Anniversary WOD

Saturday, July 6th, the workout of the day will take place behind Queen Elizabeth School (31 Lynch St). We will be celebrating our 5th year since CrossFit Moncton was born. Some of you know the story of how it came to be, but for those that don’t, let me give you a quick run down.

I was teaching Phys Ed at Tantramar in 2006. A parent (RCMP member) told me to check out a website called His son and I tried a workout, (Filthy 50’s) in December. It left me incapable of walking for days. I started a “CrossFit Club” at school and starting using CrossFit with my students.

Fast forward a couple years, after attaining my personal training certifications and CrossFit certifications, CrossFit Moncton was founded on July 5th, 2008. The first WOD was a Hopper-style workout, drawn randomly from a bin (what is now the Change for Change bin). Our gear was a combination of dumbbells I found on Kijiji to basketballs filled with sand. It was definitely austere training.

The fall rolled around and I needed to find an indoor location, which led me to 94 Rideout St, 1000 sq ft of awesomeness. Class sizes were capped at 6 (because that’s all the room would allow). Membership grew, we tore down some walls, membership grew some more, so we needed to move.

June of 2011, we moved to 25 Alcock St. Massive warehouse, sweet garage doors, a separate warm-up room. It was a dream come true.

And here we are, 5 years later. That’s 1826 days of being Moncton’s top CrossFit gym. Since day one, we’ve had 1,711,421 visitors to our site (I’m sure half of them are Lora and Amanda). We’ve trained people for over 10,000 hours.

Over the course of those years, I’ve come to realize a few things. Shiny bars and fresh paint don’t mean sh*t. Knowledgeable trainers, positive members, 110% effort, supportive community – that is why CrossFit Moncton is the best gym in Moncton. We run beside one of the smelliest buildings in the city, but you keep coming back, day in and day out. It’s not because we have a brand new Rogue gear or the newest rowing machines on the market.

So what is it for you? Why did you choose CrossFit Moncton?


30 Clean and Jerks (135/95#)

Compare to July 25/12

Bev love, Love, LOVES rowing!
Bev love, Love, LOVES rowing!

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  1. Valerie Arseneau

    I originally chose crossfit Moncton for 2 reasons: 1) I had a cousin and a good friend who trained there and 2) it’s super close to my house.

    I keep coming back because I like the structure and the way thing are ran. The main reason however, the people. Great coaches and fun training partners!

    Booo I’m missing Grace 🙁

  2. Awesome 5 years!

    I joined after talking to a good friend. I had been training at home, but I was looking for something more. After my drop-in that was it! And I keep coming back because of the people and the support! Absolutely love it :).

    I remember the first time I did “Grace”. Woah!? So fast but intense! That was 2 years ago.

    Grace @ 75#

    Time= 4:27

    Last time did it @ 65# in 3:07.

  3. 5 YEARS!!

    I joined in 2009 for a few reasons, but I stayed for different reasons. I have many friends at other gyms and even gyms that are closer to my house. I have ZERO interest in leaving CFM. Yes, I am part of the staff, but it’s more than that. It’s the support and quality of programming and coaching that keeps me motivated. I have learned as much from members as I have from coaches. The dedication I see in members is inspiring.

    I first joined to “look better”. I quickly changed that goal to “feel better” and looking better just became a bonus. Now I do it simply because it’s fun.

    Good job to the AM classes this morning. You all hit “Grace” hard.

  4. Back squats x 5
    135- 155- 175- 185-185

    WOD @ 85# – 2:36 … 12 seconds PR from April.

    So uncle Patrick and Maria thought I should of done this RX’d, so I nerded out and calculated my power output for today:
    239.36 watts
    0.33 horsepower
    176.54 ft-lbs/sec

    I want to try it again at change for change RX’d and see what my power output is.

    What a great question! I’ve been thinking all morning about what to say and I don’t think I could say it all, but here we go!

    I chose CF Moncton about 3 years ago because it was the only one that I knew of. I quickly realized how great it was to be part of this fast growing family. Some people have come and gone, and with most of my CF friends (that I actually hung out with outside the gym) decided to change to another gym, I made the decision to stay at CrossFit Moncton. Why? Because I trust the trainers here and well since I signed a waiver when I joined, I want to make sure I’m not throwing my life out with someone who doesn’t care because they are protected by the waiver. I also don’t care about the fresh pain and the nice shiny stuff. Why focus on those when we have the equipment that serves the same purpose? I mean, did you take a look at my innov’8s lately? 😀 I’d rather focus on excellence than on appearance. And guess what, that shitty smell outside makes me run faster so I can breathe the ‘inside’ air. Bonus!

    Thank you Kevin for making such an impact on a great amount of people. You may not realize it, but the Crossfit community in the greater Moncton area is that big because of you and your crazy bunch 5 years ago who worked out outside in a park. Cheers to many more years!

      1. You have 5 seconds to initiate a hug next time you see me. I don’t do hugs very often because they make my eyes wet. So does babies and weddings, in case you never noticed.

  5. WU x 1
    250m row
    Clean and Jerks
    95×5, 125×5, 145×3, 175×3, 185×1, 200×1, 205×1

    Gracie RX

  6. First off, congratulations Kevin! It’s obvious you’ve had amazing success over the years and it is still progressing today. You are a walking inspiration in the gym not only as an athlete but also as a good-natured individual.

    QOD: Luckily, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin in 2005/06 through my high school sports, etc. I personally recall hearing about crossfit back in 2008 when Kevin first opened and was reaching out to spread the word. I was in University at the time playing rugby so I never got the chance to try this new thing out. //Fast FWD//
    In 2009, I had a serious trauma and broke my back. Being an athlete my whole life, I have never experienced anything so difficult to tolerate. The numbness, the weakness and the discomfort were my new enemies. //Fast FWD// Approx 10 MRIs and frequent ER/Hospital visits later, it was spring of 2012 and I was finally cleared by my neurologist to “get back at it.” He recommended I use a trainer, do physio and massage therapy frequently as rehab. I was warned it would be a difficult process as I lost most of my mobility, strength and still had a lot of numbness… Not to mention I gained a ton of weight.
    I moved back to Moncton in the summer and once I settled in, I knew what needed to be done and I knew CFM was the answer. After contacting an old friend, Kevin set me up with my fundamentals and I started group classes classes the day after.
    I love this place. I love you guys and I am SO thankful to be a part of this community. My personal goals are continuously being challenged and I am seeing change on a daily basis. I don’t care about the smell from Co-op or the shiny bars. This gym and you people have changed my life (lame) but true. I couldn’t have achieved this amount of progress in a million years if it wasn’t for CFM.
    The thought of changing or switching gyms has never once crossed my mind. I am so thankful to Kevin and CFM for introducing me to this new lifestyle and helping me along the way.

    1. You’re a fighter. Always have been, always will be. Regardless of any setbacks, you still push forward, and that’s shown every day when you tackle a wod.
      Thanks for being part of our community.

