Two rounds for time of:
200 Double-unders
50 Overhead squats (135/95#)
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

Compare to Aug.25/14


Skipping will be decided upon by each person. How many can you manage? 50, 100, 150, 200? All singles? You decide.

OHS and PU can be done as sets of 35 or 20.

Running can be 800m.

Oh, and a 45 min cap, so be on time (or even early!), because at 10 min into the class, the coach is pushing the start button whether you’re ready or not.

Wendy and Liam came for a visit this week!
Wendy and Liam came for a visit this week!

47 thoughts on “Bull”

        1. I’m sorry you didn’t come – we had 4 different wods going! Or you probably could have shamed me into doing “Bull”. Maybe next Thursday at 7?

  1. MOB + WU

    WOD – “Bull” – 2 Rnds – 45 min cap
    200 Double-unders (200 singles)
    50 Overhead squats (135/95#) ([rnd1 50 OHS] rnd2 [10 OHS + 40 FS] @ 55#)
    50 Pull-ups (20 Ring Rows)
    Run 1 mile (800m)

    First time doing OHS…need more mobility.

    Time: +45min

  2. Heather Colleen

    Two rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders
    50 Overhead squats (15#)
    50 Ring Rows
    Run 1 mile

    Last time, I did OHS at 35#, 35 band pull-ups and did 800m runs. Time: 44:30

    This time I did all the reps, including ring rows (which for me are way harder) and ran both miles…and finished in 44:02. Next time (depending on state of shoulder), I want to try at 35# again.

    So happy I don’t have to do this again for another whole year.

  3. Bull…
    2 Rounds
    200 Double unders
    50 OHS 85# (second round Front Squats because my wrist wouldn’t take any more OHS)
    50 Pullups
    800m run

    1 Rounds + 20 pullups

    Yep, that was a terrible sweaty mess. Last time I did this was 2 years ago, pregnant and in Boston at CFNE. It was mucho modified so nothing to compare to.

  4. Open Gym

    “Russian Jerk”
    8min AMRAP
    6 Russian [email protected] 53#
    4 Jerks @ 85#

    total = 10 rounds + 2KBS

    I wasn’t sure on the weight today, everything is sore. 85# felt good. Last time I got 10 rounds @ 75# so I’ll take it! Great job Crystal that was fun! We were just about on the same pace throughout helped me push harder.

  5. Mob. and WUx2
    OHS practice
    WOD: Bull
    (2 rounds)
    200 singles
    50 OHS @ 40#
    50 ring rows
    Run 1 mile
    Time: 43:21
    Thanks Shane!! That was crazy fun πŸ™‚

  6. Open gym
    “Jackie” with Tracy

    1000m row
    50 thrusters @45#
    30 pull ups (as ring rows)

    Time 10:46

    Really wanted to try pull ups in a word for the first time, but after rowing and thrusters there was no way that was going to happen! I need to choose a word with low rep pull ups for next open class. Also I’m really bad at planning my own open class and sticking with it so thanks Tracy for picking Jackie for us both

    1. you are ridiculous… in a good way. I get “Jackie” every Christmas Eve….Next open gym lets pick a pull up wod πŸ™‚

  7. Mobility and WUx2

    WOD “BULL”
    2 rounds for time (45 min cap)
    200 DU
    50 OHS
    50 Pullups
    1 mile run

    I did:

    75 Singles
    20 OHS
    35 Pullups (ringrows)
    1 mile run

    Finished both rounds at 41:11.
    This was a killer. By the second run I thought I was going to die and the run was never ending, but it was fun and enjoyed it regardless πŸ™‚

  8. mob + Group wu

    WOD: β€œBull” Scaled
    2 rounds of:
    β€”200 Single-unders
    β€” 50 Overhead squats @ 95#
    β€” 50 Pull-ups
    β€” Run 1 mile
    Completed 1 round + 500m of 1600m run on 2nd round in 45 minutes
    PR of 300m run over last year

  9. Mob

    OHS practise

    BULL Scaled
    2 Rounds 45 min cap

    -200 singles
    – 35 OHS (40#)
    -35 RingRows
    – 1 mile run

    Time: 45.08

  10. – Mob
    – WUx1

    Bull scaled to 2 rounds of…
    – 200 singles
    – 50 OHS (65#)
    – 50 pull ups (scaled to ring rows because I wanted to finish πŸ˜› )
    – run 1 mile

    Time = 47:03

  11. Mobility

    2 Rounds
    -200 Double Unders
    -50 OHS @55#
    -50 Pullups
    800m Run (Scaled the runs so I could finish inside the cap)

    Time: 42:33 (Last Year 45:55 with 45# but 1 Mile Runs)

    Great Big 6pm Class! Thanks Chantal!

