9-7-5 reps
Squat Snatches (135/95# or 65%)

*Scale = 27-21-15 pullups and power snatches

Compare to July 24/12

No matter how good you are/become, you can always work on the basics. Pat Barber, the kid in the video, is an avid CrossFitter. At 160 pounds, he managed a 245 jerk and a 150 snatch. Not bad too shabby. However, there’s always room for improvement.

Fundamentals is KEY.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. So let’s see some perfect practice today!


104 thoughts on “Amanda”

  1. I need to cancel my 8:30 as I won’t be back from the Island in time. Please and Thanks!

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Burgener WU x 2

    Snatch practice @ 65# – quickly turned into hang power snatch because of my back.

    WOD: “Amanda”
    27-21-15 Pullups (purple band)
    9-7-5 Hang Power Snatch

    Time: 8:22

  3. Good morning!

    Hopper is only 4 sleeps away!

    Lance, Chris, Marie-Noelle and I are registered for the Team Competition at YQM in Sept. Our team name is The Tabata 4. Still time to register a team my fellow cross fitters.

    Today is the dealine for Battle of the North. I know that there are a few of us from CFM who are going! Register today if you are going. We will have fun!

    Fall Classic in Halifax ( Cross Fit Kinetics) Oct 4th -5th. Registration is closed, but a few of us are on the wait list. Put yourself on the wait list too!

    And of course, quite a few members of CFM have signed up for Legs for Literacy run on October 27th. Laura and I are considering registering. Any other takers?

    Tons of competitions and events happening. Would love to see as many members from CFM registering!

    1. I’m signed up for the half-marathon! It’s going to be great to share another experience with a ton of CFM members!

    2. Hopper – Signed up

      D-Town Beat down – Didn’t interest me for some reason

      Battle of the North – Signed up

      Fall Classic- Never heard of it for some reason?

      Legs for Literacy – Signed up for the half

    3. Valérie Arseneau

      Going to Battle of the North! and I used the guilt trip card to get my folks to come cheer! haha.

      I will go watch the YQM comp

      I kinda forgot about Legs, but I should push to try a 10k as thats what I said last year.

      I got Nationals in Vancouver next month so money to sign up for these things has disappeared… lol

    4. Oops…Registration for the Battle of the North is July 26th…still a few more days…

    5. I’m disappointed I’ll be missing the Hopper this year, what a fun event! I know CFM will represent! Good luck to all the competitors!

  4. Please cancel my 8:30 spot…sorry for the short notice…migraine hit me this morning

  5. Oops…forgot to mention the Beach WOD, Saturday, August 3rd… like I said, tons happening!

  6. Mobility wu x1
    Burgener (group)
    Snatch practice

    Wod: AMANDA
    27-21-15 pull ups (green band)
    9-7-5 snatch @25

    Time: 10:52

    Marie Noelle, thanks for your great coaching and patience!!!!

  7. Mobility
    Burgener Snatch Practice

    27-21-15 pullups, green band
    9-7-5 Power Snatch @ 25lbs.
    Time : 7:52
    Thank you Marie for the guidance 🙂
    Corinna, I am doing the Legs for Literacy 1/2 and also the sprint triathlon in Sackville on Aug. 24……….anyone else interested in a tri?

    1. I have a bucket list goal to do a triathlon – going to start by seeing if I can swim 700m in a couple of weeks and see how I do with that. If I can, I’ll do a triathlon but I’m not sure if it’ll be in August or not 🙂

  8. WU x 1 + Burgener WU x 2

    WOD: The Amanda show 2.0
    27-21-15 pullups (black)
    9-7-5 power snatch @ 65#

    8:23 – 5# more on snatch and a 25 second PR! I didn’t remember doing this one before – happy with the PR!

  9. wux1

    Burgener Wu x2

    Wod Amanda

    Squat Snatch @ 95#(67%)
    Only got to 5th MU on the second round.

    Note to self for next time: Complete first round of MUs then scale the rest.

