Affiliate Chipper

At the 2010 CrossFit Games, they had an affiliate event that looked AWESOME! Well, now we get to try it out.

2 rounds:
Run 300m
15 Jump over boxes
15 Squat Cleans (75/55)
30 Doubles
15 Pushups (with hand raise)
15 Situps
30 Lunges


25 thoughts on “Affiliate Chipper”

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  2. Joanna that was every bit as awesome as I imagined it to be 🙂 And I loved your reaction! I’m going to keep working on those pullups and dips so I can get to my new goal – a muscle up. Just watched it again, so cool! Go Joanna Go 🙂

  3. Today, I was going to rest my sore, tired and aching body… And then I saw the workout and noticed that my arch enemy (the squat clean) has surfaced… It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t go in to kick my goat a few times 🙂 See you in a bit!

  4. Kevin, I am going to cancel this morning. Enjoy your trip to Halifax. Congrats on your pull ups Gabrielle!!!

  5. Chipper with Pat, Matt and Gabrielle


    (Pat and I did an extra round each because our team only had 4 people…ouch!)

    Great job partners!

  6. Warm up : 200m run, 10 box jump, squat, pushup, lunges x 2

    WOD: affiliate wod with Johan, Marc, Lisa and MArio
    – 300m run
    – 15 over the box jumps
    – 15 squat clean #55
    – 30 double under
    – 15 pushup
    – 15 situps
    – 30 lunges
    23:40 min YAY TEAM!!!

    It was cool to see Johan doing lunges with Marc at the end and see all the people that was done cheering for others!!

  7. Awesome team!… that was a lot of fun today 🙂
    If anyone is doing a WOD tomorrow or up for a run in the woods, let me know.

    1. Johan if I thought for one second that I could keep up with you, I would gladly go for a run with you… I just don’t know if I could sprint that long 😉 Always up for a Sunday evening WOD at the park though!

    2. Centenial 6.30pm ok? I’ll be at the basketball courts. There are a few WODS I missed recently we can do, but open to requests from those who show up.

  8. I love squat cleans, I love squat cleans, I love squat cleans… Fun WOD thank you Kevin and Patrick for taking one for the team and good job to all 🙂

    Thanks for all the pullup props everyone 🙂

  9. Team Chipper WOD with Karen, Joanna, Steph and Pierre.

    We were a little confused in round 1 but we all got our sweat on and worked hard. Great job guys! I really like the “Over the box jumps”. I did all 30 without landing on top.

    1. Your over the box jumps were awesome Jeff! You’ve got quite a bit of spring in your legs don’t you 🙂

  10. Damn it. Didn’t win the max million so my vacation will only be 2 weeks long 😀
    Great WOD today everyone. It rocked

  11. Great fun today… good job Kevin & Pat for doing the extra rounds. My worst nightmare; having Kevin finish the box jumps before I did the squat cleans…thanks for the push!

    1. lol Matt that may have been my fault – I wasn’t exactly Speedy Gonzalez on those squat cleans!

  12. What is this?! I wasn’t in the Joanna muscle up part! Kevin missed me by an inch prob… or just edited me out.

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