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150 Wall Balls
Compare toΒ Feb.28/11
We'll be running until it snows, so come prepared every day

62 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. Strength: Cleans (x10)
    using arms too early – worked on this a bunch – my favorite lift but need alot of work!

    WOD with 20#: 133

    Supremely gassed this AM – took a crap load of breaks – such a goat of mine but I know I will finish this next time! Happy Monday everyone!

  2. wu x 2
    strength – shoulder press x 5
    cash in – wall squat 2 min.

    WOD : Karen
    scale – AMRAP in 10 min.
    150 wall ball (6# @ 10′)

    score =117 – last time did 149 same weight but at 8′ a bit disappointed next time

    cash out – leg & back stretch

  3. wu x 2
    strength – overhead squat x 1
    cash in – wall squat 2 min.

    WOD : Karen
    scale – AMRAP in 10 min.
    150 wall ball (20# @ 10β€² most where at 9′)
    score =104 – last time finish at 9:40 with 14# really disappointed with my performance

  4. WU x2
    Front Squat x 5

    Karen @ 10#/10ft
    105 in 10min

    I was happy to reach the 10ft mark, man that’s high!

  5. WU x2

    Strength: Back squats
    5x 85-100-105

    WOD: ‘Karen’
    150 wall balls
    – 10′ height
    – 10# ball

    = 113, didn’t count failed reps

    Last time I did 128 at the 8′ height and I had counted my failed reps so considering that, I’m pretty happy with my score.
    This was my first wall ball workout at 10 feet, and I was surprised what a difference 2 feet makes!

  6. WU x2
    Deadlift x1
    120 130 140 150 170

    14# above the second line
    133 (that counted) in 10 mins

    My leg strength/endurance has come a long way but overall conditioning really slowed me down. A lot of huffing and puffing. Nice to see how I make out next time.

  7. WU x 2
    Strength: Push Press 3’s
    Cash in 2 minute wall squat

    WOD: Karen 150 wall Balls
    AMRAP in 10 minutes
    130 @ 6# I counted all that hit in the middle of the orange (feet ?) if they were below mid orange I didn’t count.
    I was happy with this number until I checked this same WOD in September and I completed 123 with a 10# ball. πŸ™

  8. Turkey Stuffed Peppers

    On the weekend my sister tried a recipe (from the Biggest Loser) I thought it might be “yummy” to share with everyone especially with the upcoming “No Bread Challenge”

    You can alter the recipe for your own taste, as an example Ashley put her own favourite spices and instead of the tomato paste added diced tomatoes.

    I was quite suprised after at how satisfied I was with just 1/2 of a stuffed pepper!


  9. WUx3

    Strength – Cleans X5

    WOD: Karen Rx’d – 10 minute cap.


    Feb 28th I had 141 so no PR.

    Cashout : Stretching
    2 min Plank challenge with Gerry!

    Great job 3:15 crew!

  10. Wu *2
    Cash-in – 2min wall squat

    Str.*1 Front squat

    115 – 125 – 135 – 145 – 155 (fail) – 150 PR – 155 PR
    (Finally starting to move up in weight again.)

    Wod ” Karen” 150 wall balls

    10 min cap. – 10′ target – 20lb ball

    62 reps. ( Easy target to beat Heather)

    I mentioned challenges in the survey so I couldn’t walk away from Gabriel’s.

    I felt like that just the warm-up beat me down but at the end of the hour in the gym I was full of energy and my spirit was lifted. Glad I went.

  11. Strength: Cleans (X1)
    65 – 75 – 85 – 95 – 100(f)
    I did the 100# once before, but today couldn’t seem to make it happen. Next time.

    WOD: “KAREN”
    10# ball — 10′ Target
    TOTAL reps: 99
    (plus at least 12-15+ air balls that didn’t count)

    Happy with that, as it was the first time doing WB’s at the 10′ target, and in Feb had more airballs than valid reps.

  12. WU x2

    Strength: Push Jerk
    3x 45-50-55-60-65 + 1 x70 (PR)

    WOD: β€˜Karen’
    150 wall balls
    – 10β€² height
    – 10# ball

    = 112, didn’t count failed reps

    A little bit disappointed… Wall Balls are supposed to be a tall girl’s friend. Aah well, no matter what I still had fun and left feeling better than when I arrived.

  13. WU x2

    Strength: Shoulder press 5’s
    45-55-65-75-80 (X2)

    WOD: β€˜Karen’
    150 wall balls/10 min time cap
    – 10β€² height
    – 10# ball

    Total reps: 113 (and yes Gerry it was only a 10# ball, so I guess – if you do the math – you win tonight!! πŸ™‚ )

    I’m pretty pleased even though I’m not sure I counted correctly (what do you think Nath?) My wallball partner thinks maybe no. But I was able to put the ball way past the 10 ft mark which is a considerable improvement over Feb when the 8 ft seemed high. Had a few that didn’t count but mostly they were good.

