After Party

15.3 Heat List

We have reserved 5 Bridges Restaurant in Riverview for March 27th, immediately following the last Open WOD. They need to know how much awesomeness is coming, so I’ll put up a sign-up sheet on the warm-up board. Please sign up before next Friday.

Regular Classes – Build up to C&J WOD weight

AMRAP in 15 min
1 C&J (155/105#/70%)
1 round of Cindy
2 C&J
1 round of Cindy
3 C&J
1 round of Cindy


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes of:
7 muscle-ups
50 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball to 10 feet
100 double-unders

All athletes and judges – please watch this video before arriving at the gym.

If you plan on scaling, just let your judge know before the workout begins.


90 thoughts on “After Party”

  1. In regard to 15.3: wow I was cranky last night at the MU’s being 1st in the WOD! Then that the scale didn’t really seem to be equal with only 2 movements vs 3. This morning I’ve had a realization about this. I’m not physically able to do MU’s right now. Fact. So, what would I rather, do some WB’s and DUs (and swear a lot) then stop at MU’s OR, get a bunch of reps and a kick ass workout in? Obvi is rather get my sweat on. If you’re bummed about the scale, suck it up. Let’s race

  2. I’m floored and disappointed at the stuff I’m seeing on FB from our local CrossFit community. The negativity!

    I’m so proud of our gym, of our members. At the gym last night there was mostly excitement for the scaled wod. And then I log in here and see these posts. That’s how it’s supposed to be! While they’re all mad, we’ll just be over here having fun tonight. 🙂

    Let’s kick some ass, CFM!!

    1. I might actually get a MU during an Open Wod this time. Came close last year, so I’m pretty excited. More nervous really.

      1. I hear you Trent, those were my thoughts as well. THe big difference is you will get to do a few as your skipping is awesome as well.
        Go kick ass!

  3. I am so proud of the way our members are viewing 15.3. Really, it doesn’t matter what CFHQ posts for a workout. We’re still going to gather as a community of fitness freaks, hit a workout as hard as WE can, and love + cheer for everyone else. Movements and divisions are all just semantics. The support and motivation from all of you are the REAL reason we do the Open.

    I’m getting so pumped for tonight. See you soon!!

  4. Kevin’s Tips and Strategies for 15.3

    1) Smile – it will show others that you’re having fun (and probably make you look great)
    2) Drink water – it will help you yell and cheer louder for everyone

    Some serious tips now

    3) Rope prep – have those silly screws tightened on your rope
    4) Rope extra prep – have an extra rope on stand-by in case something happens to yours
    5) Shoes – whatever shoes you wear, double knot those suckers. Spending 10-15 sec doing up your laces mid-wod is crap.

    Enjoy! And see you soon!

  5. Patrick Arseneau

    I’ve never seen so many people looking forward to Wallballs and Double Unders. Well played, Dave Castro. Well played.

  6. Im really happy to see that our members are taking such a positive view on 15.3

    I hope you all go out there tonight and CRUSH IT, whether Rx’d or scaled, I would not expect any less. Go out there, have fun, show your fitness and be proud.

    You are part of a community of incredible athletes. I will be cheering for you all from back home! See you next week!

  7. 15.3 Rx

    74 reps ( 17 DUs)

    Wow. I was at work all day..thinking if I can get 1 muscle up, just 1! I will walk away happy because it’s more than I could do last year. So to finish the 7 and finish the wallballs. This might be my happiest CF moment ever. Thank you all for the cheers! Alaina for judging, Kevin and Shane for the tips..and Amanda for pushing me to try muscle ups in the first place. You are all awesome xo. And all the members at CFM! I’m very proud of our gym!

  8. 15.3 scaled mofo’s!!!! 524 reps. This WOD (and any other wod) was about what I CAN do as opposed to what I can’t. One thing we do at yoga class (plug:every other monday at cfm) is thank our bodies for what it’s allowing us to do and I’m very very thabkfull for what I can do! . I’m so happy the CFM community all understands this! Another games wods in the books! Cheers!

  9. Super happy tonight with everyone’s performances – way to go CFM peeps!! Seeing fast hustles to the finish line, the look of pure amazement and joy on personal goals being accomplished, and the cheering from the sidelines made my night. Love this gym and the peeps in it 🙂

    15.3 – scaled
    751 reps

      1. Right back attcha – you keep me moving and you are so quick and strong on the wallballs. I would WOD with you any day.

  10. 15.3
    Scaled – 526

    I was aiming for 2 rounds, to have more reps was icing on the cake!
    Awesome place, amazing members! Best place ever!!!