    2. I didn’t know this story! Thanks for sharing Jenn, I’m happy you have joined us at CFM. Your strength & determination is inspiring. 🙂

    3. Wow Jenn what a journey you have had! I am so glad you are at CFM…you are so much to work out with.

    4. I had no idea you had been through so much! You have made an incredible recovery. I am very happy you decided to join CFM. You are always such a happy, fun person to be around (well, unless there are sled pulls…..LOL)

  7. I was moving back to Moncton to start a new job and I knew people who at the time were members at Crossfit Moncton. They seemed really into this Crossfit thing, so I figure I’d check it out. Checked out the site a few times, gave Kevin a call the week before I moved back.

    I stayed because I couldnt believe of hard these WODs were kicking my ass. I knew that on paper no WOD is impossible when scaled properly (which is always the case at CFM), but I was just really out of shape and needed help.

    My only regret is that I did not join sooner. Oh well. 🙂

  8. Mob
    WU x 1
    250 M Row

    Strength – Practiced Clean and Jerk @ 45 #

    WOD – Grace

    Clean and Jerk @ 45# x 30

    Time: 4:29

    I’ve been coming to CFM since April of this year and I have to say, I’ve never experienced anything like it! I joined after Heather told me about it, I thought about it, and thought some more…and finally after a while, I decided I might as well check it out.

    I started with the Saturday morning drop in for a trial class and had my ass beat and I was instantly hooked and wanted to come back for more. I couldn’t believe the support of the people that were there that Saturday morning, I was having a tough time getting through the WOD, but everyone was cheering me on and helping me get through and finish it!

    Anyway, I am completely addicted to CFM, love the people, the staff and having my ass whipped everytime I go. “May I have another please?” lol

    Congrats Kevin, you’ve got the right stuff going on in the box!!

    1. It’s a good addiction to have.
      “CrossFit is like meth, but you get to keep your teeth”

  9. Warmup
    Snatch (3) 35-55-65-75(f)-75(f)-75

    WOD @70lbs
    Last year I used 65lbs and did it in 3:12.

    Great post. Kevin, I love your success story.

    There are so many reasons on why I train at CFM and will continue to train here. The people – trainers and members inspire me daily. The atmsophere is welcoming, accepting, motivating, and there is a sense of friendly competition…which I love and need. My first month back to CFM after having Lydia was a huge eye opener on just how wonderful CFM truly is. Everyone was so great. Members and trainers cheered me on every morning, and some would even entertain my Little Lydia so that I could finish my WOD. CFM made it easy to get back into shape.

    The last, main reason on why I keep training at CFM is Kevin. There are days which I want to kick him in the shins, but in my eyes he is crossfit. He created the buzz of crossfit in Moncton, and I am ever so thankful of that. He has changed so many lives for the better.

    1. I agree, there is definitely days i want to kick him in the shins. I guess he is doing something right.

  10. Chantal Guérette

    WU x 1
    250m row

    Practice Clean and Jerks
    5 x 35-45-55-65-60

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks at 55lbs
    Time : 2:45

    April 12th, 2012 – 3:16 at 35lbs
    July 25th, 2012 – 3:04 at 40lbs

    Kinda super happy right now hehe !!!

  11. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Row 250m

    Strength: Practiced Clean and Jerks
    55 – 75#

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks @ 45#
    Time: 3:00

    I came to CFM because Helen C recommended it. The members, coaches and Kevin are awesome! Everyone is so supportive and friendly and make working out to the point of puking actually fun! You feel like you are a part of community, not just a member at a gym.
    I too wish I had joined much sooner. Thanks!

  12. QOD: I’ve said it before, but it’s all Jill’s ‘fault’. We were at a PD at HTHS and in the afternoon, you could choose what you wanted to do. I was ‘supposed’ to be going to yoga. Jill, of course, says to me, ‘Oh Robyn! Yoga is boring! Come to the CrossFit session with me!’ I could barely walk by the time it was over – no waiting for the soreness to set in the next day or 2! For 3 days later, the stairs were my nemesis.

    I have to say, before that experience, I had a GoodLife Fitness membership that I NEVER used. I was literally paying $75/month (just to use the equipment, no trainer involved) to NOT go to the gym. And NO ONE cared. I have a difficult time motivating myself, quite often. So I wasn’t kicking my own butt to get to the gym and THEY surely weren’t concerned.

    I’m not saying that it’s someone else’s job to motivate me, but I needed something that a mainstream gym couldn’t give me – community, support, accountability, the ability to honestly just call you on your crap, when necessary – because everyone in a regular gym just walks in, jams their headphones in their ears, does their own thing, and that’s it. Get in, get out – nothing personal. Nothing PERSONAL at all – no high fives, no one cheering for the last to finish, no one getting in there and doing down-ups with you when you just want to curl up in a ball and stop right where you are, no one seeing that you have more left in the tank when you don’t see it for yourself.

    All that to say, I’m really glad Jill pushed me (I often need pushing, or I’ll dig my heels in and not budge an inch) and I’m glad that I signed up for the Prep Course last year – it made all the difference in the world. All of the trainers and fellow CrossFitters have made such a huge difference in my life.

    After all, where else would your picture be posted on the website when you go MIA? Who else would send fleets of fellow FB friends to blow up your FB inbox and timeline with “Are you coming tonight?!” because they know you need help digging out of a hole that you’ve gotten yourself into and they believe in you, even when you don’t. They see things in you, that you struggle to see, but you believe THEM when they say it’s happening, because you trust them wholeheartedly. That’s why introverts will sign up for the Open and the Hopper – because there’s a foundation of trust there.

    So, I started out of peer pressure, but I have stayed (even when I start to slip, CFM is always on my mind) because when I feel like I’m dying and I’m gasping for breath, it’s also when I feel the most alive. So, thank you Kevin for starting CFM 5 years ago. My perception of who I am and who I CAN be would likely not be changing, otherwise.

    Happy Anniversary, CFM!

    1. I love your post Robyn.

      Especially this quote: “….when I feel like I’m dying and I’m gasping for breath, it’s also when I feel the most alive.”

      Remember that feeling. Do whatever it takes to get yourself to the gym. The rest will take care of itself.

  13. Mobility, WU x 1 + 250m row
    Practiced clean and jerks

    WOD: Grace
    30 clean & jerks @ 80#
    Time: 3:22
    ( July 25/12 – 4:29 @ 30lbs
    Thanks for all your help this am Kevin. Sometimes I need the push to make a decision on my own. I would really like to know I’d I could do this Rx next time. Good job this morning everyone.

    1. Holy PR! I’m telling ya, I’ve got my eye on you little one. Youa re SO strong!!!!

    2. Well done Tania! I am impressed every day by your strength! You are making incredible progress! 🙂

  14. Mobility
    WU x 1
    250m row

    Shoulder press x 5 45-50-55-60- 61.5 x 4 (PR for reps)

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks at 65lbs
    Time : 4:12

  15. So be sure when you step, step with great care and tact. And remember that life’s a great balancing act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed). Kid, You’ll move mountains.
    – Dr Seuss

    Seuss was a smart man, and you have indeed moved mountains. Or at least you have helped many people over the last 5 years tackle their own personal mountains. You have changed lives, inspired and shown everyone that has walked through the door at CFM what it means to be part of this community.

