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Deadlifts x3
4 sets @ 75%


50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double Unders

Compare to July 2/14

The picture of the night
The picture of the night

79 thoughts on “Annie”

  1. That picture!!!!!
    Watching Alex hit that 185# lift is my favorite part of the open so far.

  2. Annie Rx:

    Tripped up a lot in the DUs today, but at least my shoes stayed tied.
    It was good trying to chase you Cody haha I almost got ya

    1. Hahaha, fun class. Was keeping an eye on you and Guy. Thankfully there wasn’t a set of five.

  3. Deadlifts x3
    4 sets @ 115#

    “Annie” Rx: 8:48

    Thanks Maria! That was a fun class 🙂

  4. Deadlift 4 x 3
    135/225/275/315 wu
    405/405/405/405 x 3

    Wod Annie
    Rx 6:32
    Everything felt really good this morning, all unbroken.
    Had a great bunch to race with this morning!!
    Great class Maria and great work 6 amer’s!!

  5. Deadlift 4 x 3
    185×5 – 230×3 wu
    290-290-290-290 x 3

    WOD Rx’d
    6:54 (PR of 31 secs)

    Messed up a few times on the first set of 50 DUs but other than that DUs were quick.

    Fun Class.

      1. yes….. get to the 6am!!!! I remember that one time you came at 6am and said that you were going to start coming at 6am regularly…. I am still waiting

  6. Deadlifts x3
    135-225-275-295-295 (too much talking, not enough lifting)

    Annie with anchored and abmat setups

    Could be faster. Tripped up 3 times on the 50’s and once on the 20’s.

    Great race Heather. I wouldn’t have pushed as hard on the situps if you weren’t there.

      1. I’ve done Annie too many times to count. I wanted to try it to see if there was a difference. Managed a 53 sec PR!

    1. That was an awesome race – no way I would have done even close to that without trying to keep up to your pace!

  7. DLx3
    #105, 125, 145 x 4

    Time – 14:20

    I took the opportunity to practice DU’s. So it kinda looks like a mish-mash of whatever was working:)
    10 DU/120 singles
    20 DU/60 singles
    10 DU/60 singles
    20 DU
    10 DU
    Sit ups as prescribed

    Other than a minor skip rope malfunction at the beginning, things went well once I got going. Typical “me” fashion!

  8. DL x 3
    205 – 255 – 305 – 305 – 305

    “Annie” as Rx’d
    8:03 (1:15 PR!)

    NOW my doubles decide to click! Where were they during 16.2?!?
    Stoked to get a PR directly related to my DUs!

  9. I had to click the ‘Compare to’ link all the way back to July 2013 to find the last time I did Annie…. guess I better get in to do it today! I’ll see you fine folks at 5:00. 🙂

  10. 5k run
    Annie in the driveway with two dogs chassing my skipping rope and did a extra 20 sit ups because i was distracted by the dogs chassing my rope …..

    8:59 rx

  11. Wux1 + 250m row

    Kept these light.
    Deadlift x5

    Annie as Rx’d
    PR of 2:46 from July 2nd 2014

    Great work 6am crew!

  12. Deadlifts x3
    4 sets @ 120#

    “Annie” Rx: twelvefourtysomething

    I have to keep working on those doubles. I usually can put a few more together than I did this morning. Ah, well, you get what the day gives you!

    Love the pic. It is the epitome of CrossFit Moncton, and one of many the exciting performances from last week. Electric.

  13. Visited the 4 p.m. today 🙂
    DL X 3

    Annie – Rx
    Love this wod and love DLs so this was a super day at the gym!

  14. mob wux1 + 350 m row
    group mob
    deadlift x 3wu 135×5
    185×3 185×3 205×3 205×3
    DU ( 3x single)
    sit up with abmat
    time 7:48

  15. Dead Lift x 3: Did all sets at 85#. Back is feeling good, but I am being super careful.

    Annie Rx’d on an Ab Mat
    Time = 7:59

    Double unders were with me today, with only 1 trip up in each round (except the last, where I managed 10)
    Sit ups felt slow though. These always seem to surprise me. I think, oh….its just sit ups, and then they bite my butt.

    Oh, and I love, love, love today picture. I can’t decide my favourite shot. Elba getting her freak on with the baby on her hip, the shear exhaustion on Alex’s face, Alex’s daughter celebrating in the back ground, or Amanda in full leap. This one captures CrossFit Moncton and I think this photo needs to go on the wall, Kevin.

  16. Mobility
    Wux1 + 350m row
    Group mobility

    Deadlift x3

    Annie as Rx’d
    Time: 8:11

  17. WU & Mob

    Deadlift WU
    5 reps @#135-155-175-205

    4 sets 3 reps @ 75% #205

    Extra mobility

    Hip feels ok deadlift and squaring without weight

  18. wux1 + 350 m row
    group mob

    4 sets of deadlifts x 3 @ 305#

    Annie scaled
    DU ( 3x single)
    sit ups
    time 10:49 No PR

  19. Deadlifts @ 180 x3 x4 sets.

    WOD – Rx: 8:27

    I usually avoid Annie like the plague, not sure why!? Previous times…13:08/11:20. PR!!

    Absolutely love this picture! So much awesomeness going on in one shot!

    1. You’ll know why you avoid Annie tomorrow, Thursday and Friday!!!! lol good luck trying to walk and cough and laugh 🙂
      Nice work on the PR!! 🙂

  20. DL @ 125 x 3 x 4 sets

    WOD 14:09ish…(book is in the car)

    First time doing du’s in a wod so they went like this:
    10du + 120s
    10du + 90s
    10du + 60s
    10du + 30s

    Thanks to Remi and Dan for doing the wod with me during the open gym and thanks Amanda for making me do du’s!

  21. Wod Rx: 8:14

    Just a small pr of 19 seconds but that is my fastest Annie time. (For my future self when I go looking for it)

  22. wux1 + 350 m row
    group mob

    4 sets of deadlifts x 3 @ 190#

    Annie scaled
    DU ( 3x single)
    sit ups
    time 13:10

    Enjoyed this other than the multiple eff ups skipping but thanks Shane for pointing out what is causing me issues with skipping

  23. @ CrossFit MouseTrap – Orlando
    MOB + WU + 400m Run

    14 min EMOM:
    3 Strict Press @ 80%
    ME Pistols – used a box

    15 min AMRAP:

    200m Run
    30 Slam Balls
    30 Hollow Rocks

    TOTAL: 3 Rounds + 200m

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