Bring your oldest journal

Today, you get to try one of your very first workouts over again. Use the same weights, same movements and see how far you’ve come. Here’s to hoping your first wod wasn’t the 10k run!

And now for a little learning on your lovely Thursday.


78 thoughts on “Bring your oldest journal”

  1. WU x 1
    400 Metre run
    Dodgeball warmup

    October 31, 2012 WOD

    40 air squats (12″box)
    5 push press 25#
    30 air squats
    10 push press
    20 air squats
    15 push press
    10 air squats

    October 2012 – 7:02
    May 2015 – 4:34
    PR 2:48

    Double under practice – 19 consecutive, also a PR!

    Really fun to see everyone’s progress today. Thanks for the great coaching Kevin!

  2. My first in class WOD was this:

    For time (25 min timecap):
    25 Squats
    25 Push-ups
    25 Pull-ups
    25 Sit-ups
    50 Squats
    50 Push-ups
    50 Pull-ups
    50 Sit-ups
    75 Squats
    75 Push-ups
    75 Pull-ups
    75 Sit-ups

    I scaled the reps to 20 (instead of 25), 30 and 40. Completed 21 sit ups on the last set. And push ups was from the knees. Can’t wait to try this!

  3. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 400m run
    CrossFit Dodgeball

    First WOD: Jan 16th, 2013
    150 KBS
    10 min cap
    Didn’t write down the weight I used so I chose 25# for today

    01/16/2013 – 9:38
    05/21/2015 – 7:32
    PR: 2:06

    Practice kipping pull-ups
    1 min plank hold

    Thanks Kevin, fun class! Great work everyone πŸ™‚

    1. Greg Doucette

      Great job Kelly the “Clemens” Black. I hear you have an awesome fast ball! πŸ™‚

  4. Heather Colleen

    A WOD from my first month (the first few weren’t conducive to retesting) Sept. 24, 2012:

    The Punisher
    35 med ball sit-ups 6# (Rx was 14#, I think)
    400m med ball run (The Rx was 1 mile, the scale was 800m, I scaled the scale and ran 400m…for which I am utterly ashamed today.)
    35 med ball situps

    THEN: 9:17
    NOW: 5:02

    I’m going to take this one on Rx at my next open gym. I want to see if I can do it under 25min.

    1. Heather Colleen

      Ok…so the actual Rx is 50 med ball situps…not 35. This is going to be less fun. But I’m still going to try it.

    2. Wow, that’s a big pr. I thought about doing that one as well!! Rx would be fun….

    3. Heather Colleen

      Forgot: also worked on hollow holds (30 sec x 4, then whatever I could get) and did 5 x 200m row.

  5. WU + 400m run

    TBT WOD April 12, 2012

    AMRAP 12 mins
    10 Floor Presses 65#
    5 Ring Rows

    Old: 10 rounds + 10 presses
    New: 15 rounds + 2 presses

    My arms are dead.

    Sorry Jo for the Dodgeball mishap. I have bad aim.

    1. No worries…there’s a reason I don’t play group sports. I tend to attract mishaps lol

  6. 400m Run

    WOD β€œJack”
    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    10 Push Press (45#)
    10 Kettlebell Swing (25#)
    10 Box Jump (12β€³)
    Score: 4 rounds + 6 push press

    This time 8 rounds and 3 push press. (Hit the score for the last time at 4:45)

    15 wall balls 25#

    The fountain of youth!!

  7. My WOD today from Feb 2010 (wasn’t my very first WOD but within the first couple weeks)

    50 Wallballs 10#/9′ – these were actually more like 8′ back at Rideout St. I miss the low ceilings sometimes, wallballs were SO much easier.
    120 Skips – there was a time I couldn’t do double unders! Who knew? Sometimes you forget where you started and how far you’ve come.
    30 KBS 25# – these felt pretty light after yesterday’s 35#
    20 OH lunges 25#
    10 Box jumps 18″

    Today – 4:24
    2010 – 7:58

    I’ve been at this for a while now (5+years) and still see improvements. They may not be minute PRs anymore, they’re seconds and weights might not go up every month (or even every couple months) but I’m still getting better over time. It’s been a fun journey. It’s awesome to see all the PRs today, when you get frustrated with your progress (or seemingly lack of) go back and look at where you started and how far you’ve come and you’ll see just how much progress you’re making.

