keep my big girl panties on and deal with the suck and get them done!

  10. WOD scaled to 2 rounds of:

    -200 singles
    -50 OHS @ 20lbs
    -50 ring rows
    -1 mile run

    Time: 43:21

    Great job everyone! Thanks Kevin

  11. Mobility
    Group WU


    – 2 Rounds of:
    – 200 singles
    – 20 OHS @ 15#
    – 35 Ring Rows
    – 800 Meter Run

    **2nd 800 meter run was walked (with a lot of emotion though)
    **My strategies for tackling each segment of the WOD were long gone in the second round.

    Tough Old Bull that’s for dammit sure!

    1. I (secretly) run with a lot of emotions. I guess the secret is out now! Good job on tackling this one!

    1. Great job Cheyenne. I’ve been thinking about strategy and scaling all day and haven’t decided anything yet!!

  12. Valérie Arseneau

    Question about the Paleo journals. When and how will we know if we can pick them up again? Dropped mine off at 6 am Monday.

    1. They’re checked by the next day. Yours is on the desk in the office, any of the trainers can get it for you when you’re in.

  13. Can’t make it for the 5:45 class tonight since I am working late this evening. Please remove me from the class.

  14. Wu 1/2
    2 rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders
    50 Overhead squats (135/95#)65lbs
    50 Pull-ups
    Run 1 mile. 800m
    Hit 45:00 cap did – 1round +32 OHS
    Rob Brydges

  15. 200m run
    Group WU

    WOD: Bull
    Two rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders -> scaled to 400 Singles
    50 Overhead squats -> scaled to 35 @ 55#
    50 Pull-ups -> scaled to 35 with Green band
    Run 1 mile

    Time: DNF made it to about 1000m on the second run at the time cap. Finished the run.

    Great job everyone!

  16. WOD: bull
    2 rounds
    400 singles
    50 OHS @ 25#
    35 pullups green band
    1 mile run

    Time: 37:10 thanks Jo! I dreaded this WOD the whole day but I think it was the kick in the ass I needed. Good job everyone!!!

    Practice doubles at end Amanda and I managed to do 4 – 5 -6 I will keep working on them! 🙂

    1. WOOHOO!! Great job on the doubles! I want to see you doing those in a wod very soon, keep working on them!

  17. Warmup
    Bull WOD at 35lbs
    Time – 36:16

    Sorry for smelling up the gym with my stinky shoe change. Heheh

      1. Hehehe..I was doing pull-ups, and was thinking, “jjeez..what smells so bad?” And then I realized it was my Oly Shoes.

  18. i picked up a red book by mistake. thought it was mine. i will bring it back tomorrow. 🙂

  19. Mobility

    WU x1
    group WU

    WOD scaled to:

    200 singles
    20 ohs with stick
    35 pull ups with black band
    800 m run

    2 rounds

    time: 25.10

  20. Mobility
    Group WU

    Bull scaled to 2 rounds of…
    – 200 singles
    – 35 OHS 45#
    – 35 pull ups with brown band
    – 1 mile run

    Time: 43:something

    When I was out for my 2nd run my book disappeared, I assume someone grabbed it thinking it was theirs. If you have it please let me know & just leave it at the gym (will also send an email to Kevin about it) 🙂

  21. MOB
    WU x1
    Group warmup


    200 skips
    35 OHS @ 20lbs
    35 Pullups (green band)
    1 mile run

    Time: 38:35

    Good one!

  22. Woohoo!!!
    First WOD in about 3weeks, ouch…

    WU X1

    -200 SINGLES
    -20 OHS #15


    Enjoyed the vacation but sure is good to be back 🙂
    Great to see everyone!
    Thanks coach Mario

  23. Mob
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    WOD: “Bull”
    2 rounds of:
    -200 DU’s (did 400 singles, thought 600 might be a bit much)
    -35 OHS @ 40 #
    -35 Pullups (Blue Band)
    -1.6 K

    Time = 37:23

    Good little grinder

  24. Vanessa Champion

    Mobility and wux1

    2 rounds for time of (scaled):
    200 singles
    20 OHS 20#
    20 pull ups blue and green band
    1 mile run

    Time: 28:09

    Thought I was going to do 35 pull ups but my hand proved to not be 100% yet from the hornet sting. Bugger. Tried to push hard on the run to make up for it

  25. WU x 1

    2 rounds

    200 double under’s ( first round I got 200 double under’s unbroken…happy about this)
    50 OHS @ 65 lbs
    50 pull-ups
    1 mile run


    Nice to be back! Great class Amanda!

    1. 200 unbroken du….I was skipping behind you when you did this. It was awesome to watch! Congrats.

  26. Mob Wu x 2
    Bull scaled:
    Two rounds of
    200 single skips
    35 OHS @ 20lb
    35 pull ups green band
    1 mile run
    Time 39:08

    I was very glad Corinna and I could go tonight. I have missed seeing everyone. Thanks Amanda for the great class.

  27. Mobility
    WU X1

    -100 SINGLES
    -20 OHS #15
    -20 RING ROWS

    Thanks Amanda!

  28. WOD: Bull

    2 Rounds:
    50OHS @ 65lb
    50 pull-ups
    1 mile run

    Time: 45min +
    (Timer had recently stopped when I got in)

    Thanks Amanda for pushing me through the last reps of OHS and pull-ups!

  29. Small WU


    2 rounds
    200 single unders
    35 OHS @ 25#
    35 pull-ups (green and purple)
    1 mile run

    Time: 39:44

    Was thinking I was going to 800m runs going in, but happy I went with the mile. Happy with the scale I chose.

  30. Mobility
    Group WU

    WOD Bull scaled
    2 rounds
    200 singles
    35 OHS 15#
    20 pull ups
    800 m run
    Time 31:23
    I planned on doing 35 pull ups as well but it just wasn’t happening. Happy with my time.

  31. WOD scaled to:

    200 double unders
    50 OHS with 50#
    35 pullups
    800m run (400m for the second one)

    Time = 45:30ish…time was stopped when I got in.

    Holy crap this wod kicked me right in the ass. Normally doubles don’t cause me so much grief but my second round had everything going wrong…rope issues, bladder issues, and Pukie was tapping me on the damned shoulder.

    And holy crap the runs! I bow down to all of you who did the mile runs today. I was seriously wrecked when I headed out for my second run, I was physically unable to run when I got out there and had to walk for quite a while, twice.

    I spent most of the day today trying to figure out what I would be able to get done in around 40 minutes. That was a fun challenge 🙂

    Thanks for a great class Jo

  32. Bull Scaled

    400 singles
    35 front squat 35 lbs
    20 pullups
    1 mile run

    2 rounds

    I will feel the pain tomorrow morning . Oh how i did not miss my hands ripping . hajj feels good to be back

  33. Debbie Mackenzie

    Group WU

    “Bull” scaled

    Two rounds of:

    200 singles
    50 OHS (20#)
    35 pullups (black band)
    800 m. run


  34. Bull scaled

    200 singles
    35 OHS @ 35#
    35 Pullups (black band)
    800m run

    Time: 36:30

    My singles are getting a bit faster, but my pullups are still slow. BUT I did pullups instead of ring rows, which is huge progress for me!

  35. Bull (scaled and modified for injury)

    2 rounds of:

    100 du’s
    35 ohs @35
    35 pull-ups
    1 mile row

    Hate it when I have to scale everything in a wod, but there you go. Had time to do more so next time need to increase reps but keep weight/band the same.

    Time : 34:14

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