  12. “Bull”

    Two rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders(scaled to 400 singles)
    35 Overhead squats (65#)
    35 Ring Rows
    Run 1 mile

    At the time cap I had completed 1 round and 15 ring rows.


  13. Open gym fun with Maria!
    “Russian Jerk”
    AMRAP 8min
    6 RKBS @#53
    4 Push Jerks @#55
    Total-10 rounds and 1 Jerk
    Thanks Maria, for always coming up with good wod’s to do on open gym. Was alot of fun!

      1. Yah and you and Kennedy making puking sounds at the end of each round was really helpful! πŸ˜‰

  14. MOB + WU

    WOD – β€œBull” – 2 Rnds – 45 min cap

    200 Double-unders (200 singles)
    50 Overhead squats (135/95#) scaled 65#
    50 Pull-ups
    Run 1 mile (scaled 800 m row)

    Time: 42:39

    Left my sneakers at home so I had to scale the run, glad I had my Oly shoes…

  15. WOD: Bull
    2 rounds of
    200 DU
    50 OHS @ 75#
    35 pullups
    1 mile run

    Finished 1 rd + 35 pullups in 42:30 and didn’t go back out to run because my ankle/heel was in a lot of pain.
    Thanks for the class Chantal and thanks Blake for mobility advice after the wod!

    *Last year did this as:
    2 rounds of
    100 singles
    35 OHS @ 35#
    35 pullups with blue & green band
    1 mile run
    Time: 35:35

    Tough to say it’s an improvement when I didn’t finish but the extra reps and 40# more on OHS makes me happy.

    1. Hard to say it’s an improvement?
      200 doubles vs 100 singles
      40# more on your OHS (!!)
      Bandless kipping pullups vs TWO bands last year

      Are you sure there’s not much of an improvement? πŸ™‚

      1. Haha ok I get that! Was just concerned about not finishing… That’s 2 this week!! But thank you for pointing that out πŸ™‚

  16. Bull – scaled as follows:
    Round 1:
    200 DU’s
    35 OHS @ 55#
    35 Ring Rows
    1 mile run

    Round 2:
    200 Single skips
    35 OHS # 55
    35 Ring Rows
    800 m. run

    Time: 44:45

    First round of DU’s went pretty well, but I was totally gassed & ruined for the OHS, so opted for singles in round 2. The OHS felt really heavy. Did them in sets of 10-10-10-5 for both rounds. Ring Rows were done in sets of 5 until I got to 25 or so & then broke them into sets of 3. Both runs were really really slow. This WOD is more proof (like I don’t already have proof enough), that I really need to improve my cardio. I was a gassed out wreck.

    My first class with Coach Shane. Looking forward to more.

  17. Mob X 1
    Wod: Bull Rx’d

    40 OHS in the second round.

    Brutal, during the run I actually started having flashbacks of being at the spartan race. it was horrible! πŸ˜€

    Thanks Chantal

  18. WOD scaled to 35 pullups, and modified the OHS to 35 push press for my problem knee. Ran the miles and 200 doubles.

    48:something. I had no intention on going over the cap as I never do but I had wod brain and didn’t realize how long the last mile would take. I was thinking 8 minutes. I don’t think I can do 800m in that time…

  19. Two rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders scaled to singles
    50 Overhead squats (135/95#) #20
    50 Pull-ups scaled to ring rows
    Run 1 mile scaled to 800 m the first round and 1 mile for 2nd round


  20. MOB + WU

    2 rounds
    200 double unders scaled to 100 Singles
    50 OHS scaled to 35 front squats at 45#
    50 Pull ups scaled to 35 ring rows
    1 Mile run scaled to 800 m

    40:29 for time

    Very happy with my time, I had side stitching almost the entire time running, I try to do as much running WODS as I can as it’s what I dislike the most.

  21. β€œBull”
    2 Rounds
    — Rnd 1) 50 DU / 50 step-ups 2nd) 75 step-ups
    — 50 OHS @ 75#
    — 50 Pullups
    — Run 1 mile

    Modified quite a bit due to being broken but I was happy to be able to do pullups and finish under the cap.

    Pretty busy 6 pm!

  22. 2 rounds
    200 double unders scaled to 100 Singles
    50 OHS scaled to 35 front squats at 35#
    50 Pull ups scaled to 35 ring rows
    1 Mile run scaled to 800 m row

  23. Open gym friday august 7th

    200 SU
    50 OHS @45lbs
    50 ring rows
    800 m run

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