  8. MOB + WU + 400m run + Crossfit Dodgeball πŸ™‚

    Ok, so I was a total uncoordinated mess this AM. I did a redo of Dec 9 (had finished prep Nov 20) which was …
    Thrusters (I wrote down 50#; but realized as soon as I picked up the bar – I must have written down what was on the board that day and not what I did … I am guessing now it was probably 35#)

    Time Dec/14 – 5:40 with assuming 35#
    Time Today – 5:15 with 50#

    I’m going to try this again in an open gym, I spent half the WOD trying to figure out what seemed ‘wrong’ … Lesson of the day? Make sure I write down everything in my book correctly … πŸ™‚

    Cashout: 1000m row & broken into two 500m chunks w 25 ab mat sit-ups in between.

  9. Such fun to look at all the progress. CFT rest day today for me but my first wod was 100m sprints. Incredible that I ever went back. Today’s morning run was 4 X 1000m so I think there is progress since the 100m seemed like 1000m when I started 4 1/2 years ago!!

  10. It really is Throwback Thursday!

    Nooner warm-up with CF Dodgeball

    I did not pick the Filthy 50’s (first WOD ever) because I’ve re-done it so many times. And I didn’t keep a journal when I first started, so finding one of my first wods was tough. I looked through the Main site for a while this morning and came across one from May 16, 2007 (5 months after my first wod).

    3 rounds
    100 foot Walking Lunge
    50 Squats
    25 Good Mornings (used 45# today, may have only used a stick back then)

    Old time: 8:33
    New time: 6:34

    Chris Spealler had done it in 7:19 back then. So I’m pretty pumped that I beat young Speal.

    So cool to see all the improvements today!

  11. Very first WOD April 15, 2011

    AMRAP in 4 min Row for Calories
    then (49) now (59)

    rest 1 min

    AMRAP 3 min Thrusters @ 35#
    then (40) now (65)

    Biggest difference for me is how the WOD now feels, much more tolerable lol
    Fun to compare!

  12. Mobility and Wu x 1 + 400m run
    Crossfit dodge ball Wu!!
    My first Wod out of prep class was Helen
    3 rounds
    400m run
    21 kbs @ 35#
    12 pullups
    I had noted my last couple Pullups were with a purple band
    Sept 1, 2012 (11:58)
    Today 9:13
    Felt really good, was neat to redo one of the early ones!!
    Great class Kevin and great work 6 amer’s!
    Can’t wait to read everyone’s posts!!!

  13. I picked the WOD from Feb. 8, 2013.

    AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
    12 Push Press – 20#
    10 Pull-Ups – Used the black band last time, used the green today.

    Last time: I left my book in Virginia by accident but I think I got around 7 (possibly less) rounds and spent a lot of the WOD sitting on the floor trying not to pass out.
    This time: 15 rounds.

  14. Dodge Ball was SO much fun! I got Mr. Wood a couple times which made my day! πŸ˜‰

    Very first WOD December 4th, 2012

    Filthy Fifties scaled to Terrible Twenties

    Last time 10:47 Today’s Time 6:44

    Fun times, great job nooners.

    Thanks Blake.

    1. Wow! Awesome PR!

      So based on those numbers you should be able to do the full 50’s in… say 17 minutes?
      Now you have something to shoot for! Yippee!

      Seriously, nice work killing that workout!

  15. So much fun reading everyone’s progress today. I love seeing how everyone has progressed since they first started their CrossFit journey!!

    My first few WOD’s weren’t recorded very well as I would write down the WOD but not my time. Or I would write down the time but not the reps or the weight used πŸ˜›

    So I did the Lifestyle Challenge Benchmark, which I did about twelve days after my very first class.

    2000m row

    May 20th 2014: 11:11
    May 21st 2015: 9:23

    I’m pretty happy with my results after a year of CrossFit. Who knows what next year will bring? Go CF!

    Cashout: 800m run (26/30)

  16. Had to sign up for the nooner when I saw this one!

    First WOD, from August 1, 2014: β€œNUTTS” scaled
    β€” 20 HRPU, (15 from toes, 5 from knees)
    β€” 15 Deadlifts @ 95#
    β€” 25 Box Jumps @ 18″
    β€” 50 Ring Rows – feet under rings as I did back then
    β€” 100 Wall Balls 6# @ 9′
    β€” 600 Single Unders
    β€” Run 400m with 10# plate

    Original time: 28:53
    Today: 19:21 (I think that’s what I saw, was definitely at least a few seconds before 19:30 when i was laying on the floor lol)

    I was SHOCKED to come in under 20 mins, didn’t look at the clock when I left for the run πŸ™‚

    Thanks for cheering me on everyone!

