57 thoughts on ““Bang, you’re dead””

  1. Get well soon Marcel. I had laparoscopic gall bladder surgery and was up and about(and off the pain meds) after just a few days. Having done Crossfit training will no doubt help you to a speedy recovery!

  2. Get well soon Marcel!

    I don’t know how likely the odds are, but if two 4:15 classes come available, Cheyenne & I would take them.

  3. I train where my friends and I get nervous before a workout. We know it’s going to be hard and we want it to be hard. We take the challenge face on and give it all we’ve got.

    I train where the people who workout next to me inspire me to work harder. Being with them is the highlight of my day and it gives me an extra boost in everyone of my steps.

    I love Crossfit Moncton ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can’t wait to see what challenge awaits us today!

  4. I can’t articulate why I train with CrossFit, though I agree with everyone else’s reasons. I just know that I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  5. Hello all and thanks for all the well wishes. I’m finally back home today ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m sure that my Crossfit training will definitely help me to a speedy recovery. Must say that being unable to check the site everyday has probably sucked the most. Hope to see you all again soon and please someone try and get a timely “That’s what she said…” whenever possible in my absence. Oh and thanks for the great picture Kevin.

  6. I assume you are under the care of nurse Heidi. This could be fun. A little role play you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Gabrielle :We know itโ€™s going to be hard and we want it to be hard. We take the challenge face on and give it all weโ€™ve got.”>

    …That’s what she said!
    That’s for you Marcel. Get well soon! ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. “I train because I can”

    Short end of long story, 2 years ago I broke my leg and ankle, 28 days hospitalized, 2 surgeries, 3 months no weight bearing and wheelchair confined.

    After starting to walk I had a needed jaw surgery in Halfax,(broken in four places), now on crutches with my mouth wired shut I vowed to NEVER take my able body for granted again.

    That was two years ago. I vowed but never came through on the promise because of fear. I only started Crossfit in May and I still have fear (especially now that the dammit WOD’s aren’t posted) I shake EVERY time I enter that building and shake when I’m leaving (check out my shaky numbers on the leader boards ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    But I am learning that no matter what my fitness level, my size, my fear, I am able bodied and “I Train because I Can”

    1. How could anyone not be inspired by that!! Thank you for sharing Cheyenne ๐Ÿ™‚ you are awesome!

  9. Gabrielle, loved your post. And I miss you!!! Getting in lots of early morning workouts lately.

    Cheyenne, I don’t think we’ve met but that was very inspiring!!! you go girl!!!

    1. Hey Chantal! Just thinking about you today – miss you too ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully we’ll catch up over the next few weeks – I may join you at a morning class or two ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I train in a group, not ignored in a gym. If my friends see me struggling, they yell at me to push harder. When I get a PR, they cheer with me; and when I think I’ve failed they kick me in the @$$ for my negative thinking.

  11. I train where….
    Failing isn’t an option, only a path to future success.
    The people around me constantly inspire me to do better and be better, I love ya’ll.
    I know I will always be welcomed, encouraged and never judged.

    I train because….
    I love the challenge each day brings.
    I don’t want to be the “average”, I want to be what the “average” wishes they were (and could be if they read things like Cheyenne wrote)
    I want to be as fit as I can possibly be and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
    I have found something I’m passionate about..I love this shit!

    For today’s fun…
    Strength – Push Jerk x1
    65-75-85-95-100(PR WOOO!)

    WOD – TBA

  12. Heather (Mum)

    I train becausse Kevin told me I would not be able to lift my grandchildren if I didn’t train. That was my motivation. Now that I am addicted the support at the gym and my passion for Crossfit keeps me going. Now that I am unable to work out, I miss it terribly. I know that I will be back to meet more challenges. Great posts from awesome people. Cheyenne, you are truly amazing. Never give up. If you could go through those surgeries, you can and will meet the challenge of Crossfit over and over again. I miss you guys so much.

