Beach WOD!

Reminder – there is no regular 10am class today. And camping is being postponed to a later date.  

It’s on like Donkey Kong!!!

Today, we’ll be doing a Beach WOD and playing some Hoover Ball at Jeff’s place. We will meet there at 11am sharp so we can all walk down to the beach together (we’ll need Jeff as a guide). Feel free to bring a lunch and beverages of your choice for after the workout.

Some people are carpooling so you can park at the gym. We’ll be leaving there at 10:15 sharp.

A little clip from last year…


18 thoughts on “Beach WOD!”

  1. Because we can’t camp IN the woods, we’re going to party AT the Woods’. Come on over to our place any time after 8pm. We’ll bring out the dancing table and maybe roast marshmallows in the oven.

  2. Valérie Arseneau

    Getting out of bed felt like a WOD itself. Body is ordering a reste day. I wont go afterall.

    Have fun.

  3. Chantal Guerette

    Hey guys !! Really hope you have fun today… Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it. I still have a loooot of painting to do in my basement 🙁 I’ll be painting all day, thinking of you… The sun could have made me change my mind but he’s hiding this morning so I’ll take it as a sign. Maybe we could have another beach WOD next weekend ?! Hum… !!

  4. That was fun!!
    Beach wod Rx’d
    Time 3:14
    Oh, and farthest kettle bell toss. No big deal. Hehe

  5. Beach WOD!

    Time 4:09

    So much fun including the medicine ball to the face lol
    Thanks Kevin and Jo and thanks Jeff for the hospitality!

  6. DU Practice at the Box: Max = 7, got a few 3’s and 4’s in there too.

    WOD: 2012 CFM Beach WOD = 3:27

  7. Beach WOD 2012…very cool.
    Time: 3:38

    Oh and we had the “Small-Is-Powerful-All-Stars” had the best record at Hoover Ball! Nice job Joanna, Lance, Jeff and Maria!

    Good times, thanks to Jeff & Lora for hosting us and for Kevin & Joanna for putting the activities together!

  8. Christine Bachmann

    Thanks Jeff for hosting and getting some stuff ready on the beach all by yourself!!! Appreciate it!! And thanks to Kevin and Joanna for organizing the day!!! It was fun to watch!!! 😉

  9. Even if you missed the awesome beach wod, you’re still invited to the party tonight!

    59 Coronation, Moncton

      1. Ummmm I think I will skip the “babysitting” adds from kijjiji!!!! But thanks for the suggestion!!!! LOL

  10. Awesome beach WOD! Thanks for organizing a great workout Kevin and Jo. Big thanks to Jeff for setting up the Hoover ball net 🙂

    I didn’t think that ANYTHING could be worse than burpees, but I was wrong. Burpees’ evil cousin, “water burpees” and I will never be friends.

    Beach WOD 2012
    Time = 4:12 (or something like that)

    Followed by a great game of Hoover Ball. Too much fun!!

    Next time, lets try this with some sunshine 😉

  11. Awesome day at the beach, funny how hanging out with a great bunch of people makes the weather a NON FACTOR.. the weather cooperated long enough for the warm up, the kettle bell toss comp.. , the preliminary wod (in which I foolishly agreed to be a “good sport”, big mistake when Kevin W asks you with a smirk on his face! lol), the WOD, which I really don’t have an idea how I finished except to say that I would call it a draw for the whole of 30 people there, except for JB who was for all intensive purposes in the olympics? or we should have him pee in a cup? Kevin, I’ll leave the call up to you there! lol.. and Hoover ball, we had the “short” team.. but came up HUGE, great job JO, Maria, Blake, and Lance.. I believe we kicked some serious ass there, even though we threw a few games to keep it interesting??? queue in Queen here?
    woot woot.. great turnout CFM..

  12. Beach WOD 3:45

    Had tons of fun that was awesome want to do it again soon. And great job Short But Powerful on winning hooverball! Thanks Kevin and Joanna for planning the event and Jeff and Lora for the hospitality such a great spot.

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