And so it begins

Tonight, at 9pm, we’ll have a live viewing of the 18.1 release. Come by the gym if you get a chance. And if you’re competing tomorrow, I’d suggest taking today as a rest day. Again, once we find out the workouts, we’ll post various options on Zen Planner, create a heat list, and it will be posted at the gym on the whiteboard. If you’re able to judge, please sign up under any name.

Questions? Shoot.

Tabata Barbell
Tabata deadlift, 185/135#
Tabata hang power clean, 135/95#
Tabata front squat, 85/55#
Tabata push press, 65/35#

The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals. Rest one minute between exercises (to switch weight on your bar).
Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments.

Compare to Feb.23/17


5 thoughts on “And so it begins”

  1. Heather cooper Skeard

    Well since I can’t make it tmrw to the open, I figured I’d come in today and get my ass kicked by this barbell Tabata…

    Hopefully I’ll be in Sunday for the open 18.1

    223 reps Rx

    One word. Death,

  2. Tabata
    Deadlift 185#
    Power Cleans 135# – 95#
    Front Squats 85#
    Push Press 65#

    145 Total Reps.
    Deadlifts hurt after first few rounds…
    Had issues with Power Cleans @ 135#
    Still need to focus on technique

    Thanks Shane,
    Awesome work Heather – proud of you as always 😛

  3. Lindsay Sherwood

    Showed up a bit early for class and worked on double unders. I strung 3 in a row together for a nice little PR. Starting to get the rhythm 🙂

    Tabata Barbell:
    Deadlifts @ 85#
    Hang power cleans @ 45#
    Front squats @ 35#
    Push press @ 35#

    Stayed on the lighter side of things due to the open tomorrow but it was still hard lol

    Total: 152 reps

    Thanks Steph!

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