    I wasn’t around when the whole CrossFit idea started for you but over the past 3 and a half years of building it with you and working out beside you all I can say is I wanna be like you when I grow up and I hope our little girl wants to be just like you when she grows up because that is something great to aspire to. You never cease to amaze and inspire me. I wish everyone knew how hard you work, the hours you put in, the sacrifices you make to make CFM what it is. This isn’t just a job or hobby for you, it is your life, it runs in your veins. You have created this place that attracts some pretty great people, without our members CFM wouldn’t be what it is, wouldn’t have the same sense of vitality and community, everyone plays a part in that, it wouldn’t be the same without you either. CrossFit is what it is here in large part because of you, your vision, dedication to it and incredible drive and determination to be the best at what you do. I know you have many mentors/personal inspirations (like Matt Chan), but to someone else, YOU are THEIR Matt Chan. That’s pretty cool and something you should be proud of.

    Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.
    – Albert Einstein

    ….You have certainly achieved that. Happy CFM Anniversary ♥

    Thank you to all of our members for getting us to 5 years. It wouldn’t be possible without all of you, you are the life blood of CFM. There will be many more years to come and I look forward to coaching you, training with you and continuing to make this the best box we can! I hope to see many of you at the park on Saturday to celebrate with us ‘Old School’ CFM style.

  16. Nice pic Bev.
    Qod: I came to Crossfit Moncton because I was missing Corinna lol.
    I went initially to change things up. I was at the Y and I liked the Y, but I needed to switch up my exercise routine. I figured crossfit was out of my league, but I nervously decided to try it anyway. I love the structure, awesome scaling for beginners, and the variety in the work outs . I am sure all the other gyms are fine, but they do not have Kevin, Joanna, Corinna, Marie-Noelle, Lora, Jeff, Mario, Amanda, Patrick, Rob, Ron, Carly, my 5:45& 6:45 classmates, and all my CFM buddies that are trying to lead a healthy, happy and kind life.

  17. QOD:
    Happy anniversary Kevin and CFM!

    My story:
    I tried a free drop-in session at CFM a few years back (on Rideout St) and it kicked my butt. It was AMRAP 10 min of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and 15 squats. I did horribly, didn’t last the whole 10 minutes. I couldn’t walk normally for days and I thought I wasn’t in shape enough to do CrossFit. So, I never went back…

    Fast forward to Fall 2012. Stacey Duff and I were walking in the mornings, then did the couch to 5k program and ran 5k at Legs. She started to basically bully me into going with her to do the fundamentals session and I finally gave in. I’m so glad I did. I wish all those years ago I had joined because I was missing out.

    I’m so happy to be part of the CFM fam. I’ve met great friends who help me finish workouts when I’m the last one and who I get to cheer on when they are struggling. At any other gym, I would have given up trying to finish but not at CFM. I stay because I know Kevin and the trainers have us in their best interest. They take time time to correct my form, push me farther than I thought I could go, and do it all with my safety in mind.

    Thanks Kevin for all you do for us. Here’s to 5 great years and to many, many more!

  18. QOD: Quite simple, heard about this style of workouts from my brother and then ran into Kevin at a fitness expo at work. Took a little while for me to join up after Elba, as at the time I didn’t think we could afford it. Now I wish I could have joined when she did.

    But the real question is why I choose to stay? Kevin lives and breaths Crossfit and the lifestyle which radiates throughout the gym. His main concern is technique before everything else. I like the setup at CFM plus all the reasons in previous posts.

    To live life outside the box you truly need to workout in CFM’s Box.

  19. 3+ years ago I joined because I watched some CFM members at the Regionals for the Games (Patrick was there) and I was instantly interested in joining. There were no other local CF gyms around at the time but when another gym opened I stayed because I wanted to be trained by Kevin. Now there are a bunch of CrossFit gyms around and while I could leave because they might be cheaper, closer, etc, I still want to be trained by Kevin – as an athlete and now as a coach. I hate to inflate his ego any more than it already is, (lol) but I don’t want to be trained by anyone else. He is the epitome of CrossFit and understands the CrossFit principles and methodologies better than anyone I know. I love our gym, our trainers, our members, and our program and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.
    I also feel that people aren’t judged when they walk through the doors of CFM…this is very important to me. No matter how fit or unfit, old or young, weak or strong – everyone is welcome and everyone’s successes are celebrated. I know there are degrees of it at other gyms but not like at ours. There is an amazing atmosphere of support in our gym that I’m very proud of.

    1. Nicely said Amanda!
      “I also feel that people aren’t judged when they walk through the doors of CFM…”

      When Jeff L started talking about cross fit to me I heard what he did for a work out. And first thought is why anyone would want to do that.
      One day we went to Global gym and we did the intro WOD. Pretty sure after 5 or 7 mins I tapped out and couldn’t go any more.
      After that I wanted to join but was so out of shape was very intimidated. I did the prep course to see if I would like it and if I could handle it, I was very surprised that everyone was so supportive and at times was happier then I was when I ran 200 m without walking for the first time or my first pull up.
      I wouldn’t leave because of the coaches and the people. You wouldn’t see any one at global gym see that you are struggling running on the treadmill and hope on it beside you and run with you to make sure you keep moving or yell at you if you drop the bar. (Thanks Chris, Corinna , Lora and Laura as you guys have done this for me many times) . And that is just to name a few as at one point in time every coach has helped/motivated me with something or I’ve had a secret race with someone doing the WOD either in the same class or someone that has already been there that day!
      Thanks CFM!

      1. I think you are a great guy Jeremy. It has been fun watching all your progress. I love yelling at you!

      2. I remember that day and you didn’t even do full sit ups that day and did crunches instead. Really glad you drank the kool aid and joined, you even convinced others to join since that day.

      3. ya that was a shamefull day I couldnt even do a back squat because of mobility.

        Thanks Laura I enjoy the yelling 🙂

  20. Kevin, you have built something very, very special here, and you are part of an active living “lifestyle” that is finally coming to Moncton. Like Amanda, one of the things that I appreciate the most is EVERYBODY is treated like athletes. Everybody is welcome. Everybody is made to believe that they can get there, and everybody strives for greater goals.

    I came because my hubby wanted to try something new. I won’t lie; I was a sceptic. It took about one wod to change that. I stay because I absolutely love it. I am pushed, yet supported.

    Congrats on an amazing 5 years! Happy anniversary!

    1. I too love that everyone is treated like atheletes. I love that everyone is welcome. I feel accepted at CFM.

  21. Mob / WUx1 / 250m Row

    Practice: Clean & Jerks x 5

    WOD: “Grace”
    30 Clean & Jerks @ 120#
    TIME: 3:15.

    PR for both time (18s) and weight (20#). For some reason I thought my weight was higher last time.
    Decided to resist the Rx temptation and go for the intensity (thanks Kevin).

    — April 13/12: 4:03 @ 95#
    — July 25/12: 3:33 @ 100#
    — July 3/13: 3:15 @ 120# …what a difference a year makes!

