And so it begins

This is the start of our strength cycle. We’ll be hitting squats, presses, deadlifts, and bench almost every week. Three weeks will see AMRAPs at the end of each session, followed by a deload week where we back off a bit. Percentages will go up over the next few months, as will your reps (hopefully). At the end, we’ll re-test to see how much of beast you became.

Back squats x5

Wall Balls
Abmat Situps

Compare to Nov.14/17

All the winners from Maritime Mayhem!

31 thoughts on “And so it begins”

  1. WU & MOB

    Back squats x 5
    135# – 140# – 185# – 200# – (210# x 12)

    Wall Balls – 14#
    Abmat Situps


    1. Good job Big guy!! Nice sharing the bar with you. Squats are still improving, they look much better and your depth is improving all the time!

  2. The Maritime Mayhem competiton went very well on Saturday. Thanks to all that helped out, it made a big difference having a great crew there. On for bigger and better next year!!

    Wu and mobility
    Back Squats x 5
    205/255/295/315/(340 x 12 strength was good, I was sure I would hit 15, started down for 13 and I was a little wobbly/woosey) stopped there .. Lol

    Wod rx’d: 6:44
    1:05 pr!!
    Wallballs still got me … Getting better though !
    Thanks for the great class Kevin!

  3. Back Squat x5
    100 – 120 – 145 – 155 – 165 (x9)

    Wall balls 14#
    Abmat situps


    Going into this, I was worried I wouldn’t actually finish in the time cap. Wall balls have not been good on me in the past. But they felt surprisingly good. I broke them into 3 sets each time, 22/10/10, 15/8/7, and 10/4/4 with short breaks…and for once, my shoulders were holding me back more than my breath.

  4. Back squats x5
    45-55-65-70-75% (max reps)
    105-130-150-160-175 (x8)

    Wall Balls (20#)
    Broke reps down:
    – Round 1: 20-13-9 (ok)
    – Round 2: 15-9-6 (broke in the middle)
    – Round 3: 10-8 (broke on the 8)
    … good rep scheme though, need to stick to it
    Abmat Situps
    Time: 7:43 Rx

  5. WOD rx’d: 10:34
    I am not lightning fast on anything but especially not on any wod with wall balls. They own me. But I feel like I’m finally getting some traction on them.
    I was not fast but they did not own me today, and that’s a first. 🙂

    27 second PR from last year!

  6. Back squats x 5
    45-55-65-70-75+ 15 max

    Wall Balls – 12#
    Abmat Situps


  7. WUx1

    Back squats x 5

    WOD as RX’d
    Wall Balls – 20#
    Abmat Situps

    PR of 59 seconds.

    Thanks Kevin!

  8. Love seeing all the results posted today.

    BacK Squats x5
    135-185-225-245-260×11 (yucky)

    WOD @ 30#

    Did it unbroken with 20# last year, so tried it with 30#. 42 and 18 we UB. 30 was 21+9. Would like to try again with a less bouncy ball.

  9. Back squats x5
    I gave myself permission to stop after 10 reps but I somehow kept lifting that bar to 15! I know the last set was not perfect and I have some technique to work on..
    Wall Balls 10#
    Abmat Situps
    I dont know why I am so worried to use that darn 12# wallball, sets were 20/22, 15/15, 18.. It took everything to keep going the last few of each set..
    Situps, I just kept going..

  10. Back squats x5
    110-135-160-170-185# (15 reps)

    Wall Balls w/ 14#
    Abmat Situps

    Nov 14/17 WOD:
    7:35 w/ 12#

  11. back squat x5

    Wall Balls (16#)
    Abmat Situps

    time of 8:20 PR of 44 seconds

  12. Back Squats x 5 – % were based on 1RM of 165#
    75-90-110-115-(125 x 13)

    Wall Balls 10# @ 9′
    Ab mat sit ups

    Jelly legs immediately after. Tomorrow will be interesting because my quads are already on fire

  13. Back Squats x 5

    95-115-135-155-155 x15 reps
    Shared a bar with my Bro Keith tonight!!

    WOD with10#
    Sit-ups on flat mat no ab mat

    Time: 8:45

    Glad to be back and see so many familiar faces

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