A nice day for a run

Run 5k

***Reminder that the gym will be closed on Saturday, June 20th as we’ll be at CrossFit PEI for the Gymnastics Certification.


So, how does the WiiFit stack up against CrossFit?

11 thoughts on “A nice day for a run”

  1. sorry guys gatta take a week off. I have a midterm to study for all week (online course) and I have my girlfriends prom to go to ha.

    Ill catch you guys probably next monday!

  2. Warm-Up:
    3 Rounds of
    Run 400m
    5 kipping pull-ups
    5 push-ups

    “Nasty Girls”
    3 rounds for time of:
    50 Squats
    7 Muscle-ups (Tucker Progression)
    95 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps


  3. Warm up x 1 (yes..I was slow)

    25 tires flips (15 with the guys and 500 lbs tire and 10 alone with the little tire)

    WOD: 2K row

    Time: 9:24.1 PR by 25 sec.

    I had a hard time to get out of the rower…my legs are killing me!! Thanks for Saturday Lunges!!

  4. CF WU x 2

    Strength: 20 Tire flips – team of 3 & 5 Tire flips, solo (smaller tire).
    WOD: 5KM Run / 26:39 = PR (non-stop)

    Good workout everyone!

  5. Mobility WU, squats, good am’s, sampson, torso. practiced strict seated squats(?).

    Run 5K(3 X 1 minute walking rests)- 31:04 = PR by 7 seconds!

  6. WARMUP—>25 tire flips in group of 3

    5k run: 24:09

    I have no idea how I have been able to run that 5k in 20:43!!!

  7. Box squats Andy 🙂 And welcome back!

    Nice job on the run tonight everyone!

    I decided to give my shins some more recovery time. They’re still aching.

    2k Row – 7:04.8 (pr!)

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