Anyone sore from Murph yet?

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double Unders
That's Andy...pressing my bodyweight!
That's Andy...pressing my bodyweight!

31 thoughts on “Anyone sore from Murph yet?”

  1. I am not really sore…but I can feel it in my legs. 😀

    Can’t wait to attack those Double-unders tonight! 🙂

  2. Great pic of you Andy … very cool to see you press that much.

    As you can see from the last few posts, Hannah looks much better in pictures than her dad – obviously something she gets from her mother.

  3. The shoulders are sore a little, but it’s probably be worst tomorrow! I am glad that my hand didn’t open with all the pull up we did yesteday!

    Looking strong Andy!! 🙂

  4. Do we ever stop being sore? LOL

    Andy – great lift – you the man!!

    Have a fantastic day guys!

  5. sore from murph? but of course! feeling actually pretty good except my low back, walking a bit peg leg this morning, and that’s AFTER a long epsom salt soak last night.

    teaching spin at the CEPS tonight, so i’ll hit up ‘Annie’ before class starts over there. good luck pierre with the DUs, i’m in the same boat 🙂

    jeanette – you didn’t post your half murph time..
    sean and janine – did you guys end up doing the WOD?

  6. Krista, Sean betrayed me for beer. I ended up working later than I thought so only managed to run just over a mile on the track before spin class.
    What time will u be doing Annie tonight Krista?

  7. no jeanette, not happy – you need a new watch.

    janine – i teach at 6:15 so figure i’ll try to get over there for 530 to warm up and do ‘annie’ – most likely in the track area for more room, maybe practice some POSE running drills if i have time too. i’m not too proficient at the double unders yet so might take a while.

    hopefully those soccer people won’t knock my water over this time too 🙁

  8. Aww. Won’t be able to make it for that time. Already have a dinner date with a gf, so told Jeanette I would swing by at 4 and quickly do Annie… in and out in 10 minutes:p

  9. Hey, I need a volunteer to stick around after the workout tonight. First to comment gets it…and it’s not an extra workout, so don’t be scared.

  10. yes i did have couple beer before spin ….still had a good spin class …and Mc D’s did not have the green shakes :O(

    i would help out Kevin but i have an electrcian coming over to quote some work i need done …and it is my rest night

    what do you need done ….some to change the water container ???


  11. I can’t stay very late, but I can offer you a hand with whatever it is you need to get done…

  12. It’ll probably take about 5-7 minutes. I’ll take MC, and I’ll tell you why later Gabrielle. I’ll get to you eventually 🙂

    Julie – “55”

  13. If you need more help, I will be there. Had a needle today so happy to see no pullups. Legs are fine. I have been practicing my situps at home so hopefully will see the results tonight.

  14. Heidi - CF Fredericton

    WOW…..under 40 minutes for Murph Krista! Thats just awesome!!
    Now I am the one that is jealous!

    Excellent Work!

  15. Thanks Heidi! i was very happy about it too 🙂

    not so happy today though.. catastrophic skipping rope malfunctions for ‘Annie’ the silly thing kept tangling up and making my loose my already not so rhythmic double under rhythm..

    ‘annie’ – 17:00 BOOOO!!!!!! (up from 11:28 feb 3)

    Post WOD: teach 45 minute spin class
    i made them suffer for my skip rope shemozle 😉

    how does one stop a rope from tangling up like that? or is it just a bad rope?

  16. Krista…my answer to you: bad rope. buy a buddy Lee. I tried about 15 ropes. And BL is by far the best thing ever.

  17. Warm-up lots of mobility; stretching

    Burgener Warm-up – with a dowel
    Clean & Split 3-3-3-3-3
    10-15-20-25-30 (kept the weight low due to arm)

    Annie – 7:47 (PR by 1:39)
    # of consecutive DU – 40 (PR)
    I’m gradually getting there 🙂

  18. Warmup, mobility. Burgener warm-up with dowel. Very good for staying on task for form Thanks Kevin for the refresher.
    Clean and split 3-3-3-3-3

    Annie 15:14 First time for me to complete full Annie. Well almost full except I did single unders.

  19. CFWU x 3 (minus ring dips)

    Split Jerk (5)-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
    (45)-95-105-115-120-125-130-135 (PR by 25#)

    I’m not sure what my form looked like, but these felt really good. I like this shoulder business… No, I LOVE this shoulder business. One day I’ll get my body weight overhead. Getting closer.

  20. Split Jerks (7×1)


    Knee didn’t feel right, so no PR’s today.

    Thanks for your help MC and Pierre!

  21. Warm up times 1 + Burgener Warm up (I learned the clean and split – I think that’s what it’s called… I mostly practiced with a wooden bar, then with a 10 lbs bar and then a weight bar – can’t say what weight it was? I’m going to need to check that out better with someone’s help…)

    Annie in 11:10 (only single unders 🙁 100-80-60-40-20 and straight leg situps touching toes) I really want to work on the double unders so I can do Annie as prescribed next time…

  22. Tracy Allen - CrossFit Fredericton

    Very impressive split jerk, Jeanette. You rock with shoulder work! Can you clean that weight too? I’m just getting the hang of C&J, as you witnessed last week, so I’m not sure which is tougher.

  23. Tracy – To be honest, I don’t know if I ever tried cleaning 135#. I’m not sure what my PR is, but I think it’s 115#. The clean is a pretty new move for me too. I love it though! I love anything that involves moving heavy weights.

  24. Warm up x1
    Burgener warm up (really helpfull)

    Clean & Jerk 3-3-3-3-3
    45-55-65-85-85 (my max is 95 but I really wanted to focus on the technique. 85lbs didn’t felt that heavy :))

    WOD: Annie
    Double under and situp

    Time: 12:something (I don’t have my book with me that is why I never put seconde, I usually don’t remember)
    Not really pround of my time, thoses double under really slowed me down. I really need to focus on that!
    Julie, awesome time yesterday!

    Kevin: You’re welcome! Anytime!

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