All the cardio

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2k Row
2k Run
200 Double Unders (2x singles)

Congrats to Heather for joining the 1000 Club!

14 thoughts on “All the cardio”

  1. Mobility + WU x 1
    Group WU + Mobility

    2k Run
    400 Singles
    2k Row

    Time: 27:04
    Thanks Shane. Good job everyone! Welcome back Mark πŸ™‚

  2. Mobility + WU x 1
    Group WU + Mobility

    2k Run
    400 Singles
    2k Row

    Time: 24:38

    Nice class Shane. Great job everyone!

  3. 2k Row 7:15
    2k Run 16ish
    200 Double Unders (did 2x singles)

    Possibly pulled calf 400M into run.

    Thanks Shane!

    OG partner WOD with Heather
    Filthy 50’s 30sec of work then partners switch
    17ish min

    Thanks Heather! πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats to Heather for 1000 classes!

    Mobility + WU x 1 +CS
    Group WU + Mobility

    2k Run
    200 DU’s
    2k Row

    Time: 22:52

    Way to go morning folks!

    Welcome back Mark!

    Thanks Shane!

  5. WOD as Rx’d

    Rowing split was about 2 min/500m
    Run was a hot slog
    DUs were not terrible…mostly sets of 25.

  6. WOD Rx:

    That row took so much more than I expected. Really feeling those weighted pullups from Murph in the forearms, ouff.
    But how nice was that hot sun on the run 😎
    Thanks Steph!

  7. 2k Row
    2k Run
    200 Double Unders (2x singles)
    Did singles in chunks: 150-100-then whatever I could up to 100 without tripping up

    Time: 23:27 … it’s a skipping workout, the rest is basically a buy-in

  8. That WOD was everything I needed and more!
    2k row – 9:30
    2k run – 18:10
    100 abmat sit-ups – 6:16

    Holy heck it was hot out! I finished at 7pm, I have showered, it is 9:13pm and I am STILL sweating!

  9. WOD RX’d: 28:17

    So disappointed.. I row and run so slow, and the only thing I had going for me here was the DU’s and I got a stitch as I was coming in from my run and it wrecked my doubles. I did them in little tiny sets.

  10. Did the nooner. That was interesting…
    2k Run
    400 single skips
    2k row

    Felt queasy at 100m into the row but got it done!!


    Note to self (go to the early class when it’s hot)

    Thanks for letting me talk you into this one Aubrey! You did great.

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