Are you tired of cooking? Or trying to find new, healthy recipes? We have the answer.

We are VERY excited to be able to offer pre-ordered meals-to-go at CrossFit Moncton! We have our very own chef, Breanna Richard, taking weekly orders for some healthy, packaged meals that you can pick up RIGHT at the gym. Here’s how it works:

Thursday to Sunday – bring in your cash and fill out the order form at the gym. Order as many servings as you’d like.

Wednesday – pick up your meals and enjoy them!

There will be 3 options per week and new options will be made available every 2 weeks.

By the way, I’ve tried some of Bre’s meals this week and they were AH-mazing!

Here are this week’s options:
-Asian pulled pork $8
-Tomato soup $5
-Chili $8
*every serving is 2 cups

We hope this saves you some time at home so you can enjoy more time with your family.

We have a special wod for today. We will have a collection bin out for anyone that would like to donate. We will give 100% of the money raised to the Red Cross. The workout and description below come from the owner of CrossFit Crude in Fort McMurray.

Deadlifts x5
4 sets @ 70%

“Fort McMurray” For time: 80 Burpees

*in honour of the 80+ thousand residents who evacuated the city this week. Also, the burpee symbolizes being knocked down but getting back up. Over and over again. Every burpee you do is a symbol of all of us up in Fort Mac who just got knocked down by this horrific natural disaster…but we are resilient. We are ‪#‎albertastrong‬ and WE ARE BANDING TOGETHER AND WILL GET BACK UP!


31 thoughts on “Announcement”

  1. 400m run WUx1

    Deadlifts x5
    4 sets @ 70%

    “Fort McMurray” For time: 80 Burpee
    Time = 5:32

  2. Mobility
    WU 400m run x 1
    Group Mobility

    Deadlifts x5 (nice sharing the bar Heidi)
    4 sets @ 70%

    WOD: “Fort McMurray”
    For time: 80 Burpees

    Time: 5:49 Unbroken besides a quick tug on the pants 🙂
    Slowest I have done Burpees and it felt great to be able to maintain my pace. Thanks for the tips Kevin.

    Cashout: 400m run

    Great job everyone!

    Awesome announcement and happy to do this special WOD.

  3. DL sets @ 140#

    All the Burpees – 5:14

    I hope you’re all excited for Bre’s meals! Kevin has had this idea for years and we’re now able to make it happen, enjoy!

  4. What an awesome announcement, Bre and Kevin this is fantastic and I am sure it will be a big help for alot of people!!

    Strength, deadlifts
    4 sets at 70%
    Wu/ 135/ 225/ 315
    4 sets @ 385#
    Felt good, used the bigger bar we have at the gym to try these. Actually a fair bit harder!!
    Thanks for the tip Kevin, chest up on the way down!
    Wod ” Fort McMurray”
    80 burpees
    Burpees felt great this morning…. Weird!
    Great class Kevin and great work 6 amer’s!!!

  5. MOB + 400m + Wu

    Deadlifts x5
    4 sets @ 70%

    “Fort McMurray” For time: 80 Burpees
    Time: 8:16

    Cashout: 400m

    Thanks Kevin, great note on the pace, counted them down in 20’s, happy to finish under 10.

  6. WU x 1 + 400 M Run + MOB
    Group MOB

    Deadlifts x5
    4 sets @ 120 (70%)
    WU, 85(5), 105(5)

    “Fort McMurray” For time: 80 Burpees
    8:08 Unbroken (just time to push over the penny)

    Thank you Shane and Shannon for doing some extra burpees with me in the home stretch.

    Thinking of you Fort Mac!

  7. Open gym

    105×3 x5 sets

    Split jerk x3

    Deadlifts x5 (4sets) @ 175

    Rx – 5:58

    Fun nooner!!

    I can’t wait to try Queen B’s meals to go!!!

  8. Wow there are a lot of fast burpee-ers today. Great job everyone.

    WOD: 6:44. Happy with that, I think I paced it well.

    Fun nooner. Nice to have you back Gilly.

  9. Mob
    400m run
    WU x1

    Group Mob

    Deadlifts x5
    WU @125 & 145#
    4 sets @160#

    WOD: Fort Mac
    80 Burpees
    Time: 8.41

    Cashout: 400m run

  10. Deadlifts x5
    4 sets @ 70%
    wU at 105#, 4 sets at 125#

    “Fort McMurray” For time: 80 Burpees
    7:26 my personal goal was 7:30 so I will take it

  11. Francis Landry

    400m run WUx1

    Deadlifts x5
    4 sets @ 70%

    “Fort McMurray” For time: 80 Burpee
    Time = 6:35

  12. mob + 400 m run
    group mob
    deadlift x 5
    135×5 185×5 235×5
    235×5 235×5 235×5
    Fort MacMurray
    80 burpees

  13. Deadlifts x5
    Most I’ve done for deadlifts since before my injury!

    Fort Mac 80 burpees:

    OG complex with CAM:
    Power snatch + OHS + hang snatch

    These were pretty messy for not doing my usual wu and not snatching in a while but glad cam suffered with me

  14. Deadlift 95#x5x4 (tempo 5 sec up, 5 sec down)

    WOD = 4:50

    Weighted Pullups

    WOD 4 rounds
    15 ring pushups
    35 abmat situps
    = 10:29

  15. Wod: 5:49

    I was planning to do this in OG, Cara convinced me to do it with 6pm. 🙂

    Cara and I did a variation of the complex Ange and Jeff doing.

    PS + OHS + HS
    155 HS (F)
    155 X 2

    It was rough and messy, but felt good to be snatching after such a long break.

  16. W up + 400 m run

    Dl X 5
    155-185-210 (4)

    Fort Mac: 80 burpees

    Cash out 400 m run

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