    1. I don’t know. It just felt like you were faster than me. I might be wrong… No matter what, you did great! It’s always fun working out with you!

  14. WUx2
    Got 5 knees to elbow in a row on the rings! πŸ™‚

    Push Jerk x 3
    55-65-75-85(failed 3rd one)-85PR for reps

    WOD: Karen
    – 10′ height #6: 118
    First WOD ever at 10′ and proud of it! I usually don’t throw very well but I did great tonight. I hit my face only once! lol!

  15. Backsquat x1
    135-185-205-225-245-265-270 PR

    Karen @20lbs

    132 in 10 mins.

    Took a few air balls away, but I could have taken many more for height.

  16. wu x 2
    strength – front squat x 5
    cash in – wall squat 2 min.

    WOD : Karen
    150 wall ball (14#)

    score = 131

  17. WU x 2

    Cleans x1
    Something funky happening with my arm, so did not add weight for my last rep.

    150 Wall Balls – 14#
    I was aiming for the 9′ target (top 1/2 of the orange band)
    Total reps in 10 min. = 144
    I wasn’t leaving my final 6 on the table, so finished my 150 at 10:26

    What a shoulder burn!

  18. CFWU x 2

    Push Jerk x 3 — 95-105 stayed at this weight and tried to work on form for the rest of the sets. Something funky going on with my shoulder/back; I have an appointment with a lacrosse ball this evening.

    WOD — Karen

    150 wall balls 20 lb & 10 ft target or AMRAP in 10 min.


    Tough WOD for me and definitely no PR tonight.

  19. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Power Snatch x 3

    WOD – 5-10-15-10-5
    SDHP 95#
    Bar Facing Burpees

    Time: 5:56

    1 min plank

  20. wu x 2
    Dead lift singles: 105, 125, 145, 165, 175 (pr!)

    scaled Karen: 109 wall balls with #6 in 10 min. Guy, you & Jane were right, more squats helps sore legs-bizarre.

    Thanks for the recipe, Cheyenne. We’ll be doing a bit of an overhaul in our house, so anyone else who has easy & delicious Paleo recipes, please keep them coming!

  21. CFWU

    Push Jerks

    WOD: “Karen” 150 Wall Balls @ #20 in 10 min

    114 reps *Only counted the good one.

  22. Shoulder Press – 1RM
    95-105-125-135-145 (matched PR)

    Karen (20#) —> 116 Reps

    Had 150 in 10:31 at the old gym. The 10′ target makes a big difference.
    Glad to be back after only a couple of WODs in the last two weeks!

    Great job tonight 5:30 and 6:30 crews!

  23. WU x 2

    Strength: Shoulder press (x3)
    65-75-85-90-95 ***PR reps!***

    Cash in – 2 min wall squat

    WOD “Karen”
    150 wall balls (14# @ 10′)
    Time = 9:50

    So happy to finish this one! Found a groove mid way through that worked for me. Last time got 118 in 10:00

    Cash out – shoulder stretching

    Great work 6:30 crew πŸ™‚

    1. I can still taste blood in my throat though and have a “fran-like” cough going on….LOL. I’m ready for that to stop anytime now…..

  24. Wu x 2
    Shoulder press 1’s
    50-55-65-70-80 (f)
    90 sittups

    150 KBS # 25
    time= 7:12
    110 sittups

    Like this WOD!

  25. WU x 2
    Push Press 3’s

    WOD Karen
    150 Wall Balls at 10′ or AMRAP 10

    135 in 10 min at 14#

  26. Mobx1
    Front squat

    WOD: Karen 150 Wall Balls #20 in 10 min
    125 reps

  27. WU times 2 with 10 ring pushups, 10 ring dips (yellow band), toes through rings, kipping pullups with yellow band the rest was just the same old…

    Strength push press 10s

    WOD Karen 10 lbs, 10 ft

    score 90 (plus numerous failed attempts though many less than yesterday) I almost did Karen yesterday, but decided against it because I had a feeling it would be coming up soon… I did some wallballs yesterday regardless because I need to work on them and honestly, they did feel better today even though my shoulders were already sore. I still need to jump to get to the 10 foot mark on most attempts, when my arms get tired, so I focused on landing on my left leg so I wouldn’t have any impact on my right leg… I’m frustrated with the SLOW healing process, but I am committed to it nonetheless.

    Awesome seeing you again today Darrell πŸ™‚

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