  10. Warmup
    Burgener warmup
    Worked on squat snatch up to 50lbs

    WOD with jumping muscle ups and 45lbs squat snatch
    DNF in time cap (2 MUs and 5 snatch left)

    Thanks for cheers today guys!
    Awesome work on the WOD Josh!

    1. Valérie Arseneau

      Ohh I am so looking forward to nailing my first MU!

      Good Job Miss super mom!

  11. Wow!! Good Job Gillyon 🙂 Corinna, this sprint tri is a 750m open water swim, a 20k bike ride followed by a 5k run……..super fun!!!

    1. I would sooooo love to do this Alaina, but a 750m swim is not an option for me. Like Amanda, a triathlon is on my bucket list! I need to sign up for swim classes at the Y!

      1. We could start doing some swim WODs. I could help people learn to swim. I’d love to do a triathlon someday too!

  12. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Burgener WU x 2

    Worked on snatch to 55#

    WOD: Amanda
    9-7-5 MU (scaled to 27-21-15 pull-ups green band)
    snatch @ 55#

    Time: 10:29

  13. WUx1
    Did my 10 real pull ups today 🙂

    Practice snatches
    45 -50-55-60-65

    Snatches at 65#


  14. WU: 50 No-Show Burpees (AGAIN!)

    27-21-15 Pull-ups
    9-7-5 Power Snatch @85

    Note to self: could have used 95#

    Time 8:23

  15. Mobility
    Burgener WU

    Practiced Power Snatches 45-55 – (stayed at 55, need to work on technique ++)

    Amanda @ 55 (usually used 45 in previous WOD’s)

    27-21-15 Pull-ups (blue band)
    9-7-5 Power snatches

    Time: 10:17

  16. This is the wod that broke my CrossFit coaching virginity!! That makes tomorrow my one year anniversary as a coach at CFM one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my life!! :). Also so looking forward to doing Amanda later tonight, one of my favs!! 😀

  17. Heather Colleen

    Burgener WU

    Power Snatch Practice

    Awesome to be doing 2-handed snatches again…not something I can really celebrate out loud with non-CrossFit friends…

    WOD: Amanda

    27-21-15 Pull-ups (green & blue band)
    9-7-5 Power snatches #40

    Time: 7:54 (I think, I’m not 100% positive)

    Amanda is now on my Top 10 Favourite WODs list!!

  18. Mobility
    Burgener WUX2
    Practice Squat Snatch
    WOD: Amanda
    27-21-15 pull ups (used blue band for 1st round then added the purple band for last 2)
    9-7-5 Power Snatch #40
    Time- 8:35

  19. Mobility
    Burgener WU

    Practiced Power Snatches @ 65

    WOD : Amanda
    27-21-15 pull ups no band
    9-7-5 Power Snatch @ 85#

    Forgot to write down my time… 9:something…

    That’s a lot of pull ups!
    Good job to those doing the muscle ups that looked pretty damn tough!

  20. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Burgener X 2

    Power Snatch X 3


    WOD – Amanda


    Muscle Ups = 27-21-15 Pullups with black band
    Squat Snatches = Power Snatches 105#

    Time – 13:34

  21. Wux1. Group bergener warm up
    Snatch practice

    WOD. “Amanda”
    9-7-5 reps
    Squat Snatches (135/95# or 65%) did 85lbs
    Rob Brydges

  22. Mobility

    Warm Up x1

    Burgener Warm Up x2

    Snatch Practice to 135lbs

    WOD @ 125lbs: DNF (one rep shy of finishing in the 15 minute time cap)

    I’ve done this workout twice at 115lbs. I’ve have a couple snatch PRs since then so I figured I would try a little heavier today. I was wrong. Lesson learned.

    Future self: You can do this at 125lbs. Focus on start position, land feet wider, knees open.

