200 Thrusters (75/45)


Remember the money we helped raise for Gabrielle? Well, this is the charity WOD for an affiliate owner who lost two children to a disease called SMA at CrossFit Kitchener.

Guy is not very happy about today’s workout

17 thoughts on “Bugaboo”

  1. Hey there,
    If you want to see some High School football this afternoon.
    My team (Royals) is playing the Purple Knight in Riverview at the High School field @ 1:00.
    I love this free advertising. 😉
    Have a good workout everyone.

    1. If I would not be playing volley-ball, I would go for sure Guy!

      Let me know next time you guys will play!

  2. Yay!!! Just knowing you guys are doing this with makes it even better 🙂 thank you again for your support and making me very proud to represent Crossfit Moncton! You guys ROCK!

  3. Went in today and faced a huge goat.
    200 Thrusters for time:
    100 at 75#
    100 at 65#

    Time —> 33:41

    Sorry Marc!… but at the same time … Thanks! 😉

  4. WOD-

    200 thrusters @75 lbs


    These type of endurance workouts really kicked my ass I had to really dig deep to pick up that bar again, if Marc and Kev didn’t chirp me at the start that would have taken me 40 minutes haha thanks for the motivation guys 🙂

  5. WOD: 200 Thrusters @ 45lbs

    Time: 21:24

    This work-out was for a fantastic cause and I was really happy to be part of it. Thank you Joanna for helping me pace myself today; the team effort was awesome.

  6. Warm up of 400 m run forward, 400 m backwards, 400m sprint – mobility stretching with the crew from Crossfit Kitchener 🙂

    WOD Bugaboo

    200 thrusters 45#

    Time: 23:49

    This was a really tough one… I’ve been fighting a cold and ear infections over the last couple of days and so I wasn’t feeling 100% for this one. But, our pain doesn’t compare to the pain SMA sufferers and their families go through. As one of the members from CFK said when asked why anyone would ever want to do 200 thrusters: “We do it because we can!”

    Great crew and trainers are at CFK 🙂 it was a pleasure to sweat with them, but I look forward to heading home again to rejoin my own crew.

    I presented Joanne at CFK with a check for 250$ on behalf of Crossfit Moncton this morning and everyone was blown away by our donations and level of support. I am so proud to say I am a part of such a great community. Thank you all again for your tremendous support 🙂 Sending you all a big hug! See you in a few days 🙂

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