Annie’s Twisted Sister

10-20-30-40-50 reps
Double Unders

Need a hug?

89 thoughts on “Annie’s Twisted Sister”

  1. WUx2

    Strength: Good Mornings x5 (working on my deadlift this month)

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Unders

    Time: 12:26

    Another muscle burner. My arms had nothing left by the 3rd round LOL

    Cudos to Amanda for finishing this WOD on her TOES!!!

  2. WUx2

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    5x 45-65-65-65-70 (x 3)

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Unders (x 3 for singles)

    time= 16:04

    Arms are dead..thanks for coaching Marc!

  3. WU x2

    Strength: Front Squats
    5x 80-85-95-105-115

    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Unders

    My goal going into it was to do 10-20-30 on my toes and then switch to my knees…but after the 30’s, there was still quite a bit of time left so I kept going. I was starting to sag pretty bad near the end of it but I got them done and I’m very surprised and happy about it!

    I had to hold my elbows up against the shower wall so I could wash my hair.

    Excellent coaching as usual, Marc!

  4. WUx2

    Strength: Shoulder Press
    45-50-55-60-65 (x 3)

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Pushups Scale Knee
    Double Unders (x 3 for singles)

    time= 16:28

    Thanks for the great coaching Marc 🙂

  5. Clean’s 1x

    WOD (scaled)
    Pushups (knees)
    Time: 13:23

    Great job 7am boys! John your time is insane! Great coaching Marc!

  6. wu x 2
    strength – Front squats x 3

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Under (scale x 3)

    Time: 12:01
    Cash out – wall stretch

  7. wu x 2
    strength – Back squats x 3

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Push-ups (first 10 push up plank on each set)
    Double Under
    (scale – 5DU & 15 single,545,575,585,150
    Time: 19:26 (should have finish my last set of 5DU thought I was running out of time)
    Cash out – back stretch

  8. FIGHT GONE BAD 6!!!
    Saturday, September 17th

    I just set up the online registration for this event. Please login to the schedule and click “All Calendars” in the left corner to see the event and register. Lets get a great turnout this Saturday! Heats of 10 athletes will run every 20 minutes.

    1. So I’m not a pro at setting up that calendar. 😉
      I’ll try and fix things up tonight.
      Those who had already registered for Saturday will be added back in.

  9. Strength = Front Squat (x3)

    WOD: 10-20-30-40-50
    Pushups / Double Unders

    Time: 8:14
    Doubles went well today (Thank you Chantal – I used your rope again!!!) – and man 150 pushups – WHOA – Chest has be sore/hurting all day already!!

    1. I might have to charge you a user fee from now on…

      Just kidding! Glad you enjoy my rope! They are awesome 😀

    2. Insanely fast once again!!!! I looked at my watch around that time and I was just finishing my 30 DUs… Good on you 😀

  10. CFWU x 2
    800m Run

    Strength – Push Jerk x 3

    WOD – “Annie’s Twisted Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 Reps of
    Double Unders

    Time: 16:26

  11. Shoulder Press 5RM -> 35-40-45-50-60(x4)

    Push Ups (Knees)
    Double Unders


    I am très jalouse of all y’all that can hold a plank position for 150 push ups. I’ve been CFing for a little over 2 years and I’m not even close to holding it for 10! Sniffle, sniffle 🙁

  12. wu x 2
    Push Jerk 5’s

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Knee Pushups

    Time: 12:01

    Great Job Everyone!!!
    Amanda you did great today

  13. WU X 2
    Front Squat 1’s
    95-105-125-140-155-165 PR (Thanks for sharing the bar Owen – it seemed full of PR’s!)

    WOD:“Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps (ALL PLANK)
    30-60-90-120-150 – Singles

    Time: 26:29

    That’s alot of push ups! Thanks for all the support 4:15 class, for the PR and the WOD. Always better “with a little help from my friends”. Next time DU’s too!

  14. WUx2

    Strength: push press x 1
    105-115-145-165-185 (PR)

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Unders (scaled with single unders)

    Time: 20:45

  15. WU X2
    Strength: Push Press
    (X 5) 55-65-75-85
    Feel like I could have done more, but decided to stop there, as I knew my shoulders were going to be in for a worse beating shortly after 🙂

    WOD: with push-ups from the Knees, and single skips (x3)
    TIME –> 18:57

    WOW, I struggled to do even 4-5 push-ups at a time throughout the whole workout, so kudos to all who did them plank!!

  16. WU x 2
    Practiced knees to elbow (still half way though…)
    400m run

    Deadlifts x 1
    115 – 130 – 155 – 165 – 175 – 185 – 195 PR by 20 pts !!!! 🙂
    Should have increased them by more each rep but I wasn’t too sure…

    WOD: Push ups on knees + single skips
    Time: 17:27

    Hard but fun!