    1. Heather, you are greatly missed – I send positive vibes your way everyday hoping you’ll be better enough to train with us again soon – xo ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. WU x 3

    OHS – 5RM
    45-55-65-75-85(Jerked it overhead then dropped it. Didn’t have time to finish.)

    Shoot Throughs (2/3 from knees for the push up part)
    Deadlifts (135#)

    8:53 ๐Ÿ˜€

    Great work everyone! Thanks for the cheers!

  14. CFWU x3

    Weighted Pull Ups x5
    12-15-20-flapper and called it a night.

    WOD: โ€œBang, youโ€™re deadโ€
    Shoot Throughs
    Deadlifts @185

    Time: 4:53

    Built for this one, should have been faster…next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. CFWU x 3

    Strength – Deadlift

    WOD – Bang, You’re Dead
    Shoot Throughs
    Deadlifts 185#

    Time: 7:09

  16. I have been thinking about why I train all day. If you had asked me why I train back in march my answer would have been to lose weight, wear smaller pants and to see my toes.

    Now, I train for the challenge. It is no longer about wanting to look a certain way it is about feeling a certain way. I enjoy working getting a pr and struggling to learn a new skill that was inconceivable a week before.

    I train for the Crossfitter I know I can be. I used to hate it when people would cheer me on when I was finishing last, I thought it was out of pity. It took a while for me to realize that they were cheering on my inner crossfitter.

    I started to train by myself, now I train with Friends. Only someone who does crossfit knows what someone who does crossfit goes through. I enjoy hearing and seeing my peeps do well. It is like a family.

    I train for me. It is my me time. 1 hour a day dedicated to all things Tracy. Sure I complain and tell Kevin…and Gabrielle that I hate them. I don’t hate them, I hate to disappoint them.

    Those are some of the reasons whey I train…I sure wish that running wasn’t part of the training though…just sayin’…

    1. You got me choked up on this one… You never, ever, dissappoint and you’re one of the many reasons I look forward to Crossfit everyday – You ROCK Tracy xo ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. You’re post got me thinking… I usually ask people (or they tell me) during Fundamentals what their goals are. I hear the usual “lose weight, get strong, tone up, be healthy” answers. And I know that those goals will either be forgotten down the road, or replaced with something else or more specific. Do I want to get stronger? Sure. But my goal is to increase my overhead squat. New members certainly wouldn’t have that as a goal when they first walk in.

      So after I ask them the question, I smile and nod politely. Because I know, like Tracy, that the goals will be different in a short while.

  17. Weighted Pullups x3

    3:37 (old PR was 4:33)

    Very happy with the results, but I know I can get it faster.

    And good job Darrell. You finally got one!

    1. Thanks Kevin I was really pleased that I beat your time. In fact I am still smiling right now.

  18. I train because I’m a competitive person.
    I train because I LOVE food. Even though my eating habits have changed a LOT(for the better) over the last 8 months, I want to have a body that can burn it, not store it.
    I train for my future. I’m a big believer in pre-emptive health care.
    I train because, besides the pain, I love how it makes me feel.
    I train at crossfit for 3 major reasons:
    1. The people
    2. The community
    3. My crossfit brothers and sisters
    Yeah I know they’re all the same thing, shut up! I Train at Crossfit Moncton because of YOU! and the dog. *hehe*


    1. cool post Liam ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to catching up with you at some point to hear about your latest adventures.

  19. I love reading all of your reasons! It’s very motivating.

    For me, I have only one.

    I don’t train to be THE best. I train to be MY best.

    I’ve been CrossFitting for 3.5 years, and I’m still nailing PR’s. I may be hitting the big 3-0 next year, but I show no signs of slowing down.


    As Liam said, it’s because of you. Every person that cheers me on, says good job or gives me a “CrossFit High-Five”…you’ve helped. So thanks for the push. Keep pushing me, and I’ll keep pushing you.