      1. Thanks!
        Gotta say I was tempted, but I am sure Rx would have taken me over 5 min and I wanted to keep my progress positive. We’ll meet again Grace…

  22. Chantal Guérette

    To answer the question of the day…

    I have always been active. I danced all my life and when I move to Moncton to start University, I tried all kinds of different things. I did Zumba, Aerobox, Kickboxing, trained at Ceps, Aquaform, YMCA, more dance classes, etc. but I couldn’t find what I was looking for… I was looking for a workout that would kick my but, leave me on the floor ready to die haha ! Then I met Gillyon… She kept talking to me about CFM and for a stupid reason, money (I KNOW !!) I was debating and debating and suddenly my sister, who has never been active in her life, called me to tell me that she had join CFM. I had to go see that ! I went to see the 2012 Games (my sister was in it) and after that, I was sold. I registered for the fundamental classes right then and there. A year and a half later, I am still completely addicted to CF and words can’t even begin to describe how I feel when I’m there. The WODs, the people, the music (when it’s not country music haha)… Everything about CF is just pure AWESOMENESS !!! 😀 Love you guys xoxox

  23. QOD: I came to CFM because I was looking for something new to further my fitness goals. I googled crossfit because I heard a few people talking about it and the link to CFM came up. I contacted Kevin and he invited me for a trial class. I was hooked immediately.

    It has been a year and I have stayed for many reasons. Mostly the people to be honest. Even though I don’t get a chance to hang out with many people outside the gym I consider most of you my best friends. My favorite part of every day is going to the gym and suffering with everyone. The other reason is the level of fitness I have achieved. I’m doing things that I never would have dreamt possible before. Going from being a 300 lb coach potato to being able to back squat over 300 lbs is a dream come true and I owe it all to Kevin, Joanna and all the other great coaches and friends at CFM.

    Happy anniversary CFM. Many more to come.

  24. Heather (Mum)

    Kevin made me join so I would be able to lift my grandchildren. So glad that is going to happen. I love Crossfit and the family atmosphere. No one judges the “older folks”. It is a fun place to spend time and get fit. Thanks Kevin for dragging me into the first gym in the fall of 2008 and for convincing me to get certified and encouraging me to do the Masters class. Even if you weren’t my son, I would think you are terrific. Your passion inspires the best in all of us.

  25. QOD…so what is it for me?

    So easy! I had the pleasure of watching CFT work. I watched as my “much older sister” commited to a healthier lifestyle with CFT at the core. Serious work ethic and a desire to do better has been what I watched. Lots of conversations were had about CFT not being only about the young elite but also….well…people like me with lots of work to do! The question is why did I join the gym…I trusted what I was told by someone who had been there, I trusted what I saw as she worked her way along and now I trust the trainers to keep me on track. Love the entire thing…just wished I had joined sooner! Thanks Kevin for the work and commitment it has taken to create this fabulous box!

  26. I chose this Crossfit because I heard great things from Darrell, my husband wanted me to try with him, and I knew Kevin from school. I stay here because to me it’s like my little country school I teach at. Everyone is easy going, no cliques, no hotheads ( that I’ve met) and no frills. That’s my kinda place. I’m also very grateful. This year has been stressful dealing with Gracie’s unknown diagnosis and Crossfit has granted me my sanity. I get to release all my tension and stress and worries into my workouts and walk away feeling stronger physically and mentally everyday.
    Thanks and congrats on your years of success Kevin:)

  27. I am by no means a “trail blazer”, or in the slightest way spontaneous. Surprising, I know. Ha! Having always been a gym rat and very comfortable in that environment, when a friend (my massage therapist) spoke to me about “Crossfit” and CFM I was interested but I didn’t rush out to join. I contemplated. I emailed Kevin a couple of times. I contemplated some more. I was “dragged” by a different friend to try a different Crossfit gym in the area. I went once and never went back. Then I finally got the courage to commit and in January of 2011, I signed up for Fundamentals at CFM.

    You hear many people say that Crossfit has been life-changing. Crossfit Moncton has been that for me. No stranger to “working out”, I knew what I was in for physically. What I was not prepared for was the camaraderie, support, knowledge (of Kevin and other coaches), and how all those things would push me harder than I would ever push myself. It inspired me, the introvert (that one may surprise you a little…or not), in so many ways. It gave me confidence to get really uncomfortable and give more in workouts than I ever thought possible. “You’ll pass out before you die”. Right? I knew that under Coach’s watchful eye, I was not going to perish. I was pushed when I needed it and reeled in when I needed that even more. That confidence and my love of Crossfit soared, and I was inspired to go on to get my Level 1 Certification and become a trainer. Under Kevin’s tutelage I grew into a someone I had never dreamed I would or could become: a coach. That was life changing and has been incredibly rewarding.

    We have a very special community at Crossfit Moncton. One I am sure you are very proud of Kevin. Your hard work and leadership are reflected in the top-notch facility that is CFM. There are days when it feels like a church…one that that doesn’t frown on cursing and F-bombs. I have never seen a more inclusive or encouraging place. I couldn’t agree more with all that has been said by everyone who has posted here already today. There isn’t a better group of people to be surrounded by and supported by than all my fellow athletes, and coaches at CFM. I’m not going anywhere….Happy Anniversary!

  28. I first heard about CFM out at a bar a week and a half before Christmas in 2011 from a person who was a member at the time. They talked passionately about the workouts and the atmosphere of the gym and really pushed just how great it was. My boss, who is also a member, really wanted to do the drop in and give it a try. Myself on the other hand was more skeptical since I wasn’t too sure about the whole group workout thing. I’ve always been the bigger, slower guy and had a fear of always coming in last or not being able to do certain movements. When i was given the gift of the fundamentals course for Christmas that year I figured I might as well do the drop in to meet Kevin prior to fundamentals.

    It was the first drop in of 2012 and out of everyone that was there I only remember my boss, Bill, as still being here. The workout was the intro WOD (looking back I feel it’s ironic that this is the first CrossFit style workout Jeremy did and I introduced it to him 🙂 ) and i had never felt a pain like that for the days after until Open WOD 12.4 came along. It was really the fundamentals that got me hooked and what I learned during it that made me realize that CFM was the place to be. The knowledge that Kevin has is incredible and the ability to pinpoint little details in your lifts to ensure your safety is something that you don’t get anywhere else in my opinion.

    The first few classes were intimidating for me but what really surprised me was just how friendly every member of CFM was/is. The community aspect is something that you just don’t see at any other regular gym. It’s kind of like walking into my own version of Cheers where everyone knows my name. Kevin, Joanna, all the coaches, members and especially Carly (best dog I’ve ever met) are what makes CFM so special and great to go to.

    Like many other members there are times when I think Kevin is a really horrible person but after whatever WOD is done that I have those thoughts I go back to thinking he’s a great guy, a little twisted at times, but overall a guy who is passionate about CrossFit and making sure his members live up to the standards he holds for himself.

    The dedication that Kevin, Jo and all the coaches have is truly what makes CFM the best place to train, If it wasn’t for that day in December when Kevin first tried the Filthy 50’s and couldn’t walk for days and that day in July when he officially started CFM then CFM would cease to exist. Thank you Kevin for having a vision at the time of what CFM could be and running with it. Your passion is what fuels CFM, Happy Anniversary!!

