All of the moves!

10 Shoulder press
15 Overhead squat
20 Push press
25 Front squat
30 Push jerk
35 Back squat

Weight is 115/85# or 60% of OHS

Compare to May 6/13

Elbows up!
Elbows up!

42 thoughts on “All of the moves!”

  1. Please cancel my 11am. My dogs have decided to go for a hike without me. πŸ™ I can’t leave till I get them back.

    1. Dogs are home!

      I didn’t want to totally miss out today so I did it at home.

      WU (no pullups)

      Strength Floor Press 3RM
      My old 3RM was 90 so I am excited about this!

      WOD with 45lbs
      OHS & FS were messy. I need so much work on them.

  2. Lab Day
    Mob + Wup x 1 (ring rows)
    Lots of mob for hips and shoulders

    Squat Clean
    5 x 55, 60
    3 x 65, 70
    2 x 75, 80
    1 x 85 (had to try a few times as form was not so hot at the start)

    More mob for shoulders

    Great pic Julie πŸ™‚ Looking strong!

  3. Valerie Arseneau

    Lab – MU progressions.
    transition with band
    False grip pull ups on rings
    body weight ring dips x3 (PR of 1)

    10AM WOD @55
    10 Shoulder press
    15 Overhead squat
    20 Push press
    25 Front squat
    30 Push jerk
    35 Back squat

    Time 10:34.

    My shoulders were beat up before even starting. They did not like this WOD. Would like to do it again when the body is better rested.

    Rest day for me tomorrow!

  4. Lab

    Worked on snatch and squat cleans for the up coming spring fling
    Matched old pr

    Squat clean
    Got under it at 255 just could not stand it up.

    Walk in the sugar woods and consume mass amounts of maple taffy:)

  5. Lab
    OHS x 3
    65-85-95-115# (PR of 10#)

    65-85-95-105# (PR but no idea how much)

    Floor Press

    WOD @75#
    10 Shoulder press
    15 Overhead squat
    20 Push press
    25 Front squat
    30 Push jerk
    35 Back squat

    Time 8:34. (PR of 35# from last time but 1:37 slower)

    1.35km Run (6:48)

    Thanks Mario and Amanda for coaching today.

  6. Vanessa Champion

    Floor press 3 rm

    WOD: 40#
    10 Sh press
    15 OHS
    20 push press
    25 front squat
    30 push jerk
    35 back squat
    15 min time cap


    Ran the loop: 6:28

  7. Warmup and mobility.
    Not my best day at the box.

    WOD with 55lbs
    – started with 65lbs. Press was weak. So switched up the weight. A few Lydia moments. Totally lost count. Oh well…at least I showed up. πŸ˜‰
    Time-10 something.

    Tomorrow I will be better.

  8. Lab,
    Mobility and Wu x 1
    Extra shoulder and hip Mobility
    Practice du’s, got 76!! Getting closer to the 100!
    225 x 8/ 315 x 5/ 405 x 5/ 455 x 3/ 505 x 1!! Woohoo that has been a goal for a bit now!
    Wod : All the moves
    10 shoulder press
    15 ohs
    20 push press
    25 front squats
    30 push jerks
    35 back squats
    Rx @ 115#
    Had a bit of a hard time with this one, couldn’t do anything unbroken due to shoulder and wrist. But when I was done felt good to have been doing some overhead stuff.
    Great class Amanda!! Great job everybody!

  9. Jean-Luc came over today to play.

    1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 reps
    Clean and Jerk (135#)
    Complete a rope climb between rounds


  10. Floor press 3RM
    55, 60,70, 75, 80

    WOD 60% of OHS
    10 Shoulder Press
    15 OHS
    20 Push Press
    25 Front Squat
    30 Push Jerk
    35 Back Squat

    Time: 12:27

    Too heavy !!! Really pushed hard to get it done, couldn’t even get the bar off my shoulders when the wod was done lol. Will know better next time πŸ˜‰

  11. Floor Press 5 x 3
    135 – 150 – 160 – 165 – 170

    WOD @ 85#
    (Subbed OHS for Front Squats)
    Time: 9:40

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