  23. Mobility
    WU X 1
    Burgener wu X 2

    snatch practice X 3

    WOD – Amanda (Scaled)

    27-21-15 Pullups
    9-7-5 Squat Snatches @ 95#

    Time – 13:01
    felt great after 5 days off

  24. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Burgener Wu x 2 (group WU)

    Squat snatch practice

    Wod :
    Muscle up*
    Squat snatch @ 85

    Time 8.52
    *Muscle up progression ( jumping muscle up. Next time I should put the rings a little higher some I was jumping in to the top of the dip)

    Fun class thanks Kevin.
    I need to work on squat lifts more and hip mobility.

  25. Mobility + WU x 1
    Burgener WU
    Snatch practice 5 x 35,45,50,55 (thanks Marie-No for all your help, I feel like I’m beginning to slow down. 🙂 )

    WOD: Amanda (scaled)
    27-21-15 Pullups (first round blue, next green)
    9-7-5 Squat Snatch @55#
    TIme: 8:06

    A year ago today I did my first WOD and was hooked immediately. 196 classes later I am still enjoying every minute. I can’t believe all the great coaching, tips, pointers and encouragement I have received this year. I look forward to another year of reaching milestones and being inspired by everyone at the box.

    1. Happy anniversary Tania!! You’re making astonishing fast progress! Looking forward to seeing what the next year brings for you.

    2. Congrats on the year. You are a great athelete and person. I do not see you much, but you are one of my buddies.

    3. Watch out CF community…we have unleashed a firebreather! I’m impressed daily by your strength. Happy anniversary!

    4. Oh my, how time flies!!! Congrats on a fantastic year of Crossfit. You impress me every day with your strength and your fitness. You are making wonderful progress. Keep up the hard work 🙂

    5. Congrats Tania! I’m always impressed by your strength and overall performance, happy to have you with us!

      1. Love having you with us at CFM! Keep up the hard work girl. Miss working out with you!

  26. Practice squat snatch
    Up to 65# (squat snatch definetly gets me out of my comfort zone). Thanks for the tips Amanda, and for suggesting more weight for the WOD.

    Amanda scaled:
    27-21-15 pullups
    9-7-5 squat snatches @ 50#

    Time= 9:54

    Hard to say if this is a PR, last time did power snatches @ 45# in 6:54. Either way happy I went with squat snatches.

    1. I’m glad you went with squat snatches too! Your form got better as you went along, you just need more practice with them. I’d say you got a PR in stepping out of your comfort zone. 😉

  27. Jen


    3 Km run with 3 burpees every time a song was finished
    Time = 30 minutes.

    I am going to Belleville tomorrow to try a drop in class with the new Crossfit Belleville gym.

    Looked like a tough, but really good WOD today guys.

  28. Worked on Power Snatches x3 (shoulder is still wonky)

    Amanda with 135# Power Snatches

    Hands are ouchie now.

    1. good job coach, and yes tell me about the hands again i need to heal those puppies by sat

  29. mobility x 1
    practice for snatachs
    9 muscle ups 9 snatchs #95
    1muscle up ,18 pull ups, 7 snatchs #75
    8 pull ups
    I tried to keep doing all my muscles ups which was fun but got me all worked up, and its the second time i did snatchs since my fundementals i should of used #60 instead of #95 ill start adding more of them in my strength, and the blisters in my hands from useing to much chalk did not help but will make them stronger, loved that class thanks for the encouragement at the end 🙂 and im a little burnt from my river trip the past weekend 😛

  30. mob.. lots an lots of mob
    burgener WU x 2 as a group

    snatch practice x 3

    wod Amanda @ 95 (chose to do this at same weight as last time as i’ve missed soo much class lately)
    9-7-5 Mu
    9-7-5 snatch

    Pr of 3:56 (very happy with this, need more weight next time! MU was able to string together a few 5s and 4s and 3s! woot)

    1. Congrats on a huge PR! You can definitely handle more weight next time. I have muscle up envy, too. Just sayin’… 🙂

  31. WOD w/ 55# and (squat) snatches: 10:11. That is 30 seconds more than last time but with 5# more on my snatches and only did power snatches last time, so I’m happy with that progress. 🙂

    I liked today’s wod, my pullups felt good and my snatch was cooperating during the wod for the most part. Would like to try a little heavier next time.