  29. Happy Anniversary CFM!!

    The first time I ever heard of Crossfit was from a friend, Christine. She ‘pressured’ me for months before I decided to give it a try – she was driving me nuts!
    I tried a workout on a Saturday morning 7 months ago and I’ve been addicted ever since! I can’t say enough good things about CFM. The atmosphere is great (I’ve never given any high fives at any other gym after a workout!), members are awesome and friendly and the coaches are truly dedicated! This place rocks! I love it!

    Warm up x1
    250m row

    Strength: Front squats (x5) 75-85-95-110-120(PR)

    WOD: Grace

    30 Clean & Jerks @ 55

    Time: 4:16

  30. On September 15 it wil be four years for me at CFM. I was looking for a way to get in better shape & after a bit of research I found CrossFit. I met with Kevin and did the Intro WOD and was hooked immediately. I can remember days when the 6:30 class was just me…how some things have changed. However, what has not changed is why I’ve stayed at CFM the results, the friendships, the energy and the coaching. A big thanks to Kevin for what you started, I’m a much better person for it!

  31. Last summer I was encouraged by my husband and his co-workers Blake and Bev. Bev told me I would love it and came with me to do the baseline WOD one Saturday morning last July. Instantly I was hooked. The WODs, the constant challenge, the scaling of WODs so that everyone is working at their own level. But the people and the everyday encouragement is what keeps me coming back for more. The games were an eye opener for me. I was so nervous to try but was encouraged to just do it. That is when I really got to know everyone and learned why CFM is the best place! I too do not think its about the paint or the fancy equipment, that is what the Y had but it wasn’t enough for me. It’s your organization Kevin, the thought you put into the WODs, it’s your training, your research, your knowledge. When someone is hurt you know how to scale appropriately, when someone is beginning you know exactly how to make them achieve and most importantly if you don’t know something, you will find out. It is evident that your passion for xfit and your time and dedication has made it what it is today. I know that I am hooked, I am upset when I miss a WOD (unless it involves pullups lol) and I check the site first thing in the am. You challenge, motivate, educate and inspire us. You encourage our families to come an watch. Everyone feels welcome! Also, I would just like to say that you also have the best coaches around. They lead by your example and are very knowledgeable and motivating as well! Congrats on 5 years!

    1. Today’s post has provoked a lot of dialogue between Laura and I..smiles..While sitting at the table having our morning coffee we turned into an old married couple tossing out dates as to when I joined CFM….lol.. My uncertainty forced me to call my good friend who actually introduced me to Cross Fit and then I even texted Kevin who of course responded within seconds with the exact date!

      April 5, 2010, was my first official class at CFM! I first joined CF not knowing even if I was physically capable of doing one WOD. I have stage 4 endometriosis and had undergone 6 pelvic surgeries. Unfortunately, the 4th surgery was pretty much a botch job and I was left unable to walk, work or even drive my car. I was a patient at the Moncton pain clinic for several years taking high doses of narcotics which essentially masked the pain, but allowed me to have some sort of quality of life. I found my miracle surgeon in the states who is responsible for giving me my life back and here I am 618 classes later! I am very blessed to have my health back and to be at the peak of my fitness level at age 40.

      CFM is such an important aspect of my life! My life pretty much revolves around being at the gym. I. absolutely love being a trainor to such a dedicated and committed group of people. To become a trainor at CFM, one is required to properly teach all the lifts and various skills while being evaluated by Kevin and Joanna. I went through this process last year and I often joke and say that the intensity of this process was like getting a university degree! lol! All jokes aside, despite my periodic frustration of the intensity of Kevin’s evaluation process, I feel that he has taught me so much about the importance of proper technique and progressions. I

      I absolutely love the energy and comradery at the gym! When Laura and our dogs( Sadie and Wallie) are all at the gym together, I feel that everything is right in my world and there is no where else where I would rather be.

      Happy Anniversary!

  32. WOD: “Grace” Rx = 2:25 (PR by 1 min)

    Sorry for the testosterone outburst. I was just glad to have made Grace my bitch.

    Good work 5h45!!

    1. Hmm that is pretty awesome. I’ll giver her up… she’s your bitch, but remember when she’s not with you she’s with someone else. BURN.

  33. Mobility
    ROW 250m

    Clean and Jerk Practice

    WOD Grace 45# = 3:54

    Good job 5h45 🙂

  34. mobility

    Warm up 1

    250m Row

    practice Clean & Jerk



    30 Clean & Jerk #65

    Time: 5:56

    I have started crossfit last month ago.

    I just wanted to get T-shirts(embedded ‘cross fit’) so I visited at CFM.

    this is my reason for join with you.

    Today I was the last one for Wod and I thought I can’t

    But you guys Cheered me up,finally I made it!

    It was very impressed.

    You are so strong and sweet people.

    It is honor to be with you.

    thank you.

    1. “I just wanted to get T-shirts(embedded ‘cross fit’) so I visited at CFM.”

      I love this quote. Glad you joined.

  35. Mobility
    Wu x1
    250 m row

    Practiced clean and jerk
    95-115-135 ×5

    WOD @135
    Grace : 30 clean and jerk
    Time 4:00 even

    Last time @105 time was 3.35
    Fun class. Great coaching Corinna!

  36. wux1
    250m Row

    practice Clean & Jerk

    WOD:Grace Rx

    30 Clean & Jerk #135

    Time: 4:17
    PR of 20# – I had a time of 3:17 last year @ 115#

    I started Crossfit about 2.5 years ago. I didn’t know anything about Crossfit when I started but I knew it was different from the other regular gyms and curiosity got the best of me so I signed up for the intro class. I never looked back. I choose CFM as I love Crossfit, its members, trainers, and owner. Thank you CFM and congrats on your 5 years of operation!

  37. Mobility
    WU X 1
    250m Row

    Practice Clean & Jerk

    WOD – Grace Rx’d

    Time – 3:37

    10# PR over July 25/12 but 13 seconds slower

  38. WU x 1 + 800m run

    Practice clean and jerk @ 135

    Wod: “Grace”

    Score: 2:43 RX’d

    20# and 37 sec pr.

    1 mile run

  39. Mobility
    WU X 1
    250m Row (slow pace)

    Strength – Shoulder press x5
    45 – 50 – 55 – 60 – 65

    WOD – Grace @ 65#

    Time – 3:43

    I did the 50% Grace in April @ 35# and finished in 3:23. So 3 months and 30# increase only cost me 20 seconds!

    I joined Crossfit Moncton after 9 months of plateau on my weight loss. I had lost over 80lbs just on diet changes (switching to mostly paleo), but finally admitted that if I wanted to continue improving my weight and body, I needed to do something more. Kevin Mack and Heather had been dropping little mentions here and there for months, and finally convinced me to try the prep course. At the end of the first class (all body weight exercises) I could barely open the door to leave, and struggled to make it up the stairs at home. I knew there was no way I could quit. Obviously I needed it.

    So, I stuck it out until I got hooked. I’m in for the long haul!

    1. “dropping little mentions here and there”

      I’m not sure all our friends would be that generous in their assessment of how much I go on about CFM.….lol.

