Beach WOD

This Saturday (weather pending), August 21, we’ll be doing a Beach WOD and playing some Hoover Ball at Gabrielle’s house. I’ll post her address at the gym. Please confirm by signing your name on the whiteboard. Please met there at 11am sharp, as we’ll need a guide (Gabrielle) to take us down to the beach. Feel free to bring a lunch and beverages of your choice for after the workout.

AMRAP in 10min of:

Someone's water bottle left a happy face!

45 thoughts on “Beach WOD”

  1. I’m hoping as many of you can make it on Saturday and would be very happy if any or all of you wanted to stay and make it a beach day 🙂 I have a small BBQ that you are all welcome to use, if we want to turn it into a full out BBQ, it might be nice for someone to bring another one along… I’m looking forward to Saturday and spending some time with my peeps 😀

  2. Lisa, i left the lacrosse balls in your mailbox last night. it was a bit late so i didn’t want to disrupt.

  3. WU x2
    Strength – Deadlift x1
    135 145 156 165 175(F) 170(F) no PR today 🙁

    Goat – 50m Sprints…i love running…i love running

    AMRAP 10 Mins
    Total – 107

    Congrats Ed for your 100 in 5mins…you’re nuts! You need a new goal now 🙂

  4. Warm up x2
    No strength today body needs a rest.

    I did some sprints with Joanna 🙂

    Shot for my goal 100 burpees in 5mins

    I just got the last one in within the last second! (if my counting was right lol)

    Now for a new goal, any Ideas people?

  5. Well I was ready for the gym at 6:30, but decided to lay down with my boys for a few minutes…and fell asleep. So sorry that I missed this one and am ready for the med ball run tomorrow.

  6. Im assuming the beach work will happen rain or shine?

    Also, looking forward to super delicious burpees tonight. Hmmm

  7. Awesome picture. That’s usually how I feel when I’m a puddle on the floor at the end of the WOD.

  8. WU x 2

    Back Squat 3RM 65-75-85-95-95 x 1 1/2 & then “Help, I’ve squatted and I can’t get up!” Don’t know what’s goin’ on with my squits. Feeling poopy, wobbly knees, etc… 🙁

    AMBurpeesAP in 10 min. = 115 😀

    Ed – Congrats on meeting your Burpee Goal! 100 in 5 minutes is C-razy!

  9. Warm Up x2

    Strength – Clean x3

    Goat: F’n Wall Balls Tabata (20#)

    WOD: AMRAP/10mins/Burpees – 112

    Thanks Kev for your guidance on those cleans! It was an unexpected PR.

  10. Deadlifts -10RM

    Double Unders —> 55 (PR x10)
    Not a great idea to do doubles just before the WOD. But…nice to get the PR! 😀

    AMRAP Burpees in 10 minutes
    Total —> 103

    Great work 6:30 crew!!!! Big numbers were posted on the board!

    1. it looked like you could go forever. And I think you stopped on purpose. Not on a missed rep 🙂

  11. Over Head Squats 5-5-5-5-5
    65-85-95-115-135(pr for reps)

    Worked on DUs …and I still suck

    AMRAP in 10min of:

    Total: 141 (unbroken)

    1. Actually, your DUs look like they’re really starting to come along! And another congrats on that great burpee total – WOW!

  12. CFWU x 2

    Strength x 5 Cleans (power)


    Practice Goat — double unders

    AMRAP Burpees in 10 minutes
    Total —> 107

    PR by 2 from last week!

    Nice push everyone!

  13. Warm up x2
    Strength clean and jerks x1
    75-85-95 ran out of time, Thanks for the pointers Patrick, it really helped!

    Practice goat I have many, but chose dips: Did quite a few, I didn’t count….

    AMRAP Burpees in 10 minutes
    Total= 74

    Great Job tonight everyone! Gabrielle, next time I think I am going to do what you did, plan the breaks. It seemed to work well for you. Angela…thanks for not throwing up on me!! Thanks Joanna, I didn’t even have the urge to swear at you once!

  14. Warm up times 2 (Kippings first round but only 5 – I’d still be happier if I could do one strict pull up with no bands)

    Strength Push Press 5s

    45 times 5 warm up then 65-70-75-80-85 (wow fives take a lot out of a person – so happy my ones are coming up again soon!)

    Goat – squat cleans with 45# bar practice technique – not fully extending at the hip – will need to keep working on that…

    WOD AMRAP 10 minutes burpees
    Total 114 🙂

    I did the first 25 unbroken and then made it to 50 by 4 minutes… After that, I started taking timed breaks (15 seconds at first then that went up to 20 seconds) after each timed break I pushed as hard as I could to get at least ten burpees within 30 to 45 seconds. Although my pace had slowed down, I pushed to not stop during the last minute.

    Karen, props to you for putting up yet another impressive performance tonight 🙂 Angela, I just know you’ll get to 100 next time for sure – you were so darn close! Tracy, if I’m not mistaken this is not one of your favorite things to do and you put up an excellent fight my friend. Great job to everyone really! I love working out with you guys 🙂

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