Two rounds for time of:
200 Double-unders
50 Overhead squats (135/95#)
50 Pull-ups
Run 1 mile

Compare to Oct.9/13


Skipping will be decided upon by each person. How many can you manage? 50, 100, 150, 200? All singles? You decide.

OHS and PU can be done as sets of 35 or 20.

Running can be 800m.

Oh, and a 45 min cap, so be on time (or even early!), because at 10 min into the class, the coach is pushing the start button whether you’re ready or not.

Frankie can roll out too!
Frankie can roll out too!

83 thoughts on “Bull”

  1. Bull

    (subbed running for 2k row)

    Two rounds for time of:
    200 Double-unders
    50 Overhead squats (45#)
    50 Pull-ups
    Row 2K

    Didn’t finish, I was on my last row, rowed about 640m at the time cap. I’m happy comparing to last year only did 50DUs and 35reps for pullups and OHS. Great job this morning by everyone! Thanks for the push on that last row BJ!

  2. Warm up x1
    WOD: “Bull”
    2 rounds of:
    200 singles
    50 over head squats @25
    50 ring rows
    I mile run

    Time: 50:20

    First day back from being on vacation for a week….tough workout to come back to. Great work 6amers!

  3. WOD: “Bull”
    2 rounds of:
    — 200 Double-unders
    — 50 Overhead squats @ 75#
    — 50 Pull-ups
    — Run 1 mile
    *45 min cap

    1 round + 250m of the run at the cap.

    Split was about 25:30. Stuck with doubles so that many in a workout might be some sort of PR.

    Tough, tough WOD.

  4. WUx1
    WOD: β€œBull”
    2 rounds of:
    β€”100 Single-unders (Right foot)
    β€” 50 Overhead squats @ 70#
    β€” 50 Pull-ups
    β€” Run 1 mile
    Time–> 43:26

    Great work 6 am folks!

    Thanks for the push on the run Jackie!

  5. WOD (75# OHS + 800m Run) = 40:56

    Everything kinda went slow in round 1, so I switched to the run 800m, wise decision. Next time I’d like to squeeze in a mile run.

    1. 3pm Open Gym

      Mob + WUx1

      Shoulder Press 5-5-3-3-Max

      Split Jerk (work on speed and landing low using height target)

  6. Is there a % to use for the OHS as a guide today? I think I’ll use the same weight as last time, but I’m curious what I’d use if I had a % as a guide

  7. Mobility


    1 Round + 50 Pullups RX

    Ugh do not do this wod 30 minutes after having breakfast it will make you feel horrible had to hold back pukie for the last 30 minutes of the wod.

    1. Almost happy to hear that I wasn’t the only person who had to hold back pukie…..it was just nasty!

  8. wod scaled to 35’s for pullups and 50# for OHS – same as last time. I had 14 seconds left on the clock when I was done my last pullup in the second round so I didn’t go for a run. Last time I got a 400m run in 45:30ish, so no PR this time but I still had a good wod.

    Thanks for a great class Blake!

  9. Mobility
    WU x1

    WOD: Bull

    2 rounds

    200 DU’s
    50 OHS @ 55#
    50 Ring Rows
    1 mile run

    46:03 (with a 400m run vs 1 mile run at the end of the second round).

  10. Please cancel my 4pm class today. I have a migraine. Sory for the late notice – just got out of a meeting. I will e-mail Kevin too.

  11. Heather Colleen

    WU x1 (scapula pull-ups and ring rows on grey box)

    WOD: β€œBull”

    2 rounds of:

    200 DUs
    50 over head squats 35#
    50 pull-ups (blue/purple)
    800m run

    Time: 44:30

    I was thrilled to have stuck to my scale – I wanted SO BADLY to drop to 35 OHS in the second round, but I stuck it out.
    Next time I will try the same plan with more weight on the OHS instead of trying the mile runs…unless somehow I get a whole heck of a lot faster between now and then. πŸ™‚

    1. I liked your cheer as you came in the gym. I wasn’t able to celebrate with you at the time, I was experiencing a pullup-induced state of despair. lol Great job πŸ™‚

      1. Heather Colleen

        I was convinced during the whole run that I wasn’t going to make it in time – I’ve never been so happy to have 30 seconds to spare!

  12. Mobility
    WU x 1

    WOD: Bull
    2 rounds
    200 singles
    35 OHS 35#
    35 pull-ups (green + pink)
    1 mile run

    Only did 1 round. Still dealing with some calf pain when running…shins felt good.

    Time: 22:20

    Still a great workout at 6am.

  13. Mob, WUx1

    WOD: “Bull” scaled
    2 rounds of:
    200 single unders
    35 overhead squats @ 50#
    35 ring rows
    800m run

    Time – 38:51

    Cashout: crumpled-heap-on-the-floor hold for 60 seconds.