  40. Mobility
    250m Row

    Strength: Back Squats x 5

    WOD: “Grace”
    30 Clean & Jerks @ 95#
    TIME: 4:36

  41. mob wux1 row 250 m
    pratice clean &jerk
    95×5 115×5 125×5 135×3
    wod Grace RX
    time 7:06
    last time was 110 #

    congrats on 5 years

  42. mob wux1
    row 250m slow
    practice clean and jerk

    wod Grace
    30 clean and jerk 95#
    Time 3:28


  43. No strength

    WOD: Grace @ 85

    Time: 5:13

    This was my 6th time doing Grace. 🙂 Last 3 times I used 75# so I thought I’d go up in weight today. Made a big difference, was pretty slow. Look forward to trying it again at 85#.

  44. Mobility + WU x 1 + 250 M row

    WOD: Grace @ 80lbs – 3:03. (First time doing Grace, so wasn’t sure what weight to use, next time I will use more!

    I joined Crossfit Moncton in January. I had heard my wife (Tania) and co-workers (Blake & Bev) go on about how fun, exciting and liberating Crossfit is. So I finally gave into the temptation. I did my first WOD – Baseline on a Saturday morning free workout, couldn’t catch my breath for two hours afterwards. That is when I knew that I had no choice but to join. At my age, there was no reason to be that out of shape. Since then, I have never missed my 3 classes per week, something that I am pretty proud of! The more I go, the more hooked I am and look forward to going. It is because of everything that has already been said above. Great gym, great coaches, and great members! Thanks to everyone for the experience thus far!

  45. mobility

    Pause Back Squats x4 (2secs)

    Snatch Pulls x3



    “Mean Grace”

    30 Squat Clean Split Jerks #135

    Time: 6:37 RX

  46. I have no idea why I decided to join CrossFit. I had suggested to Heather that we go to the Saturday morning “drop-in” last July. I can honestly say it was the most humbling experience of my life. Once I was done puking and realized I would live I knew I wanted to ride that roller coaster again. I finished last so many times those first few months and every single time someone or many someones were cheering me on to the end. I thank you all for that.

    Kevin I have read all the comments and I wish there was something I could add, but the love and appreciation everyone has for you is pouring out in those comments. Your passion for CrossFit, your honest character and integrity are unequaled. Yes, like others, I think you’re a jerk at times, but I wouldn’t want you to change(I probably shouldn’t have admitted that in print). You push us to limits we would never reach on our own. CFM as changed my life.

    To all the coaches at CFM, I appreciate all that you do for Heather and me.

    Happy Anniversary!

  47. Mob.. lots and lots of mob.. and first off thanks you Corinna for clearing the waitlist and getting me in.. you did an awesome job coaching a big group!!

    WU x 2
    little more mob
    practice clean and jerk..

    wod Rx
    I’ll start by saying that I didn’t thing the time I had last year (3:11 or 3:13) would be in danger cause when I did that one I didn’t think there was any time to shave off.. but better form, cleaning into 1/4 squat and jerking out of that was the key..

    2:54 very happy with this

    nice job 6;45 crew

  48. Mobility
    250m row
    WU x 1

    Clean & Jerk practice as a group with 85# (great instruction Coach Corinna)

    WOD “Grace” @ Rx
    30 Clean & Jerks 95#
    Time = 3:15
    45 second PR! 🙂
    Compared to:
    4:00 on July 25/12 and
    4:28 on April 16/12

    I lost my groove on the Jerks early on and push pressed many of my reps 🙁 Really need to work on this as I know it will keep my shoulders from fatiguing so quickly. Was at 20 reps at 2:00 and thought I could get the next 10 in by 3:00….oh well, goal for next time 🙂

    Awesome job 6:45 crew!

  49. Mob
    Wu x1
    250m slow row.

    30 C&J @50lbs
    Time: 4:16

    The last time I did C&J was on Jan 16, @ 35lbs. I’m pretty happy adding 15lbs.

    Great 5:45 class
    Thanks Corinna

  50. I love reading everyone’s post! We have a great thing going on at CFM. Can’t wait to WOD tomorrow. 🙂

  51. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Row 250m

    Strength: Practiced Clean and Jerks
    45 – 75#

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks @ 55#
    Time: 3:22

    Waivered up and down on my weight so much.. but was feeling tired.. so glad I stuck with it…

    Amanda had convinced Chris to give CF a try after about a year of talking about it. He asked me to call Kevin and book him in for the Saturday drop in…. So I did, without telling him that I also was going…. After we both took on baseline we immediately signed up with Kevin for our fundamentals which we did 3 days in a row and were registered in our first official wod March 12, 2012 and have never looked back since! We have meet some incredible people at CFM and it has brought us even closer in our relationship. Taylor has most recently joined us in our journey at CFM which is also very rewarding for us all as a family to be able to sweat together day in and day out. CFM has AMAZING trainers who really want everyone to be their best. Congratulations to Kevin and Jo on this incredible journey and we look forward to many, many more years at CFM! Cheers!

    1. Thank you for reminding me – you can let him know that I’m a little mad that he made me work on him for a whole year.

  52. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Row 250m

    Strength: Practiced Clean and Jerks

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks @ 135#
    Time: 3:00

    First time I did this was April 2012 at 80# with time of 2:40.. so big PR with the weight today!

  53. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Row 250m

    Strength: Practiced Clean and Jerks

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean and Jerks @ 35#
    Time: 3:17

    So glad to be a member of CFM!

  54. QOD
    I joined crossfit in all honesty to shut Lora up!! lol.. I was a triathlete and cyclist and we spent our first summer in different venues.. she was trying to get me into crossfit but there was no way I was going to “waste my summer in a gym” so I cycled when she went to the gym and then when we got home I listened to her go on and on ( as all crossfitters do ) about how amazing this was or that was.. summer turned into fall, days got shorter and I decided that I’d give it a go as “offseason” training only, when the weather turned in the spring “poof” i’d be gone.. oh how wrong was i?? spring came, and instead of dropping xfit, I went and got my level I cert, starting coaching and spent about 3 hours a day at the gym..All summer in a stuffy gym? me? my bike was but a clothes hanger in the garage all summer.. That was the reason I came to CFM.. the reason i stayed?? The people, the atmosphere, the great coaching.. It wasn’t the shiny equipment, but you are not off the hook on that Kevin!! lol Congrats, your commitment and love of crossfit makes the gym feel like a small family getting together to workout and share in each others accomplishments, I count in it my best friends and its my social circle, because honestly who has time for anything else of to put up with those that don’t “get” US!! lol.. not to be sappy, but I look up to you Kevin, Very happy to be part of the CFM family as a trainer and a member so I get the chance to workout alongside all of you!

    1. I`m glad you finally gave in. Definitely one of my favorites at CFM. Very motivational and inspiring and you can always count on a smile no matter what.

  55. Darrell Dryden

    I came to Crossfit Moncton because of the Wods but stayed because of the atmosphere.

