Assessment time

All the tests are fun, but these ones are good!

-Hold a squat for up to 5 min
-Wall squats with increasing weight
-Black+ has 5 different flexibility tests

-Up to 150 Single Unders
-Up to 40 Double Unders

-1 mile

See you in class!


18 thoughts on “Assessment time”

  1. Test Day
    Warmup & Mobility

    Flexibility Test
    4:30 in a squat hold (late to the party)
    OHS 6” From Wall 5311 (not a test level but a good progression towards the next level)

    Run 1 Mile
    9:06 (some work to do over the summer)

    Fun morning!!

  2. Test Day
    Warmup & Mobility

    Flexibility Test
    5:00 in a squat hold- should not have done this because…
    OHS 6” From Wall 5311 w 45# Barbell. Attempted the 2in but squatting was not working right after the Squat hold. No level for the 45# @ 6in but good practice for next time.

    Reconfirmed the 40 DU’s (76 unbroken)
    Many single triples and attempted reversed DU’s.

    Run 1 Mile
    6:40 – BLACK III to BLACK I
    Still an awesome run for a chilly morning. Great push David!

    Merci Ingrid

  3. Catherine Wilson

    Test Day 1.
    Warmup and Mobility

    -Hold a squat for up to 5 min
    Then did the wall squat 10″
    Leveled to Blue

    -Up to 150 Single Unders
    Always do just one more to be safe.

    Yeah, leveled to Orange.

  4. Test Day

    Warmup & Mobility

    Flexibility Test
    5:00 mins in a squat hold
    OHS 2” From Wall 5311 w PVC Pipe
    **Successful** Level up to Purple 1.
    Thanks for counting Diane!!

    150 Single Under’s – Successful
    Will complete AbMat Sit-up testing later in the week to confirm level.

    On to the next goal: achieve a double under!!

    Run 400m
    2:03min – Remaining in level Blue
    Will have to work on running.
    Still Great to have a run first thing in the morning!!

    Thanks Ingrid!!

  5. Test Day
    Warmup & Mobility

    Flexibility Test – Improved to Blue III
    5:00 in a squat hold
    OHS 6” From Wall 5311 with PVC pipe

    Coordination – Improved to Orange III
    10 DU in a min
    1 Strict Hanging Leg Raise – Ingrid wanted me to do 10, but stopped at 5 because I had to run

    Run 1 Mile
    6:40 – Brown I to Black I
    Honestly wasn’t planning on pushing too hard since I had recently gotten Brown I. Gabe said he was going to “go slow”, so decided to see if I could keep up. Gabe decided to sprint the last 400m and I couldn’t will my legs to go faster. Thanks for the chase Gabe!

    Thanks Ingrid!

  6. Flexibility
    WU – stick, 15# @ 2”
    Repeated current level – 35# @ 2”
    Practiced 45# @ 6” – think I’m ready to give it a go @ 2” next time. Surprised myself with steadily maintaining 45# OHS.

    Coordination (neuro)
    DUs practice – time for a new skipping rope!

    1 mile @ 9:27 – last week was over 10min, so was happy & surprised with today’s run. Went from purple 1 to purple, but no big deal.

    Was dreading these tests today, but glad I did them.

    Thanks Julia!

  7. Christie Neate

    -Wall squats at 6′ with PVC
    -Worked on this – – didn’t happen today.

    -10 Double Unders in 1 Minute (did this twice)

    2:15 and 2:13 – yikes.

  8. Flexibility from Purple 3 to Brown 1

    Skipping stayed the same

    Running from Blue 3 to Purple 2 time 8:54

    Thanks Kevin and Amanda

  9. Was dreading test day but not too bad in the end!

    Flexibility: worked toward .6BW OH Squat hold but didn’t get there in time to test (slowpoke 🙋)
    Neuro: redid 40 dus
    Running:matched last year’s level

    Thanks Kevin!

  10. Flexibility: Wall squats with increasing weight
    Level drop from Purple III to Blue III… just couldn’t get down the wall without touching

    Coordination: Up to 40 Double Unders
    Reps: 59… new PR of 9 reps

    Running: 1 mile
    Time: 6:52… Level Black (no change)

  11. Flexibility Test – Improved to Purple III
    5:00 in a squat hold
    OHS 2” From Wall 5311 with 15lbs bar
    *Didn’t have time to try with 35lbs bar

    No change

    Run 1 Mile
    8:32 – Purple I to Brown I

    Wasn’t expecting to level up anything today, I am very happy with that 🙂

  12. Flexibility: Stayed at Brown III

    Neuro: Blue I to Orange II

    Running: 1 mile: Stayed at Brown III

    Thanks Kevin and Amanda!!

  13. Flexibility
    – squat hold for 5 mins
    – tried one pvc squat at 10″ but my feet were still weird from the squat hold lol

    – 10 du’s in 1min
    I did a couple alternating su’s and du’s which I’m pretty pumped about! (Not 25 though lol)

    400m 2:00 – one second away from leveling up 🤣

    I had so much fun!

  14. Ana Maria Lleras

    Flexibility from purple to brown

    Skipping yellow to orange (yayyyy!!!)

    Running from Brown to Black 2. Mile: 7:36 (still in shock)

    It was a good day
    Thanks Coach Ingrid! 🤗

  15. Matt Bradshaw

    -Held a squat for 5 min

    -75 Single Unders

    -200m: 0:41
    -400m: 1: 38

  16. Flexibility

    – Squat hold – started 30 secs late
    Helped David with his test
    Time ran out

    – 40 unbroken DUs
    DU practice

    – 1 mile: 8:58 (wasn’t pushing it, can match PR)

  17. Flexibility to Purple III, not maxed out, ran out of time.

    Skipping got 25 DU alternating with SU

    No run test

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