    1. Well I hate to break it to you,
      But you are The Best Coach! You’ve put together The Best gym and the LAST gym I’ll ever go to.
      Cheers to you Kev!

      Oh…. and Guy and I can share Carly. My mom taught me how to share… or was that the singer? hmmmmmmm….

  20. WOD as rx’d @135 — 5:19 min

    There is many reasons why I train but,

    I train where even after almost 2 years there, I’m still looking forward for the workout!

    That means a lot!!

  21. Warm up times 3 (deadlifts instead of pullups)

    Strength Back squat 1s (substituted for what was supposed to be push press because my left shoulder hurts too much)


    WOD Bang you’re dead
    10-8-6-4-2 Shoot throughs and 125# deadlifts – So wish I could have tried this one! Substituted shoot throughs with V-snaps and supermans because of my shoulder. Finished in 7:09 and felt dissappointed because I feel like I should have done more. The deadlifts were hard (not sure how great my form was) but I think I could’ve handled much more than the V-snaps and the supermans… Tomorrow, I guess.

  22. When people ask me about where I work out, I tell them I train a little hole in the wall gym that doesn’t have all the fancy tread mills, spinning classes, and 50 channels on TV. I’ve tried that in the past and I never stuck with it. Yawn! Instead, I train in a little hole in the wall gym that relies on good old fashioned weight equipment,hard work, and fun. Most importantly, it offers motivation, support, and inspiration from a coach and fellow cross fitter’s that push you to your limits, where there is always friendly competition, and you actually know everyone’s name. I train where when I leave the gym, I know I’ve been at the gym and that my one hour really counted.

    WU x 3

    Back Squats x3

    WOD: Bang Your Dead
    Shoot Throughs
    Dead Lifts 135#
    Time: 7:58

    Haven’t done shoot throughs in a while. Hated them the 1st time I did these. Still no picnic, but better today. Thanks to the morning crew for cheering me to the finish. Sonia, you killed this one today. I was in round 2 and you were calling time. Great job.

  23. WU x3
    Strength: Overhead Squats
    1x: 15-25-35-45-55

    WOD: Bang Your Dead
    10-8-6-4-2 of:
    Shoot Throughs
    Dead Lifts 95#
    Time: 8:45
    BUT, I’m 99% certain that I missed 4 deadlifts…so…another 20 seconds? ๐Ÿ™

    I train at CrossFit because when you think you can’t possibly do any more, the coach(es) finds it in you to do more.

  24. WUX3
    95×3 115×3 135×3 145×3 155×3
    Time: 3:17 I think.

    I train at crossfit because when you think you are in shape it will drop you to your knees.

  25. I train at Crossfit because it works! I love talking to people about Crossfit and what it has done for me. Everyone’s comments are so true – the workouts are painful, the coaching is awesome, the people are supportive and it’s great fun. Thanks Kevin Crossfit is the BOMB!

  26. Strength 5×1
    Front Squat 125-135-145-155-160 (PR)
    shoot throughs
    deadlifts (135lb)

    Time: 3:27 (PR by 59sec!!!)

    I train at crossfit moncton because there is no other place like it… I’ve been to almost every gym in Moncton, and there’s no way any of them can beat what we have at CF Moncton… The people, the support, the motivation, the goal setting, the coaching and the list goes on and on!

  27. Not sure if this will be seen being a day late. Miss you guys and I will be back on my feet and back to the work outs soon. I started training because of two clients that would always talk about CrossFit. I think the number one thing that makes you go is having to sign up for a day and class. Definitly the number two thing would be the whole feeling. The positive energy from the Crossfit Family and the Coach. Just getting the “good job” or a “high five” or “Just One More” makes all the hard work worth it. Everyone needs encouragement and CrossFit Moncton is full of it. Crazy, funny, motivated people that come together to be scared walking in those doors and PROUD when you take that huge step down, out those doors after the WOD. When you say good job and see you guys tomorrow…is the best feeling that you can NEVER get at the “Y”!! lol

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