August 12 workout

The weather is going to be disgusting, so here’s a workout that will be equally disgusting. Don’t be intimidated…there’s ways to scale the workout for everyone!

10 Situps
10 Back Extensions
30 Overhead squats
30 Pullups

20 Situps
20 Back Extensions
20 Overhead squats
20 Pullups

30 Situps
30 Back Extensions
10Overhead squats
10 Pullups

Tonight was a record for a weekday! Thanks toย everyone who came out tonight!

15 thoughts on “August 12 workout”

  1. NICE, are we having any weight on the OH squats?

    Gonna be fun, I better have something good to eat ahaha

    Oh, Chalk where can I buy some? ( The stuff I used on fran )

  2. No, just the dowels for the OHSs. And chalk can be found at Cleve’s for $3 a block. I’ll bring some tonight.

  3. once again, I can’t make the work out tonightm but i am going to run the new 5 k route… will post my time…

    Did a quick work out on Saturday 5 rounds of
    21 push ups
    21 sit ups
    5 burpees…

    I know , I know, wimpy, but at least it was something….

    I should be there Thursday night… have fun everyone…

  4. Wimpy?! That may be a workout for us sometime!

    Happy Birthday Ray! You know when you come on Thursday, you have to do your age in Burpees!

  5. That was a great WO…..really hard!!!

    I wasn`t in a too good shape at the end…I want to thanks my dinner, he stayed inside my body during the whole WO and at the end. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Next time, I will make sure to eat at least 1.5 hours before the WO….not 30 min.

    I finished last but first in my body…. hehehe

  6. Have you guys seen my face on the group picture…hahaha
    By the way, I am the one wearing the black t-shirt on the left.

    I could barely stood up at that time.

  7. I stuck around after the WOD and did the continuous pull-up challenge with some of the guys. In the first minute, do 1 pullup, 2nd min do 2, etc. Ended up beating my old PR…got to 17min and then my hands ripped open.

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