Beware of snake oil

Originally posted on our FB page yesterday.

Check out the picture below! I’ve been plagued with tight hamstrings for as long as I can remember. The top picture really shows it. After a few minutes of this new mobility trick I learned on the internet, I increased my range of motion tremendously! I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Actually, none of that is true (other than me having tight hamstrings). Take a closer look at the bottom picture. My right leg is bent (giving me more range) and my left hip/knee are also bent, adding the illusion of extra mobility. I didn’t change anything other than my body position.

Why should you know this? Because there are “professionals” out there that claim they have the key to your issue. But they fail to use the same measurement tools during the before and after. Just because some pretty girl with a sexy voice and cool internet marketing skills says it’s good for you, don’t automatically take her word for it.

Front Squat – 2RM

Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
70/50# each hand

For the first minute, go 10m. In the next minute, go 20m. Then 30m. And so on. Go until you are no longer able to travel the set distance in the given minute. And please don’t drop the kettle bells. They can do some damage to your little piggies.

Compare to Dec.3/14


20 thoughts on “Beware of snake oil”

  1. Front Squat – 2RM
    PR #195

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    70# each hand
    8 rounds 3
    Thanks Shane

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 250m row

    Front Squat – 2RM
    60#x 5 WU
    75-85-95-110-125-135-140# PR (previous 1RM was 125#)
    Thanks for sharing the bar Heidi. Good job!

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    50# each hand
    Made it to 5 in the 9th minute. Would have liked to see if I could have “held on” a little longer if my calf didn’t cramp up.

    Good job everyone. Thanks Shane.

  3. Front Squat – 2RM
    #95-115-135-145-155-165 – Could’ve done a bit more but my back was starting to hurt ….

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    5 laps into the 9th round

    Thanks Shane!

  4. Don’t forget we have a food drive happening, any non perishables can be brought to the gym there is a box in the warm up room across from the cubbies.

    Also still time to make a donation for our Christmas family either cash at the gym (under the warm-up board) or e-transfer to [email protected]. If you do cash you can also choose to get a ticket for our Christmas basket which is under the warm-up board.

    Both are happing until December 13, Thank you!

  5. Open Gym
    WU x1
    Rowed 1k

    “Christine” 3 rounds
    Jump on her box!!! Gawd such mind #$&@
    Row 500m
    12 DL @ #135
    21 box jumps
    I did 2 rounds… Took me what it felt forever, because of trying to get up on the box.
    16 mins
    Thanks Heather and Kevin for the support and helping me clean up.
    I will get over this fear…I will.

  6. 32 Birthday Burpees for Elba!

    Front Squat x 2 to 255# (Old 1RM was 245#)

    Death By Farmer 10m Carries @ 80#
    7 rounds + 60m

  7. Open gym with Bachman!
    WU + mobility

    Push press x5
    35-55-85 (x5 sets)

    AMRAP 10 minutes
    5 pike push up from 28′ box
    10 C&J @ 65
    15 OH lunges with 25#

    4 rounds

    Front squats 2RM
    95-115-135-155-165-170-175 (PR for reps…I smell a PR in my near future!)

    Death by farmers carry

    9 rounds plus 6 x10m. (PR – 1 full round)

  8. Mobility
    WU x 1 + 250m row

    Front Squat – 2RM
    135#x 5 WU

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    70# each hand
    9 rounds + 4. Not a PR had 9 rounds +8 last year.

    Great worl morning peeps!

  9. Mobility
    32 birthday burpees
    group mobility

    Front Squat – 2RM

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    50# each hand
    9 + 5x10m

  10. WU x 1 + 350m row
    group mob

    Front Squat – 2RM

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    70# each hand
    8 rounds + 4
    PR of almost 1 round. I got 7 rnds + 7 last year

  11. Open Gym

    Hang Power Clean
    5-5-5-5 (build up to WOD weight)


    10 Hang Power Cleans (155/105#/70%) used 115#

    2x10m Sprint
    8 HPC
    4x10m Sprint
    6 HPC
    6x10m Sprint
    4 HPC
    8x10m Sprint
    2 HPC
    10x10m Sprint

    Time: 3:34 — 10# More and 11 second PR, I’ll take it!

  12. Mob
    WU x1
    300m Row

    Group Mob

    Front Squats x2
    55- 65- 75- 85- 95- 105- 115#

    ‘Death By 10m Farmer Carry’
    1st min-1om
    2nd min- 20m
    Total: 8 & 8

  13. mob wux1 + 250 m row
    group mob
    front squat
    35×5 155×2 175×2 195×2
    205×2 225×2 235×1
    Death by 10 m farmer carry 60#
    9 round 5 10 m
    last time 8 round even at 53#

  14. Front squat 2RM
    85×5, 105-125-145-165-180-190(1)-190#

    WOD Rx:
    9 + 9

    Last year was 8 + 8, happy with that progress!
    Thanks Amanda!

  15. Front Squat
    2RM @ 205#
    1RM @ 225# … Dropped the 2nd one…

    Farmer’s carry

    11 rounds 9 reps @ 70#

    Fun class, thanks Coach Amanda!

  16. Mobility + WU x1 + 300m row (1:21.2)
    group mobility

    Front Squat – 2RM
    35# – 45# – 55# – 65# – 70#

    Death by 10m (Farmer-style)
    25# each hand
    9 + 7x10m

  17. Front Squat 2

    Death by Farmer Carry – 50# in each hand
    Completed 7 Rounds + 60 m.

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