Bench Day

Build up to a heavy set of 5

Alternating Tabata for 16 round
Flutter kicks
Russian Twists

Smiling and having fun

7 thoughts on “Bench Day”

  1. Bench X 5


    Cashout – Alternating tabata

    Flutter Kicks (2 count) – 25-23-23-23-21-23-25-30 = 193
    Russian Twist 25# – 10-8-8-8-9-8-7-11 = 69

    Thanks for the class Shane!

  2. OG – 17.5 Rx: 12:58

    Bench press x5

    Double alternating tabata
    Flutter kicks & Russian twists(25#) – both 2 count

    Flutter kicks – 35-35-30-26-25-33-32-40 (256)
    Russian twists – 15-12-12-12-13-15-14-12-14 (107)
    363 reps

    Thanks Shane! Great morning 😊

  3. great time today,
    Bench Day! heavy x5

    built up to a 75# for 5RM , got some at 80 and 85 but struggled to get the 5th rep. 3rm for the day 85# (PR!)
    (old pr was 75# 3RM)

    tabbata score 269.

  4. Bench Press x5
    I left my book at the gym, but my last set was at 90#

    I have no idea how many cashout reps I had either, but I haven’t logged my results on the WOD blog in a long time, so at least I wrote something😜

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