August 5 workout

This is the 1 month anniversary date for CrossFit Moncton! There’ll be a special workout tonight for those lucky people that come out!

HOPPER WOD! I thought for sure it was going to be worse than it was, but I guess any workout is bad (in a good way).

3 rounds of:

25 Knees to elbows
25 Push ups
25 Back extensions
25 Squats

Awesome display of effort by everyone!!

Our friends, knees to elbows!
Our friends, knees to elbows!
Lance, Jeff and Ray enjoying the Hopper WOD
Lance, Jeff and Ray enjoying the Hopper WOD
Big crowd for this evening
Big crowd for this evening

12 thoughts on “August 5 workout”

  1. Back squats


    I thought I had 175 lbs to start…oops. So I just kept going with that weight. The weight keeps going up, so somethings working right !

    Hope you all have fun tonight.


    felt better tonight then i have in a long time.. it was a good work out but i have this funny feeling tomorrow, i won’t be thinking the same thing….
    19 mins wasn’t too bad of a time…

  3. CFWU x 3 (minus a few knees to elbows, i must have known what was coming)
    skills – handstands, plus one half HSPU

    hopper 1 month anniversary workout
    time: 14:24.

    post workout: julie and i completed day 5 of the burpee challenge.

  4. by the way – if i did my math properly… the burpee 100 day challenge will render .. wait for it, it’s huge, it’s a total of ….5050 burpees!!! holy moly!

    that’s an AVERAGE of 50.5 burpees a day for 100 days!! if that doesn’t whip me into push up shape god help me.

  5. I think I got 13:13 or 13:23 something like that lol. I cant remember. Friggen Three rounds…. *grumble* haha

  6. Jay and Ed – see, if you had a journal, you’d remember your times 🙂

    Jay, you were right…13:47

    Ed – 13:14

    Krista – You have fun with your 5050 burpees!

  7. Nice Journal Sheet!
    Do you actually have all the details about the ‘named’ workouts (heroes, girls, etc)? I could add it in the same box as the workout or as a comment on the box.


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