If youโ€™re doing the workout on Saturday, please register by 7:30pm tonight. Thanks!

500m Row
40 Squats
30 Situps
20 Pushups
10 Pullups

We have some fantastic judges every Saturday!

56 thoughts on “Baseline”

  1. If you’re not able to make it on Saturday, please make every attempt to do the Games Wod today.

    1. I’d like to do it Sunday as well, I ca nt make it Saturday cause my sons invited to District chess tournament…can’t miss it! Otherwise I’ll need to do it tomorrow just before or after 6pm…

  2. I’m doing it today at 4:15 so please make sure there are a set of rings low enough as I don’t like to kip on my Muscle Ups; I like to do them strict.

    1. Jane if you want I will raise the rings for your second round as you might need to kip once you get to the second round!

  3. WU x 2

    Cleans x 5

    time = 5:43

    Good job to those who did 12.4 this morning..what’s worse that 150 wall balls? 150 wall balls at 6am. Well done!

  4. WU x 2

    WOD 12.4
    12 min AMRAP
    Total: 130 wallballs

    I am glad I am done with the wallballs hehe!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    1 more to go!!

  5. WU x 2

    WOD 12.4
    12 min AMRAP
    Total: 131 wallballs

    I second Elba!

    An Improvement from Oct 17 when we did Karen, really happy with that.

  6. After all the wall balls last night, I can barely walk today. I am getting some funny looks I’ll tell ya!!

  7. WOD 12.4
    12 min AMRAP
    150 Wall Balls
    13 Double Unders
    Total: 163 reps
    I think I probably had 15 no reps, either did not throw high enough or squat low enough. If my body is not too sore I will try it again and not make the same mistake.

  8. WU x 2

    Strength: Foam roller and stretching.

    WOD “Baseline” Rx’d
    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups
    10 Pullups

    Time: 5:09

  9. WU x 2

    Strength: Backsquat x 5


    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups
    10 Pullups (purple)

    Time: 5;20

    10 burpees for saying the ‘c’ word on Monday ๐Ÿ™‚

    IT WAS NOT PRETTY LOL and I felt awful afterwards! Oh well, that’s what I get for going on vacation and eating poorly. Happy to be back to reality.

    Great job to those who did the wall balls this morning! You rocked it.

  10. WU

    Strength: Front Squats
    5x 70-80-85-90-115
    something like that…my book is at the gym.

    WOD rx’d: 6:24

    I loved this wod, can’t wait to do it again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    GREAT job to all you guys who did the wall balls this morning!!

  11. WU x 2
    Front Squat
    5×135 – 155 -165-175 x 3

    Medium beige band.

    Like Shannon feeling the effects of 3 buffet lines a day and unlimited drinks….blah
    Great job this morning wall ballers!!

  12. Did the Games wod last night. My legs are failing today.

    150 Wall balls – 6ish min
    90 Doubles – 2ish min
    12 Muscle-ups – 4ish min

    252 reps

  13. That is what wives are for, Shannon. Good thinking!

    wu x 2
    strength singles: push press: 60, 70, 75, 80, failed 85
    wod @ 6:36 with thickest band

  14. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Front Squat x 1

    WOD – 500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups
    10 Pullups

    Time: 5:23

  15. WU x 2

    Extra Mobility and wallball practice

    WOD 12.4
    126 reps.

    Had a great pace until the 90s but just couldn’t finish. Thanks to Kevin for the judging and Jane & the rest of the 4:15 crew for the encouragement!
    Only my 2nd wallball workout, but a good benchmark…I’m sure I’ll see Karen again.

  16. WU X2
    Back extensions + DU practice

    WOD: Baseline
    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups (knees)
    10 Pullups (sm+med purple bands)
    TIME: 7:27

  17. WU x 2

    No strength: practiced Wall Balls 14#

    WOD as RX (YEY!!!)

    Time: 8:35

    Pullups took me longer as I can do no more then 2 in a row but I’m glad I did them with no bands. Form wasn’t that great either. Push ups on toes are also a 1st in a WOD.

  18. WU x 2

    Strength: Backsquat (x5)


    500m Row
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups
    10 Pullups

    Time = 6:03

    Practice DU and did some calf stretches

  19. MOD WU x 2

    Exterior Rotator Cuff Exercises. Starting to see some improvement in mobility.

    Strength: Deadlifts again. I just don’t want to aggravate my shoulder injury any more than necessary so I did very 50% of max x 10.

    95, 115, 135,

    500m Row (PR by 3.4 seconds 1:35.2)
    40 Squats
    30 Situps
    20 Pushups
    10 Pullups

    Time = 5:41

    Practice DU until the pain from the lashing was too much to take. lol.

  20. Wu X 2
    strength shoulder press 5 @ 85,95,105, 115, 120 (pr 5)

    WOD RX’d
    Row 1:49
    total time 5:25
    Thanks for setting the pace Terry

    rest on friday, ready for wall ball picnic saturday.
    good luck to everyone in the games this week-end.

  21. No strength, practiced wall balls with 14# and a few DU’s as single doubles

    Row 2:05…2nd time today, was a little faster at noon with 2:02, but PR from fundamentals @ 2:08.3
    Pushups with sm band
    Pull ups with med band

    Time 6:11

    Good one, and I realized I don’t get Fran coughs anymore!! Progress!! was pretty ridiculous at first ๐Ÿ™‚

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