For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Compare to July 27/18

Finish one move before going on to the next. Break those up into manageable chunks. Especially the pull-ups and pushups. You have a 25 min cap.

Option – AMRAP in 20 minutes with 10 reps of each movement.
The option will give you a chance to get all the movements in, keeps you moving, and you’re less likely to rip your hands on the pull-ups!

CrossFit Moncton was well represented at the Mascara & Muscles event on Thursday

4 thoughts on “Angie”

  1. Decided to go with the AMRAP option.
    Switched to ring rows in round 3 or 4 due to a rip.

    9 rounds + 4 RR

    Small Saturday class but just as fun!
    Merci Janelle!!!

  2. OG
    Partner WOD with Elba

    4 rounds
    Partner 1 – 10 cal Assault Bike
    Partner 2 – while other partner bikes, ABMAT situps
    50 KBS 35# (5-5)
    25 Burpees (1-1)

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