  56. WUX1
    Row 250 m

    Strength: Push Jerks

    WOD: “Grace”
    30 Clean + Jerks (#45)

    Time- 3:06

  57. Mobility
    250m row (slow )

    Strength- practced clean & jerk

    WOD Grace with 50#
    Time 4:27

    For months Shane & I complained about how out of shape we were. I thought CF would be perfect for him but never thought I’d be able to handle it. After talking to Gillyon we set up the drop in class. I didn’t trust my legs on the stairs for days. I even refused to carry Alina on them. We signed up for the prep class. I was still sceptical if I could handle it but I needed to do something to get out of the maternity clothes I was still wearing. I’m so glad we did! It’s been almost a year since the drop in class & what a difference a year makes! I have no plans to go anywhere else. Why would I? I can’t imagine the people anywhere else cheering me on, or doing more burpees, or running extra times just to keep me going like the people at CFM do. Thank you for everything and keep up the good work!

  58. Amazing stories!
    My face hurts from smiling!
    Happy Happy Anniversary CMF!
    You’ve helped me make my body and spirit better every class.

    WU x 1
    Row 250m

    WOD: Grace
    30 Clean and Jerks (#115)
    Time – 5:32

    Cash Out: HIGH FIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Best Cash out EVER!

    Great work 6:45 crew!

  59. What a mushy bunch today. Hugs to all of you!

    I found this quote – “Surround yourself with smart, dedicated people – to build something isn’t a one-man show. It’s more important to have smart people who really believe in what you’re doing than really experienced people who may not share your dream.”

    That pretty much sums up my journey. I’ve always talked about the “asshole barrier” that’s at the door at the gym. Everyone that walks through is such an awesome person. They are hard workers, dedicated and positive. If by chance, an asshole slips through the cracks, they usually don’t last very long.

    The box wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for all the people around me. For believing in me and the culture we’ve created. You force me to continually learn and challenge me to be a better coach. The trainers adopted the “CrossFit Moncton Way” and put the members first. They help Jo and I in times of need. I am forever grateful for the fantastic crew we have.

    And Jo, for being my guiding light. She helps me stay sane when things get crazy. I can honestly say, I could not do this without her. Love!

    Members – keep being awesome. Keep holding yourself to the highest standards. Keep focusing on mechanics. Keep giving high-fives after workouts. Keep introducing yourself to new members. Keep cheering for those that are taking a little longer to finish their workouts. And for goodness sakes, don’t stop nagging your friends to come to CrossFit Moncton. Look through the comments. It took some people years of being nagged to death before they became members. So keep spreading the word.

    With love and respect,

    Coach Kevin

  60. Deadlifts x2

    Pause Back Squats x4 with 2 sec hold

    Snatch Pulls x3

    Grace with Squat Cleans and Split Jerks @135#
    A slow and painful 7:49

  61. Qod; My wife Amy and I were talking about going back to a gym and we were trying to decide on what we thought would be good. Amy was talking to Gillyon and she thought we should really give CFM a try. She told me about it so I got in contact with Gillyon and surely annoyed her…lol sorry. Then we got set up for a Saturday morning intro class July 7. I didn’t know if I was going to finish it and I was instantly hooked. We then joined the prep class July 24th and haven’t looked back since. I was very comfortable at normal gyms and got quite far with power lifting and body building. But compared to what Kevin has created and crossfit in general a normal gym or normal weightlifting cant hold a candle to CFM. I am in the best shape and feel better than I can ever remember. I constantly strive to be better and really appreciate all the coaching from all the staff at CFM! I don’t plan on going anywhere else, this gym has the best environment I have ever seen and in my opinion the best people also. I actually get disappointed when I miss a good wod or a event that is put on by Kevin and Jo. Happy anniversary and congratulations. Keep up the awesome work!

    Oly class
    wu x1
    250m row
    pause back squats 2 sec x4
    165/ 185/ 215/ 235/ 260 great sharing the bar with u Kevin and Lance
    snatch pulls @ 95%
    155/ 155/ 155/ 155/ 155

    WOD (as Lance stated) Mean Grace @ 135…. partly my fault sorry oly class
    squat cleans and split jerks
    Rx 6.14
    I was kind of hoping for the normal version of Grace but this was as fun as much as it was horrible…lol
    great work everybody.

    1. You did not annoy me evenin the slightest. I was pumped to answer your questions and steer you in the crossfit direction. In awe of your progress. Keep it up, old gym buddy!

    2. You are a monster buddy. Always fun working out with you. You push me harder than I would ever push myself.

  62. OLY class and then a “twisted” version of Grace

    30 Squat Clean and Split Jerks @ 65#
    Time = 7:20

    Slow time on this once, but the Squats were rough.

    Love readings everyone’s posts today. Lots of great stories being shared. I joined CFM in Oct 2009, about a month after Marcel, and have been hooked from the beginning. There are lots of reasons why I stick with it….the coaching, programming, people, encouragement, the sense of community and comradery, and achieving the benefits of great fitness. I also like that the gym is not filled with loads of shiny workout machines & mirrors, but instead depend on bar bells, jump ropes….and yes, even pull up bars (but I like these the least). The word I often like to use is our gym has “grit” (and I mean this in the most positive way). Grit… I think that describes both the physical facility and more importantly the members. We all need a certain amount of grit to train like we do. And finally I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Carly…(and Winston too Amanda). I love having the dogs at the gym.

    Kevin, you have built a wonderful thing here. I’m so happy to be a part of it. Congrats on 5 Years and many more.

  63. mobility

    Pause Back Squats x4 (2secs)

    Snatch Pulls x3



    “Mean Grace”

    30 Squat Clean Split Jerks #75

    Time: 5:50

    At her NYE party 2012 Ange Sturgeon was sharing her love for CrossFit Moncton with me and was convincing me I would love it. She then challenged me to Deadlift Jeff Lawson in her kitchen, which I did and started my fundamentals 4 weeks later.
    I had been a member of the Y for years and had managed to go (sporadically) and never have anyone initiate conversation with me. My first few weeks at CFM I was overwhelmed with trying to remember the names of everyone who walked up and introduced themselves to me!
    When a new CF box opened, a few of my friends moved there or joined for the first time. I thought hard about moving, I really did but it was the people who kept me where I am. I trusted the CFM members and trainers to get the best out of me. I had learned so much from Kevin and crew up until that point I did not see any reason to move.
    CrossFit Moncton changed my mentality towards fitness. I started looking forward to going to the gym. It gave me new goals. I have switched from just focusing on losing weight to being able to Deadlift twice my body weight and do a muscle up.
    With that being said, thank you Kevin for creating such a community in a box! I couldn’t imagine life without walking through those doors several times a week 🙂

    1. Side note: it took me a really long time to write that post because there are so many awesome things about CFM that I can rant on about but there are also so many ppl I would acknowledge for inspiring me every day when I walk in there. I consider some of the vets role models for what they can do but also some of the new kids on the block for their raw effort and determination. Inspiration all around. That is why I choose CFM. The End.

  64. Mob
    WU x 1
    250 m row

    Practiced clean & jerks as a class with Corinna
    50# then a few at 65#

    WOD “Grace”
    30 Clean & Jerks @ 70#
    Time : 3:10

    This was my 1st Grace! Can’t wait to try it again with a heavier weight when my knee is feeling better.

    Extra mobility

    QOD : After hearing Marie-Noelle talk about CFM for about 6 months I did the Prep Course last July / August then just kept going and haven’t looked back! I love the group atmosphere of a WOD which really surprised me because i’m a really independent person and i’m used to doing my own thing… which obviously hadn’t been working for me that well. I love that after a really tough WOD there’s a feeling that we’ve been through something together and we’ve survived to talk about it! All this was magnified by 1000% during the Open!