  11. 15.3
    Scaled -543 reps

    Great job everyone 🙂 inspiring to watch Maria and Amanda do MU’s 😉

  12. 15.3
    Amrap 14 min
    Scaled to 50 wall balls #10
    200 singles
    Score: 725 super happy with this
    Thanks Shane!
    Amazing effort by everyone 🙂 You guys are a special kind of people!!!

  13. 15.3 Scaled
    596 reps.
    Fell short of my goal but damn I was dead after. Singles tripped me up a lot. Like. A lot. Lol
    In my head after the WOD I though, damn you should do this again with a heavy rope. That’s just a silly thought! Haha
    Great job tonight everyone! So happy to watch everyone push themselves

  14. Fun times at the gym tonight for 15.3. What a great feeling to cheer on our amazing athletes.

    Masters Scaled
    50 Wallballs @ 10# & 9′
    200 Single Skips
    14 minute time cap

    Total Reps- 504

    So many no reps! Thanks for judging Trent. Thats how the old ladies do it…oh, yeah. 🙂

  15. 15.3 scaled
    777 reps
    oh my gosh the feet and leg cramps…ow!

    I’m not going to lie and say I smiled through this wod, but I was smiling when it started and I was really smiling when it was over…another AMAZING night at our gym. I honestly can’t even pin point my favourite part of the evening because there were so many awesome moments. Starting off watching Maria do so much more then she thought she could and get as far as she did…my night was made right there in the first heat! And then the same thing with Amanda…both you ladies were SO impressive getting those MUs in a WOD! Watching people surprise themselves with their strength is such an awesome thing….I love it and I’m so happy to be a part of everything at CFM!

    Can’t wait to see what 15.4 will throw at us 🙂

  16. Definitely one of my favourite Open workouts of all time. So much fun!

    WOD Rx’d
    471 reps (3 full rounds)

    Great job to everyone for putting in 100% with 100% positivity. Loved it!!

    1. Of course this was one of your favs….this WOD had your name written all over it. It was impressive to see you gut out those last few DU’s just before the time ran out.

  17. 15.3 scaled
    50 WB @ 10 # @ 9′
    200 single skips
    578 Reps

    It’s nights like this that I appreciate that Kevin programs 10′ wall balls for us girls (I can’t believe I just said that)….but it makes it sooo much better at the Open.

    Lots of great moments tonight. There was definitely some muscle up dust floating in the air tonight. So happy for everyone who got their first Games Muscle Ups.

  18. WOD:
    Work up to Clean & Jerk of #155

    AMRAP in 15 min
    — 1 C&J @ 145#
    — — 1 round of Cindy
    — 2 C&J
    — — 1 round of Cindy
    — 3 C&J etc.

    Score: 22 reps (1 rep into 7’s)

    Great to hear of all the amazing efforts (and crazy scores!) tonight.
    Looking forward to tackling 15.3 on Monday!

  19. My cheering section humbled me again tonight. I love you guys, again. 🙂

    Open WOD 15.3, RX’d: 4 reps.

    I’ve never been so happy to record such a low score. 🙂

  20. 15.3 rx
    206 reps

    From what I saw and heard, everyone that tackled the WOD Rx made huge headway with MUs and everyone that scaled the WOD crushed it. Great work guys!!

  21. I’m a little late on posting, but still wanted to share how proud I am of everyone! From first time Open competitors to coaches competing by our sides. All of you inspire me and make me proud to be part of CFM!!!

    I surprised myself again with this WOD. I hate Wallballs, but I guess only when we need to go to 10′! I didn’t know how well I’d do, but Kevin’s tips (especially about resting 5 secs) really helped! We have fantastic coaches!

    15.3 scaled
    14 min of: AMRAP
    50 Wallballs (10#/ 9′)
    200 singles

    Score: 756

  22. 15.3 scaled
    score 293

    I took too many breaks but I did it 🙂 My favorite part of the night was watching Maria & Amanda. It was soooo exciting!

  23. Another awesome Friday night!
    Wod 15.3 scaled
    765 reps.
    Great work everybody and Co grants to everyone that got there mu’s!!

  24. Open WOD 15.3 as Rx’d
    Score: 195

    I have to learn to push through my “comfort zone” and committed to bigger chunks of reps in things like wall balls.

  25. Open WOD 15.3 as Rx = 159 (First Rounds done at 11:43)

    WOW didn’t even think I would get 1 MU and I ended up getting 9! Very Happy with me score!

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