      1. Lol neither did I until I went back to last year’s blog post, since I didn’t write the name in my book πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so glad you finished under 20 minutes…. especially since I only set the clock for 20:00.
      You did awesome!

  17. My first ever CFM WOD was on Jan 25/2012 and it was:

    7 Rds
    3 Cleans @ 85#
    4 HSPU scaled to 12 pushups (final 4 rounds of pushups from knees)

    Time then: 7:57
    Time today: 5:07

    Even though I did those final 4 rounds of pushups from my knees they were still brutal πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the class Kevin!

  18. Mob, WU, 400m run
    CF dodgeball

    WOD – AMRAP 7 minutes:
    Single unders
    * burpee penalty every break. 2 the first time, then 4, 6, 8…

    March 25, 2013: 125 singles
    * tripped after my FIRST skip
    ** 30 penalty burpees

    Today: 421 singles
    * beat my previous score in 1:07
    ** 20 penalty burpees
    *** first 200 unbroken (PR for unbroken singles!)

    PR of 296 reps!

    Cashout: 5 rounds of Tabata plank hold

  19. Mob
    WU x1
    400m run


    Baseline WOD
    500m row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 pushups (Knees)
    10 Pullups(ringrows)
    Time: 6.09
    May 2013: 7.09
    PR by 1 min!!

  20. My second CrossFit WOD was:

    15 Minute AMRAP
    10 push presses @ 45#
    20 Box Jumps 18″ box
    30 air squats

    Oct 23/09 = 3 rounds + 10 PP + 20 BJ + 20 air squats = 230 reps
    May 21/15 = 5 Rounds + 10 PP + 5 BJ = 315 reps

    Hard evidence that I am fitter at 48 than I was at 43 πŸ™‚

    This was fun. Enjoying reading all the great PR’s today.

  21. mob wux1 400 m run
    intro wod
    AMRAP in 10 min

    5 push up
    10 sit up
    15 squat
    sep 27(2010)=7round
    may 21(2015)=14round+4 push up
    PR 7 round

  22. great idea Kevin to redo our first WOD!

    Wux1 + 400m run
    Crossfit dodgeball

    Here was my 1st WOD back on March 15 2011

    WOD: Nate Scaled:
    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    – 8 pullups (red band)
    – 8 par dips
    – 12 pushups (last round on knees)
    – 8 KBS (30 lbs)

    = 2 rounds + 4 dips

    today I did the same workout except no bands for pullups and all pushups were Rx

    WOD: Nate
    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    – 8 pullups
    – 8 par dips
    – 12 pushups
    – 8 KBS (30 lbs)

    = 4 rounds + 8 dips
    PR of 2 rounds + 4 dips!

  23. Mob + WU + 400m run
    Group Dodge ball

    WOD: 2 Rounds of
    400m run
    150 singles
    40 good mornings (stick)
    30 Goblet Squats @ 20#
    20 lunges

    Sept 21/13–20:19

    I remember this WOD as the first time I really wondered what I was doing at Crossfit! I remember feeling like I was going to puke and Corinna telling me to keep moving! No puke feelings today, but it was still tough…my legs were dead! Thanks to B for running with me during my second round.

    Cashout: 11/30 800m run…….fun times!

  24. Helen

    3 Rounds for Time

    400 m run
    21 KBS 35#
    12 Pull Ups

    Time: 12:58

    This was my 3rd WOD way back on October 2, 2009. I would have used a band, but I did not write that down — REMEMBER WRITE EVERYTHING IN YOUR JOURNAL!

    Here is a quote from my journal after my second fundamental (shoulder presses) class in September ’09: “I felt like my muscles were going to rip through my skin when I was in bed!”