  14. MOb + WU Γ— 1


    200 Singles
    50 OHS @ 20#
    50 Pullups (green and pink bands)
    1 mile run


    Bested my last stab at this workout. Better time, and more reps.

    Excellent work 6 AM peeps! πŸ™‚

  15. Mob + WU

    WOD: Bull

    200 DU
    50 OHS @ 75#
    50 Pullups
    1 mile run

    DNF: 34Pullups in 2nd Round

    Shin Splints galore!!! I think maybe I could have done better with a different order lol probably not, but the run was absolutely torturous and going from that into DU’s again was, well… insane. There has to be a positive take away from this, ummm…. PR’d consecutive DU’s in the first round? I got to 95 so close πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the all motivational yelling Steph!

  16. WUx1
    WOD: β€œBull” Scaled
    2 rounds of:
    —200 Single-unders
    β€” 50 Overhead squats @ 95#
    β€” 50 Pull-ups
    β€” Run 1 mile
    Time–> 1 round + 200m run completed on 2nd round
    wrists and hands were aching during OHS which slowed me down, pullups were one at a time, very though WOD!

  17. WUx1

    2 rounds of:
    β€”200 Single-unders
    β€” 50 Overhead squats @ 45lbs
    β€” 50 Pull-ups (black band)
    β€” Run 800 m
    Time: 31:04, great job Jenna, I am going to miss you!! you always make me push harder πŸ™‚ Safe travels!

    Great class 5pm!! Steph always enjoy your coaching!

  18. Wod @ 70#

    finished pullups in round 2 @ 43:54 did bother with the run.

    Finished round 1 @ 23:34 in second round DUs were ok, but OHS killed me. took almost 15 mins to complete them. scaled to 45# at rep 25. I wanted to quite but didn’t have an excuse other than I didn’t want to keep going…somehow finished the OHS and the pullups went pretty fast, aprox 3 mins.

  19. WOD: “Bull”

    2 rounds of:
    50 DU was the plan…ended up 150 singles
    35 OHS @ 35#
    35 pull ups (green&blue band)
    1 mile run

    Time: 35:35

    Went in with a goal of 35mins given low reps…the runs were tough in that heat!

    Thank you Steph for first lending me your rope when I could hardly string singles together and second cleaning up the water I spilled everywhere with my bar in the middle of the wod.

    Great job to everyone who battled through this and thanks for the 6pm class Chantel!

  20. Wod scaled to 50 ohs (35#) and 35 pullups
    Dnf (got to 30 pull ups in 2nd round)

    Rude awakening after 2 wks off… Ouch

    Thanks for keeping me company during the first run Blake… Glad to know there was a witness in case i needed cpr!!

  21. Mobility

    WOD: “Bull”

    2 Rounds
    200 Double Unders
    50 OHS @ 45#
    50 Pullups
    1 Mile Run

    Time: 45:55 (Last Year was with 30# and a Red Band on the Pullups 43:45) No PR but I’m still happy with my progress!

    Cashout: A Long Cold Shower OMG it was a hot one for this WOD!

    Great Class Chantal Thanks!

  22. Bull
    I scaled to
    200 singles
    35 OHS 65#
    35 Ring Rows
    Second round I had to scale back to 20 OHS because I started dry heaving. It’s a game changer.

    Time: 37:38

    It was really hot.

  23. Mob + WUx1

    WOD: Bull

    2 rounds of:
    200 double unders
    50 OHS @ 15#
    50 ring rows
    1mile run

    DNF – got to 33 ring rows on the 2nd round

    Thanks for the encouragement Steph! πŸ™‚

  24. Broke this one into 4 sets but manage to only complete 3rds.

    25 OHS #55
    25 Pull ups
    800m Run

    Time 45:11

  25. 200 Double Unders
    50 OH Stationary Lunges 35#
    35 Pull Ups – Round 1 with big green band. Round 2 with big green band + Pink Band
    1 mile run in round 1. 800 m run in round 2 (ran out of time)

    Time 47:15

    Double unders were especially tough. Especially the 2nd round.
    Good One!

  26. WOD at Crossfit Made of Steel tonight
    MOBx2 WUX2

    Front Squats Hold 3 Seconds at the bottom
    x-FitMOS only has 45# bars, I’m pretty sure my front squat PR is/was 45#. Had to bail once but pushed through the rest.


    Hand Release Pushups (Mod.;)
    Air Squats
    Pull Ups (Ring Row)


    800m run

    Great to experience another Crossfit. Got some great pointers on my squats. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was listening to the local radio station while WOD’ing, a little demotivating…

  27. Mob + WU X 1

    2 rounds

    200 singles
    35 OHS @ 20
    35 Pullups with Black Band ( ugly ugly ugly)
    800m run

    Time 30:14

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