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Bring your phones with you so you can check your previous levels, and add any updates. They may go up, down, or stay the same. It doesn’t matter yet, because we just want to know where you are right now. Then we can get to work and starting making progress!

Upper Body Push
Up to Blue 2

Squat Endurance testing points:
Up to Brown –

Tabata Situps

And maybe a fun little cashout πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Back to testing”

  1. Ok…now where was I?

    LM Testing:
    Tabata, Tabata, Tabata
    Pushups – 9
    Squats – 14
    Situps- 11 (definitely felt the weirdest)

    Cashout: Cherry Picking

    Thanks Ingrid!

  2. Upper Body Push
    Wrist is still giving me trouble, getting stuck at the bottom of the proper pushup…did an EMOM of working on it, need to work more on negatives

    Squat Endurance
    Tabata 12’s – no change over last time (I’ll take that as a win after Thursday and Friday’s WODs last week)

    Neuro & Core
    Tabata 9’s – bumps me up from Orange I to Orange II…gotta get that strict K2E next…

    Thanks Ingrid!

  3. Level Method

    Upper Body Push (go for 6 next time)
    5 Tabata Pushups

    Squat Endurance
    14 Tabata Squats

    Core & Neuro
    11 Tabata Situps

    Thanks Ingrid!

  4. Janet Sommerville

    Upper Body Push
    4 tabata pushups

    Squat Endurance testing points:
    Did some split squats didn’t try to level up just do some

    Tabata Situps
    11 tabata situps

    thanks Ingrid

    Nice Picture Leslie, i like seeing member pictures here πŸ™‚

  5. Christie Neate

    Upper Body Push
    Remained Yellow II and did 5 as an EMOM for the balance of the time.

    Squat Endurance testing points:
    Got my Blue I at .05 BW x8 per leg

    Tabata Situps
    Did 10 per round

    Cash Out; Cherry Picking.
    Thanks for the class Kevin!

  6. Angela Steeves

    Level Method Testing

    Upper Body Push
    Went from Yellow 2 to Orange with 1 pushups 😁
    3/ round from knees

    Tabata Squat
    12/round Orange 2

    Tabata Sit-ups

    Thanks Blake

  7. Level Method Testing

    Upper Body Push

    Tried the Tabata 9
    So I am still orange lll

    Split squats
    BW x 0.18 (35#)
    Blue lll

    Tabata Sit-ups

    Thanks Blake

  8. Upper Body Push
    Tabata 8 PUs as a load up back to the gym process

    Squat Endurance testing points:
    Tabata 14 Air Squats as a load up back to the gym process

    Tabata Situps – 11 butterfly

    Picking cherries and dropping them down was fun πŸ™‚

  9. Upper Body Push
    -stayed at Orange

    Squat endurance
    -split sq .05bw (10#) Blue 1

    Neuro & Core
    -Tabata situps / stayed Orange

    2min cherry picking

  10. Level Method

    Upper Body Push (Orange 3 to Blue)
    Tabata 4 Pushups

    Squat Endurance (Purple 1 to 2)
    Split Squats .16 BW

    Core & Neuro (stayed at Orange)
    Tabata Situps lowest 11, highest 13
    Repeated 15 sec knee raise hold
    Next time – one DU

    Cashout: cherry picking

    Thanks Kevin!

  11. Gabriel Arsenault

    Tabata Pushups
    9 (PR)

    Tabata Split Squats
    30# DBs

    Tabata sit-ups (without the abmat)
    lowest: 10

    Cashout: cherry picking (2 min)

    Easy 3,5 km run

    Thanks Blake!

  12. Push Press
    4 sets of 8 reps – 70%

    4 sets of 65# x 8 reps

    AMRAP in 16 min
    12 Step-ups
    12 Push Press (50%)
    48 Single Unders

    9 rounds + 24 reps

    14″ box
    45# push press

    Upper Body Push
    -Orange 1

    Squat endurance
    -split sq .05bw (10#) Blue 1

  13. GillesGautreau

    upper body push up
    10 per round
    tabata squat
    14 per round
    tabata sit up
    11 per round

    1. Tabata pushups (5)
      Tabata Squats (14)
      Tabata Sit ups (11) – Butterfly & ab mat

      Cashout: Cherry picking

      2nd Cash out: Got home bit earlier than usual, so did a 3 k run

  14. Good day testing
    Tabata 9 up from no Tabata
    Split squat 60# each. Up from 45#.
    Tabata sit up 11. Need the strict k2e to move forward.

  15. Tabata pushups: 9, was easier than when I did the test I guess doing what feels like a million pushups over the last few months have paid off.
    Tabata Squats: 14 fast and steady
    Tabata Situps: 11, tried for 14 but decided to go for 12 ran out of time to get that last one on the last round.

    Cashout: Cherry picking

  16. Refresher to see where i am at…

    Pushups – 9
    Squats – 14
    Situps- 11

    Cashout: Cherry Picking

    Thanks Ingrid!

  17. Refresher to see where i am at…

    Pushups – 7 yes
    Squats – 14
    Situps- 10

    Cashout: Cherry Picking

    Thanks Rox!

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