Back to the Bench!

Bench Press x5
4-6 sets, building

Sled Push
2×40’ for 3-5 sets


9 thoughts on “Back to the Bench!”

  1. Mobility and Warm up

    Bench Press ×5
    4-6 sets, building
    55# – 75# – 85#
    95# – 105# – 115#
    125# – 130# x 4 reps

    Sled Push
    2×40′ for 3-5 sets
    Sled alone – 2 x 40’
    + 45# – 2 x 40’
    + 70# – 2 x 40’

    This was a lot of fun!!

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  2. Catherine "Push It, Push It Real Good" Wilson

    Mobility & Warm up

    Bench Press ×5
    4-6 sets, building

    35,45,50,55 from the bench
    60 x 5 from the floor as the bench was putting a strain on my right side.

    Sled Push
    2×40′ for 3-5 sets
    2 x 40’ x 3
    This was super gross but I did it!

    Thanks Ingrid!

    Team Remi & Ruth!

  3. Bench Press x5
    Felt good. Probably could have gone higher (thanks to those push ups!)

    Sled Push
    No weight
    I wanted to go one more time but… 🤢

  4. Bench Press x5
    Lost some strength

    Sled Push
    No weight

  5. Bench Press x5

    Sled Push
    2×40’ for 3-5 sets

    Empty sled, 25#, 35#, 40#

  6. I enjoyed the bench! Been a long time. Made it to 85# x 4

    An ode to the WOD
    (0nly on a Friday)

    The mind is a thing
    Of beauty and wonder
    capable of believing
    lightning without thunder

    It can alter your past
    As memories fade
    Should have penned those thoughts
    While babies are made!

    I remember the pain
    I remember the cries
    Never again, I said
    Through exhausted sighs.

    I can’t recall the day
    When everything shifted
    It’s time for more
    Restrictions have lifted

    I make my own choices
    I pay my own way
    I’m doing it again
    But how? There’s no damn way!

    You will be strong
    During your time of need
    It will end soon, they promise
    When you’ve almost peed !

    I said No! to more of them
    I’ve paid my dues
    Then Covid closed the world
    And I forgot my former views

    The mind is a thing
    Of fear and dread
    Still, it diminished the pain
    So again, I pushed the sled!

    Thanks Julia!! You rocked it tonight! Full class of angry sled people!!! Lol!! Love to hate the sled.

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