      1. I think I can: over 200 next time! Thanks for the hint Jeff; I guess it works pretty good for me!
        Thanks for all the cheering everybody!

  17. WUx2

    Strength: Overhead Squat X5
    45-50-55(PR)-60(PR)-65(PR) <- Thanks Jeff for correcting my form, went up so much better after the adjustment and the lifts felt great!

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”

    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Unders (scaled with single unders)

    Time: 14:42

    Love this WOD, absolutely loved it!!!!

  18. WUx2
    Strength: Deadlifts x5

    WOD: Upside-down Annie
    Pushups (All Plank!)
    Double Unders

    Time: 18:16

    My arms were killing me, but I’m so happy I finished this doing the plank pushups! 🙂

  19. CFWU

    Overhead Squats
    1×130 PR #5
    1×135 PR #10 This took 22 months to accomplish. Pretty happy about that.

    WOD: Annie’s Twisted/Upside Down Annie


    Single unders


    1. Congrats on the PR. Quite an accomplishment 22 months in the making. I didn’t hear any celebration though.

  20. WUx2

    Strength – Push PressX1
    My last 155 I used a tip to try to bend the bar and it worked. This forced my elbows to be more inside instead of out. Made a big difference.
    Thanks Marcel!

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”
    10-20-30-40-50 reps
    Double Unders

    Time –> 18:08

    Tough one but fun!

    Cashout: Shoulder wall stretch.

    Great job 6:30 crew!

  21. CFWU x 2

    Push Press x 3 100-105-115-135-145 PR for reps 🙂

    WOD: “Annie’s Twister Sister”

    10-20-30-40-50 reps

    Double Under
    (scale – 5DU & 15 singles,545,575,5115,5135)

    Time — 21:27

    All things considered didn’t mind this one so bad. Great push until the end everyone!

  22. WOD (Rx’d) —> 15:09

    Double Unders went well. Pushups in the rounds of 30, 40 and 50 all broken into set of 5 right to the end. Really happy with the pushups but I guess my breaks between sets were too long and it added up.

    Thanks Gabriel and Eric for staying behind to cheer me on. It was greatly appreciated!

    Everyone gave an awesome effort tonight and fought hard to hold their pushups tight!

    …ohhh… I can’t wait for tomorrow’s WOD! 😉

  23. FIGHT GONE BAD 6 update…

    Ok… the online registration for Fight Gone Bad is fixed.
    Currently there are 25 people signed up!

    Login and click on “All Calendars” in the left corner to see the event. It does not show a star if you are registered like the other classes. Instead you need to click on it… the next page will confirm if you are already signed up. I had to add people back in. Please login and double check your registration.

    Unfortunately, you are not able to cancel your registration online. If you sign up and then need to cancel before 10am Saturday, let Marc or I know by email or text. Marc will post our email addresses and phone numbers on the News Board.

    This registration process is necessary so we can plan the heats. Sign up!

  24. WU x 2
    No strength. Opted for some Lacrosse ball work on my tight calves and hamstrings (still feeling Saturday’s duathlon)

    WOD “Annies Twisted Sister”
    Push ups (plank)
    Double unders (subbed 120 and 150 singles for sets 4 and 5)

    Time = 15:51

    ** ok…so the tight calf muscles caught up to me on sets 4 and 5….my Achilles and calves were on fire and I was feeling mucho paino….switched to singles for the last 100 of set 4 and did all singles (150) for set 5…still can’t walk properly 🙁 Going to have to take it easy on the legs for a few days.

  25. WU x 2

    Shoulder press x 3
    Did an extra set because I wanted to see if I could do 3 reps @ 70#, which is my 1 rep. max…so yay!

    Twisted Sister
    Time = 18:42
    Push ups were brutal.

  26. WU x 2

    Push press 1’s

    WOD Twisted sister
    Push ups
    D unders… did 3x singles

    Time 16:50

  27. Workout from home

    WU times 1 plus mobility – no strength

    Upside down Annie
    pushups (plank)

    Time : 21:56 Happy with this result because I was able to keep my form on my pushups from beginning to end and managed to break my pushups into three sets of 10, then 5s until the very last 15 which I broke up in 3s. I tried a breathing technique John told me he learned from Sonia and it really seemed to help 🙂 though I’m not quite sure I was doing it right… (I’m sure I sounded a lot like I was in labour lol) I had a hard time getting my DUs going for the first three sets, but then I got my groove back for the last two, just in time for an awesome shoulder burn…

    Since the WOD, I’ve had a few unsuccessful attempts at drinking water – I can no longer lift my arms without shaking uncontrollably – thanks Jeff 😉

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