    As for the upcoming events, I won’t be making most of the ones this summer except the Hopper…we have a cottage that we pay for all winter, so when the warm weather is here we try to get to it as much as we can. In the fall I will run a 10k in the “Love your Wild Side” race at the end of August and I’m hoping to do the Luc Gallant marathon in Kouchibouguac in October. I chose my runs based on location & charities..I didn’t figure the Legs for Literacy race needed my money as much as some of the others.

    1. Might join you in Kouche. I’ve been eyeing that run. He and I are old track buddies. 🙂

      1. I meant to write that I’d be doing the half marathon in Kouchibouguac, not the full one.

  32. WU x 1

    Group Burgener WU

    Snatch Practice

    35-45-55-65-75 These felt good tonight. 3.5 days rest did my body good!!!

    WOD: 9-7-5

    Jump up Muscle Progressions
    Squat Snatch @ 70lbs

    Thank you so much for encouraging me to use the higher rings tonight Jo. It was definitely harder, but helped me build my confidence that one day, I may actually get these babies! First time doing squat snatch in this WOD and thankfully, they felt good tonight!

    Time: 12:55

    Last year: 8:55

    Definitely no PR, but happy with my performance tonight!

    Thanks for the great class Jo!

    1. That muscle up is around the corner. That is for sure! You looked great during the squat snatch lifts. All your extra mobility training is working.

  33. Mobility

    Wu x 1
    Burgener Wu x 2 (group WU)

    Squat snatch practice x 3


    Wod : Amanda – Scaled to jumping muscle up & 75 lb

    Muscle up
    Squat snatch

    Time 9:25

  34. Mobility
    WU x 1

    Burgener (group) x 2

    Practice Snatch (squat) (x5)

    WOD “Amanda” (scaled)
    Muscle Ups (progression with small red band)
    Snatch (squat) @ 75#
    Time = 12:20

    Messed up my counting in second round and only did 5 MU progressions, so I did 7 in the third round. Had 2 VERY ugly snatches in third round that I no-rep’d myself on. Nobody likes an ugly snatch….

    Did this in October 2011 with pull ups (green band) and clean & jerks (85#) with time of 12:00. I guess I didn’t know how to snatch then. Can’t really compare, but its fun to see the progress. 🙂

    Great work 5:45 crew!!

  35. WOD: Amanda
    Scaled Med yellow band for
    pull ups
    reps 27 21 15
    Scaled power snatch @ 35lbs
    reps 9 7 5
    First day off for two weeks. Nice to kick off my break from work with you guys. Thanks Joanna and Corinna for helping me tweak my lifts this evening. I have lots to work on, but it is all good.

  36. Snatches x 3: 35-45-55-65

    Amanda (Scaled)

    27-21-15 Pull ups with pink band
    9-7-5 Squat snatch @ 50#

    Squat snatches felt good. Kept my weight low & really tried to concentrate on good form (the OLY classes are helping I think)

  37. Mobility
    Burgener x2



    27-21-15 Pull Ups
    9-7-5 Squat Snatches #135

    Time: 9:13

    1. You tossed the 135lbs overhead like it was a teddy bear! We have got to get you working on the MU progressions!

  38. Mobility
    WU x 2
    Burgener WU x 2 (group WU)

    Snatch practice (4x)

    Wod :
    Scaled 27-21-15 Pull-Ups (green band)
    Snatch @ 65 9-7-5

    Time 14:13, wasn’t sure if I’d make the 15 min cap

    Only my second class (after prep), hard time with pull-ups…

    1. You did great Tom, and you’d never know it was your first time with the snatch, looked good!

    2. I agree with Amanda. Your snatch looks pretty good for being so new. And you are doing great with the pullups too.

      And welcome to Crossfit Moncton!

  39. – mob
    – wu x1
    – Burgener x2 (group)
    – Practice snatch instead of strength

    WOD: Amanda
    – 27-21-15 pull ups (alternating black & brown band)
    – 9-7-5 Power Snatch @ 64#

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