August 14 workout

By special request (are you regretting asking me?), we have a sweet leg workout tonight. We will also have a special guest coming to tonight’s workout, so make sure you come out to see who it is!

400m Run
50 Box jumps
400m Run backwards
75 Walking lunges
400m Run
100 Squats

The special guest was not the muffin man. Sorry Sean. It was Marc Genuist from CBC Radio. When I find out the day and time that your interviews will be aired, I will post it on the site.

Thanks for coming out tonight and surviving the pain train. And don’t worry, Saturday won’t be ALL legs.

The biggest group yet of 16!
The biggest group yet of 16!

21 thoughts on “August 14 workout”

  1. Seems to be a fun/hard WOD….I am still sore from tuesday WOD!

    Anyway, Kevin, how can we pay your for a punch pass?? Cash, mastercard, debit, cheque…let me know since I will bring what needed tonight.

  2. Who asked for a leg workout anyway??? This WOD should teach you a lesson, whoever you are… Never ask, “what about legs?” Gawd, this is going to be so brutal.

    While I’m thinking about it, no one ask about abs either 🙂

  3. Sorry Gang,

    Blame the rookie…I thought it was a bright idea at the time to ask for this! lol

  4. So the special guest is death right?

    MMMMM my legs are gonna love me. Seeya at the finish line! 3..2..1..GO!

  5. Pierre – cash is preferred, but a cheque written to me is fine as well.

    Marc – you may want to hide tonight 😉

    Everyone – Have fun!

  6. 16:49!!

    Next workout like this, im getting robot legs…its a risky operation but I think its gonna be worth it 😉 (so sore, love it)

    Good workout guys

  7. I joined in on the fun today. I couldn’t help it…I would have been too jealous.


    I’d like to say that the Vibram Five Fingers were awesome. That was my first time running in them, and it was like running on a cloud. So, 2 thumbs way up from me! Go out and get a pair!

  8. 15:39 for me.

    My gf did it in 19:30.

    Really good WOD, my legs are stiff now. I found a couple of new muscles with the backward run.

    Kevin: How much have you paid for your Vibram Five Fingers?

  9. CFWU x 3

    Skill Practice: Hang Power Cleans

    400m Run
    50 Box jumps, 19″
    400m Run backwards
    75 Walking lunges
    400m Run
    100 Squats

    16:30 (blah!)

    I’m still recovering from the 400m Walking Lunges I did on Monday, so I’ll blame my slow time on that 😉 The running was the hardest part for me today. It was more of a leisurely jog than a sprint or run.

  10. Ended up doing the main Crossfit WOD when I got home.

    Three rounds for time of:
    50 Jump rope, double unders
    50 Back Extensions (45#)
    50 Straight-leg Sit-ups


    Got a new PR for consecutive double unders too – 46!

  11. Right on Congrats Kev!
    I was actually wondering your opinion on two WODS a day for training.

    Im very tempted to get a pair of those shoes…… Oh and Kevin can make it to PEI next saturday, he will also be at this saturdays WOD! Only thing is I think kevin, lance and I need a drive in!

    Time on the wod today was 14:23 coming in fourth! I wish I was a runner 🙁 lol Seeya saturday all! 😀

  12. my legs are dead …and i get to build a replica of a wooden ship today at work …heavy 4 x 4 ‘s all day :oI

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