Bench Day!

Bench Press

Compare to June 18/13

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55 thoughts on “Bench Day!”

  1. Mobility
    WU x 1
    20 KBS at 53#
    100 very broken double unders

    Group mobility

    Bench Press x 10

    PR, last time I did bench press I did 100×4 after sets of 5.

  2. WUx1

    Group Mobility

    Bench Day 5 x 10


    Fun sharing the bar with you Vincent and Gabe!

    Great class Kevin!

  3. Thank you do much to everyone who brought clothing in last week for my physed students! It all will be put to good use.

    Greatly appreciated.

    Corinna πŸ™‚

  4. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Group mobility, with foam roll and barbell. Thanks Gilles for the partner torture… Lol
    Bench Day
    135×10 / 185×10/ 205×10/ 215×4 fifth was assisted/ 185×9
    Good sharing the bar with you Trent and Gilles
    Cash out – scorpion stretch

  5. Mobility WU x 1

    Specific mobility

    WOD: Bench Press

    5 rounds of 10 reps

    10 x 85
    10 x 90
    7 x 100
    8 x 95
    8 x 95

    Cashout: The Scorpion x 3 30 sec.

  6. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    Wu x 1
    Group mobility, with foam roll and barbell.

    Bench Day
    5 sets of 10 reps
    45-55-60-65-65 (x7)

    Not lifting too heavy yet but I am seeing some progress. πŸ™‚

    Cashout : Scorpionm stretch.

  7. Mob
    Run 400m
    Group Wu ie: death stretch
    bench press @ 10-10-10-10-10
    135×5 very slow reps
    Cashout scorpion
    Run 400m

  8. WUx2
    Group WU (Back stretch)

    Bench Press X10

    Great sharing the bench with you Corinna and Vincent!

    Excellent work morning peeps!

  9. Coffee / Mob / WU x 1
    Group Mobility

    Bench Press x 10
    100 – 110 – 120 – 145 – 155 (8)
    Wrist held up pretty well.

    Cashout – Scorpion Stretch

  10. MOB
    WU x 1.5

    Group warmup

    Bench press
    10x 35, 40, 45, 50, 55

    Shared the bar with two determined ladies-Ginette and Hailey. Great work!

    Cashout: Scorpion stretch

    Also, it was lovely to see Elba, Trent and Baby Luna. Good to see you back at the 6am class.

  11. Mobility

    Warm up x2

    Group warm up

    Bench press 35, 40, 45, 50, (Γ—10) 55 (Γ—9)…..Soooo close! Freat sharing the bar with you Jackie and Hailey!!!!
    Cash out: scorpion stretch

    Plus 800 m run with Jackie!

    Special greetings to Elba, Trent and baby Luna!
    Great class Kevin!

  12. Some really excellent mobility with Tara, thanks sooooo much for your patience, Kevin.

    Bench press: 10x 45-60-65-75-85 – Guess I should have gone a bit heavier in one of my sets, I didn’t fail any reps

    Fun sharing the bar with Tara and Melissa! Great job ladies!

  13. Mob

    Group Mobility (Pec and T-spine)

    Bench Press: Sets of 10
    65 – 95 – 115 – 125 – 140

    Didn’t fail any reps, would start a bit higher next time.

  14. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group Mobility
    Bench Press x 10

    I “flib’d” “flub’d” “flab’d” Whatever word that was that Kevin made up :), I should have gone heavier the last set was too light..


    1. beast mode Cam, it was far too light for you as you cracked them off like it was the warm up set at 135!! πŸ™‚

  15. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group mobility/torture

    Bench press x 10

    Nice sharing the bar with Amanda and Tara. Encouragement from the crowd definitely helped me get the last few up.

  16. Bench Press x10

    No failed reps, but that last set was slow going. I’ll start a bit higher next time.

  17. WUx2

    Group WU

    Bench Press X10


    Great tips tonight Kevin, always something to improve on. On that note tonight was my 4 year anniversary at CF Moncton. I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years, but two constants are top notch coaching & a great group of people to train with.

  18. Mobility

    Group Mobility (torture session on t-spine, lats and pecs with barbell and foam roller)

    Bench Day πŸ™‚

    5 sets of 10 reps

    Great sharing a bar with you Kevin, Seb and Super-Kimmy!!!

    Cashout – scorpion stretch

  19. mob
    Wu x 1
    wod specific WU (some great stretches and mobility here)

    135-155-165 (need to insert bigger jump here! ) -185-195x 6

    Thanks for sharing the bar Cam, Joey, Luc

  20. Mob.
    WU x1
    Group Mobility

    Bench Press x10


    Should have only gone up by 5’s after the third set but was feeling overly ambitious.. now I know for next time.

  21. Mob
    Group mob

    Bench press
    65-95-115-135-155 pr for reps

    Cash out scorpion

    Great sharing a bar with Marcel, Tom, Adam, and Adam

    Thanks to Vanessa the shoulder is recovering very well!!!

  22. Mobility
    WU x1
    Group mobility

    Bench press 5 sets of 10.

    Fun sharing with bar with you Chris, Jack, Nick and Frank.

    Love bench press day!

    * need to work on not over extending the shoulders at the top of the press.

    Thanks Kevin

  23. Bench press (x10)

    Awesome job Lora, Kimmy and Kevin (minus the dance… and now I’ve been humming on that song all night… sigh…)

  24. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    Bench Press x10

    60 – 65 – 75 – 75(8) – 75(6)

    Cashout – scorpion stretch

    800m run

  25. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    Bench Press x10


    Cashout – Scorpion stretch

    800m run

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