Bench Day

Reminder of Poker Night on Saturday at 7:30pm. Get your name on the list. 

Bench Press

Compare to Dec.20/12

36 thoughts on “Bench Day”

  1. WU x 2

    Bench Press x 5

    45-50-55-65-75-80-85-90-95-100 x 3 PR

    Cashout: wall balls 🙂

    My goal was to get at least 1 rep at 100#. fun morning! I like BP day. Good job Matt! You have more in you for sure.

  2. mobility + wu x 2

    pec ball stretch against pole

    no strength

    bench press


    I did 4-5 and 3-5 last 2 sets…

    cash out x2 30 sec pec stretch against wall

    practice butterfly chest to bar

  3. Mobility
    Wu x 2
    Bench day
    95/185/205/205/225/225/225/235 x 4/225 x 5/ 225 x 4
    Not quite what I expected still quite sore and weak from Monday. Even my Pullups for the warm up were tough… Lol
    Great class this morning Marie No. Good work 6 am er’s.

  4. Robyn told me last week about the Zenplanner app for iPhone so I downloaded it and have tried it and so far I think it’s awesome. Has anyone else tried it? Any issues?

    1. I just tried it now and the Info tab, which I assume would show me a list of the classes that I have scheduled but it shows me an error message.

      The Calendar tab seems to work really well though.

      1. Yeah the info tab doesn’t work for me either…probably only works if there is information in there to see?

  5. WU x 2

    Bench Day
    75 – 85 – 95 – 105 – 115
    125 – 135 – 145 – 155 – 165(f) – 160

    Practiced DU’s:
    Managed 10x single-single-single-Doubles
    Got 3 DUs at the end.

    Got 1 strict MU.

    Felt “off” today but glad I came out.

    Nice sharing the bar with you Sebastian! Great coaching Rob!

  6. Mob WU × 2
    10 Wallballs and 10 Burpees
    25 30 35 40 45 50 55 57 × 5 reps
    60 × 4 failed the 5th 58.5 × 4 reps failed the 5th.
    800m 5:10
    This was my first nooner class. Nice time of day to go. Thanks Rob. Also thanks for showing me the stretches for my lower back problem.
    I hope my red and white plates were not too intimidating for Blake & Sebastian lol.

  7. Gotta cancel for 5:45. Pretty sure this is how I’m supposed to do it while Kevin’s away.

  8. wux2
    bench press x5


    No PR – did 225×5 and 235×4 last year

    great sharing the bar with you Tim and Jeff L

  9. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Lacrosse ball pecs

    Bench – 10 sets of 5

    185-195-205-215-225-230-235 (3)- 235 (3)-235-240 (2)

    Great job today Frank and Tim, nice sharing the bar with you.

  10. Got in a little bit early…

    Mobility + 100 single-unders

    Flight Simulator (15 min cap)
    -45-39(x)-39(x)-40-34(x)-34(x) PR

    Last time had 50s + 12 reps… Someday I will slay this beast.


    Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5

    I <3 Bench Day 😀

  11. Mob
    WU x 1… running a little late

    Bench Press – 10 sets of 5

    I didn’t have my old book but I remembered that I had finished at 140# so I planned out my weights with that number in mind… but things didn’t go as planned…


    What I hadn’t factored in and that I remember half way through today’s WOD was that last time we had done 5-3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps.

    But I guess there’s a few PR’s in there for reps, so it’s all good. Next time i’ll have a better plan 😉

  12. Mobility, WU x 2
    Didn’t get to do the pec release w/ball on post

    First time doing the bench press…

    Bench Press @ 5 x 25-30-35-40-45-50-55-55-60-60

    Cash out: 2 x 30s pec stretch against wall

    Shared the bar with Jackie! Good times! 🙂

    Speed training balls and skipping rope came in the mail this week, so I can start doing some Double Under “homework”. 😀

    1. In answer to your plank question, Heidi says it’s just that I’m too b- itchy to give in. I’d say it’s because I try not to watch the clock and I count really slowly in my head so when the coach says what time is left I’m always pleasantly surprised! Probably Heidi’s right 😉

  13. Mob
    Wu x 2

    Bench day
    10 sets x 5 reps

    45 + 5# to 90#

    Had enough time to go for an 800 m run afterward.

    Amazing morning at the box today…just me and Coach Mario! How’s that for an athlete to coach ratio?? Thanks Mario 🙂

  14. mobility
    WU x 2

    Bench – 10 sets of 5

    135-155-165-175-185-195-205-215 x3-215 x3-210 x3

    Great Job Jack was fun sharing the bar with you.

    Stuck around to watch the prep class great job guys!

  15. Mob WU X 2
    Bench – 10 sets of 5

    45-50-55-65-75-80-85-90-95-100 x 4 PR

    Cashout – Wall Balls #14

    Stuck around to watch the prep class and got a good refresher on push jerks! Great job guys! 🙂

  16. Mobility
    WU x 2

    WOD Bench press

    I wasn’t sure what to except since this was my first time doing this. I’m happy with it. Great sharing the bar with Julie and Julie.

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