    Thanks Kevin this was lots of fun and it’s been quite a ride so far…

  25. WOD from June 2013
    Awkward Moment:
    400m run
    50 burpees
    400m run
    June 2013 time: 8:31
    May 2015 time: 7:36
    PR of almost 1 minute πŸ™‚
    Thanks Kevin! That was fun and very worthwhile to see even though I already knew how amazing CrossFit is πŸ™‚

  26. I joined the 8:30 crew this morning..

    Mob and Wu X1 + 400 m run..
    CrossFit Dodgeball, what fun!
    My very first wod years ago was Fight Gone Bad (thankfully I remember nothing)
    So my first recorded wod at CrossFit Moncton was ‘Detox’ on Dec. 29

    AMRAP 20 min
    5 power cleans 40#
    10 thrusters
    15 bar hops
    Old time 7 rounds + 2 reps
    New time 9 rounds + 9 reps

    Thanks Kevin, what a great idea..
    I bet it felt like an open gym all day!

  27. Mob + WU + 400m run
    Group Dodge ball

    WOD – AMRAP – 7min

    Jan 8, 2015
    7 box jumps – 24″ – 5 rnds
    7 dead lifts – 65# – 5 rnds
    7 situps – 4 rnds, 2 rnds on rings
    CO – McKenzie push ups + Samson

    May 21, 2015
    7 box jumps – 24″ – 6 rnds
    7 dead lifts – 65# – 5 rnds
    7 situps – 5 rnds, no rings this time

    CO – 200 skipping

  28. I picked Nov. 16th, 2009 as my re-do wod. Good ol’ rideout street, 2 weeks into crossfit.

    Amrap 20 minutes:
    12 power snatch(15 #)
    10 pushups (knees)

    Total last time: 9 rounds + 12 p. Snatch (210 reps)
    Total this time: 15 rounds + 3 p. Snatch (333 reps)

    Pr of 123 reps.


  29. my 2nd ever wod on May 14, 2014 was:

    1000m row
    400m med ball run @ 10# (guessed weight)
    20 box jump overs @ 20″
    400m med ball run
    100 DU scaled to 300 singles

    Time then: 13:35
    Time today: 13:24

    11 seconds faster and not the pr I was looking for…however, I did not have the proper attention to detail in my 2nd ever class and I did not write down my med ball weight or if I scaled the row and possibly even scaled the singles to a lower number?? Anyway, Kevin took my book quickly found another early wod and said, “do this right now!”

    So on to wod 2 (from prep course, Apr 24/14)

    For time:
    3 rds
    2 press
    4 push press
    6 push jerk
    8 squats
    all @ 35#

    then: 3:18
    today: 1:43

    Happier with these results πŸ™‚

    Great work to everyone today, SO MANY PRs!!
    Thanks Kevin!

  30. WU x 1
    400 Meter run
    Dodgeball warmup

    Aug 15, 2011

    75 Air Squats
    10 Pullups & Dips
    55 Air Squats
    20 Pullups & Dips
    35 Air Squats
    30 Pullups & Dips
    15 Air Squats
    40 Pullups & Dips

    Aug 2011– 34:37
    May 2015 – 18:04
    PR 15:27

    Way back then we used the bands for pullups, I wasn’t allowed to use the bands today ); first 2 rounds of pullups were unbroken and sets of 5 after that. Parallette dips where harder then I though.

    “I you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” apparently I would have had a lot of bruises. I couldn’t dodge anything tonight.

  31. Wu x 1 , 400 m run, dodgeball!! We should play more games.

    AMRAP 20 mins

    Run 400 mins
    Max pull-ups

    July 2012–51 reps
    Today — 94 reps

  32. Yay! I made it in today! Sadly, I hadn’t brought my book. BUT, I got to do baseline:

    500m row
    40 squats (I may have lost count but not sure)
    30 situps
    20 pushups (from toes)
    10 pullups (scaled to ring rows)

    My old time: 5:55 (and apparently I did my push ups from my toes. They probably were not good form?)

    New time: 5:32 – not a huge PR, but I feel like I must have much better form now!

  33. Wu x 1 , 400 m run,
    Group dodgeball

    AMRAP in 12min
    5 Front Squats @75#
    10 Pullups
    60 Single unders

    9 rounds + 5 Front Squat
    all unbroken

    From August 27th 2010 (2nd ever WOD)

    “WOD: AMRAP in 12 minutes
    5 Front Squats (75#)
    10 Pull ups (yellow and red band)
    60 Single Skips

    4 rounds + 8 PU

    Man those pull ups are not easy at all. I’m sure it’s all uphill from here right?
    Hope so.”

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