Reminder to register for the Games by 8:30 tonight.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double Unders

Compare to July 11/12

Aren't you glad there's no burpees in 13.2?
Aren’t you glad there’s no burpees in 13.2?

87 thoughts on “Annie”

  1. Mobility

    WU x 2

    Strength: Practiced Cleans and Push Jerks X 5
    65-75-95-105-115 (20# clean PR)

    WOD: “Annie”
    50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
    Double Unders (scaled to 150-120-90-60-30 singles)

    Time = 14:47

  2. I need to practice some 20″ box jumps, my strength is deadlift. I am registered for class tonight but want to be able to have enough energy for 3.2 tomorrow night. Should I do all this or take a rest day?

    1. Kevin usually recommends taking a rest day the day before you do the Games wod. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t go in and practice your box jumps though – check with the coach to see if there’s room for you to do that during class time.

      1. At the very least if you go to class tonight, don’t go overboard on your weights (especially the deadlift) so your muscles are fresh for tomorrow.. This wod doesn’t look too damaging for the Games wod but don’t push your luck too much. 🙂

    2. Foam rolling and practicing are ok. Going for heavy lifts and working out, not ok. If you did, that would be 5 in a row for you with no recovery time. Be fresh.

      1. Going home to have a little nap. If I decide to foam roll and do a bit of box jumps, should I book the 6:45 class or just drop in. Thanks. H.

  3. Hey Heather (Steeves)…

    I hear we have a date at 5h15 pm today. Something about bar-hopping… or bars and hopping, or whatever. Is this true?


    1. Ooo, it is true, I just didn’t know who my “blind date” was with. Hardly wait til 5:15 🙂

  4. Mob / WU x 1
    500 m Row / 100 singles

    Lots of stretching.

    Games WOD 13.2
    10 minute AMRAP of:
    — 5 Shoulder to overhead @115#
    — 10 Deadlift @115#
    — 15 Box jump @ 24″
    Score: 206 Reps … 4 reps shy of 7 rounds.

    That was hard. Glad to have done it and glad to be done with it!
    Good luck on Friday peeps. Just.Keep.Moving!

    1. Thanks guys. It beat me, hands down. My biggest personal success was that I don’t think I took a lot of those “CrossFit breaks” at the bar or on the box. I just tried to keep moving even if it meant stepping on to the box instead of jumping, or picking up the bar asap and making sure I got those 5 overheads in a row.
      I know I could have gotten to 210, but it really kicked my ass!

    2. Nice work Blake. My nerves are getting the best of me right now. It must feel great to have it DONE!! You did awesome!

  5. Mobility
    WU x 2

    Strength: Push Press x 5

    Practice cleans to 75 for WOD 13.2 (Thanks for the help Pat!)

    DU (scaled to singles)

    Time: 11:43

    1. Sunday is still 3 days away. 🙂 Although the coach in me is saying “don’t push too hard, you’ll do more damage than its worth”, the pharmacist in me is dreaming up with a little drug cocktail that will take away that pain, or at least all memory of it! LOL

  6. Mob
    WU X 2 – Did 10 Toes to Rings in a row YAY!!!

    Strength: Practiced Push Press and Push Jerk at 45, 65, 75, 80, 85 to see how heavy it feels for tomorrow.

    WOD: Annie
    50 -40-30-20-10
    DU (scaled to singles) I have to learn to do DU!!!
    Situps (ab mat)

    Time: 8:35 PR of 2:05 (Dec. 23/12)

    1. YAY for toes to rings! Hello progress! Nice job on the push jerks! Bring on 13.2. You’re ready!

      1. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing everyone push themselves again tomorrow night! Very inspiring!

      1. hahaha you’re funny Jeff! 🙂 I deserved them but really something about DU is just not cliking with me!

  7. MOB MOB and more MOB
    WU x 1
    Warm up with the bar @ 65, 75

    Games wod 13.2
    5 shoulder to overhead #75
    10 Deadlifts 75#
    15 box jumps/step ups 20″

    Total reps: 224

    Well Jeff you told me to unleash hell on that bar, but I’m not sure who actually won!! No idea where this number will end up in the rankings but I’m absolutely sure that I had nothing left in the tank – so no regrets, I left it all on that floor.

    Thought I’d hate not doing it with the rest of the gym on Friday but thanks to those who watched, worked out at the same time and judged it was every bit as intense tonight. So thanks to everyone who was there, even Judge Kevin who no rep’d me (don’t care that I deserved it 🙂 ) Love this box, love these people.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone “Work all the way until the time is up!”

  8. Mob


    Practice for the games and also practice a little on muscle ups

    WOD. Annie

    50-40-30-20 or 150-120-90-60-30

    Double Under scaled to single

    450 skips and 140 sit-ups later

    Time 935

    Great work out before the big day . Stomach will be a little sore tomorrow but that will not stop me . Thanks Corinna and Seb for the tips on muscle ups and also good luck to everyone tomorrow night go out with a bang

  9. mobility
    wu x 2
    strength – practice Push Jerk struggle with 75#
    practice Box jumps 20” got a couple

    WOD : ANNIE (15 mins. cap)
    scale – single 150, 120, 90, 60, 30
    50, 40, 30, 20, 10
    sit ups
    Time = 9:23 (no PR last time 9:19)
    cash out = calf stretch

  10. mobility
    wu x 2
    strength – OHS x 5
    65, 85, 95 x 2

    WOD : ANNIE (15 mins. cap)
    scale – single 150, 120, 90, 60, 30
    50, 40, 30, 20, 10
    sit ups
    Time = 9:11 (PR of 28 sec.)
    cash out = calf stretch

  11. Ran 3k

    WOD:Annie (did at home)



    I haven’t really given those floor mats the respect the deserve… Got my first floor burn from the sit-ups tonight, not cool.

  12. @5h15 – Open WOD 13.2 Rx = 210 (7 rounds even)

    Thanks Pat for the great judging and the push!!

    @6h45 – Annie Rx = 7:24 (PR of 3:37) Awwww yeah 😀

    Felt good to get a PR, double-unders aside, my situps felt great compared to last time. Good job every one!!

    1. Are you a cyborg? You did the metcon blaster that is 13.2 then thought “Yeah sure, I’ll give Annie a little ‘somethin,somethin'”??
      Part Machine, Part Mario…All BEAST!

  13. Mobility

    Row 300 m x 3

    Annie: singles and sit ups
    Time: 11:27.

    Great job 6h45 crew!

    And could you guys check to see if you accidently took my keys? They were the only set on the table and they disappeared 🙁

  14. Mob WU x 2
    800 m jog (never did one in my CF career or any career for that matter. I longed for my rower as I panted puffed along for 5 mins and 35 secs).
    WOD Annie:
    150 120 90 60 30 single skips
    50 40 30 20 10 of sit ups
    Time: 11:20
    Good luck everyone on 13.2. I will be at work thinking of you and my new best friend Zach Forrest in Vegas.
    I hope Mel B has found her keys by now.

    1. Woohoo! Did I read that right? 800m jog! That is so awesome! The panting will subside. Just keep at it. I usually sound like a cross between Darth Vader and a chain smoker on the first few “runs” of the year.

      1. I am laughing uncontrollably at this…mostly because I know the sound quite well from when I run. And as for the cat..too much 🙂

  15. It was a slow 3k, it was too beautiful not to, so my 4 year old ran next to me while I pushed the jogging stroller.

  16. Hey Kevin, thanks for verifying my score so quickly, it’s made me number one in Canada east for the time being – queen for a day lol!! Guess that’s the upside of doing the wod Thursday 😉

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