All the balls

I had a really awesome med ball workout planned, but try this one at home instead. I’ll have levelled out workouts starting on Tuesday for everyone.

EMOM for 20 min
1 – 40 sec Squats, 20 sec rest
2 – 40 sec Situps, 20 sec rest

Cashout – 800m Run


5 thoughts on “All the balls”

  1. Did wall squat – all 10 rounds at 40 seconds with no breaks

    Sit ups- 18/18/18/18/18/15/15/14/12/13

    1. Oh and my run was around the block at my house. 1000m but walked the first corner to run the 800

  2. Do this one and birthday burpees tomorrow. For today a quick 19 min emom pull-ups
    20 total. Pr up from 17.

  3. Ivory Diseldorf

    i finally finished yesterdays WOD. which I like doing. I wonder so much why I am having such a hard time getting back into this routein I had. Squats were 20 in the first 40 seconds and then with 2x2lbs weights I reached only 16/17 per interval. Situps … were about 15 I did some side ones and some leg raises.

  4. Saturday: 40 b’day burpees (Melanie)
    Monday: 44 b’day burpees (Ingrid)

    Monday: EMOM for 20 min
    1 – 40 sec Squats, 20 sec rest
    2 – 40 sec Situps, 20 sec rest

    Cashout – 800m Run

    Good one to get back into @home WODing.

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