    I love that no matter what kind of rough day i’ve had, I know that once I get to the box that all my focus is going to be on the WOD and doing whatever I have to do to get through it. The other great thing is that I can’t procrastinate because we all have the same 3-2-1 Go!

    I love the fact that even if I have to scale or modify a WOD because of my stupid knee injuries, I never feel left out because everyone is doing some version of the same workout. The old me would have used an injury to justify stopping going to the gym but now I know there’s no excuse and I can still do a workout to get a good sweat on! And being able to go see my CFM peeps is always a good thing.. so why just stay home?

    When I think that I may have to move away from Moncton at some point for my work, I stress that I won’t be able to find another box that has the same great coaches, members and awesome mojo as CFM. Yes I’ve stressed about it and I have no immediate plans to move away… to me this means that the addiction has taken root and it make me think that I might just decide to stay in Moncton forever 😉

  65. Today’s QOD actually got me to post…for the first time ever! LOL I had heard about Crossfit while living in Calgary from a good friend who had joined. Although I have always played sports and been a “gym rat”, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up or finish a WOD after everything I had heard. After moving back to Moncton and continuing to work out at the Y (everything from weights to bootcamp to cycling classes), I found myself getting bored and motivation was becoming harder. I finally decided to google Crossfit and CFM came up. At the same time, I saw a posting at work for CFM…..must have been a sign! I called Kevin, did a trial run on a Saturday morning and immediately signed up for the prep course. I love it! My daughter has asked me, “why do you love Crossfit so much, sometimes you look as if you’re in pain?” Well, sometimes I am…..but everyone is so supportive and encouraging and the trainers are awesome! They push you when you need it and I appreciate that. You don’t get this at other gyms.
    Congratulations Kevin and Jo and Happy 5th Anniversary!

  66. Being a newbie in the masters program,I’m glad John convinced me to give it a shot.Having lost 125 lbs over the past bunch of years and stuck,this is exactly what I need. Reminds me of the days back in the gym as a teen. More masters aged folks need to be doing this. Thanks Kevin and Heather for being there fur us.

  67. I have known Kevin for a long time. We went to high school and UNB together. I have always been active and bet competitive. I knew Kevin was doing this Crossfit “thing” and couldn’t for the life if me figure out why people were paying money to do workouts that could be done predominantly at home.

    When a couple if my friends went to try the drop in class, they invited me, I said hell no. I had zero interest. I was happy running and had no interest for anything else. I had tried a number of other things like traditiona gym workouts, Zumba, etc and hated every one of them so why bother trying something else.

    I went rock climbing one weekend and got a drive to and from with Kevin so I took the opportunity to badger him about all this stuff and Paleo, etc. that week Kevin sent me a link to all the workouts and their descriptions so I could do what I could do at home (for free). Guess how many I did. If you guessed zero, you are absolutely correct.

    When I was pregnant with my second son, I decided that I was going to do something more to get “back I to shape” after delivery so decided to try crossfit as soon as I could post-delivery. I knew members at a few of the gums in town, but decided i would throw a bone to the guy I knew and who had given me a ton of information for free. Once I had the go ahead from my doctor I dropped in on a Sat morning. I immediately knew that this was going to be about getting “back into shape” because I discovered that while I could run a really long time and my cardio system was healthy, I was never really “in shape” to begin with.

    It has been about 10 months and I am doing things I never dreamt I could do and my husband is loving the fact that I can help him move stuff around that he would have had to call someone to help him in the past. At this stage, there is no looking back. I have cut back my running to allow for crossfit (something I would have never dreamt of doing). I love the support, the competitive feeling, the knowledge and the fact that my kids are welcome with open arms. I just love everything.

    PS, my golf swing has improved drastically.

  68. Tried posting yesterday but my computer kept freezing up. I had first heard about CFM but didn’t know it was CFM at the time from people in the community I grew up in about someone who was driving into Moncton from Petitcodiac to this ‘gym’ bootcamp thing and they were looking amazing and ‘killing’ themselves. Kevin that’s Marlene I’m talking about. Then one day at the rink, this hockey mom was going on talking to someone else at the next table and she was so hyped up about this new fitness place she was going to and bragging on the trainer (ends up to be you Kevin), then the next summer I run into this lady again, she probably didn’t even know who I was, but I certainly commented to her how fantastic she looked and what did she do. Yes, that would be Heather S. Our daugher’s ended up playing on the same hockey team, so I got to hear Heather’s amazing journey and CFM and this great trainer for the rest of the hockey season. I was always very interested but 15+ years of doing no exercise, 50+ lbs overweight and being 50+ made it seem like it would be impossible for me. Even though Heather did it, how could I? Then 2 months after hockey was over, we had gone our separate ways, Heather emails me to let me know about this Prep course CFM was offering. June 11th, 2012, I signed up and yes I was the oldest one there and the most out of shape. I ended up with sore knees, figured it was age and injuries from way back when I actuallyuse to work out, didn’t go back for a week, Heather spoke to Kevin and as we all know, all workouts are scalable, you don’t not go because of injuries.

    I’m so glad I went, I feel for the past year I have finally started living again! Going to CFM is a ‘high’ like no other. I can think of all the trainers that have encouraged, corrected me, or pushed me in some way and I think you all for that! I also want to thank all the members, veterans and newbies for all the encouragement as well! There is no other place I could feel like I’m part of a family like my CFM family!

    As we all know, I probably drive my family crazy talking about CFM, but somehow they must see a difference as they are always encouraging me to go. My daughter is currently in the prep course and as nervous as she gets before each class, she is always happy she went and is getting anxious to be able to start regular classes.

    Thanks Kevin for your enthusiasm, your hard work, dedication is paying off. You have contributed to the well being of many lives and will to many more to come. Moncton will be a better place because of your big contribution. You have certainly found your purpose!

    Happy 5th Anniversary! and future continued success!

    Thanks CFM!!

  69. Jackie Cantin

    MOB x 1
    250 m row

    Practice clean and jerk
    5×35, 40, 55
    1RM @ 65

    WOD “Grace”

    30 Clean an Jerks @ 45

    Time: 4:28

    Cashout: 400 m run and practice 20 knees to chest on the rings

    So many great stories from the CFM family. I joined last October as I needed to make some changes to my health. I stay because I have never felt better and because of the people. Congratulations Kevin, on your anniversary,…and thank you for your commitment to excellence!

  70. QOD:
    I signed up because I needed an intense, varied workout in a compact timeframe (so basically CrossFit or Zumba).
    I stay at CFM for the great coaching, great programming, and unbelievable community. I only see “my CFM peeps” for an hour a day, but I consider everyone who goes a friend and fellow CrossFitter. The support I give others is a direct result of the support others have given me to dig deeper, push harder and sometimes just finish with your head held high. My family excluded, I’ve honestly never experienced anything with so many benefits packed into a gritty little ol’ renovated garage. We’re not the flashiest CrossFit I have ever worked out in, but we’re the real deal and together we get it done. Our brand is our community, and my community is CrossFit Moncton.

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