A flippin’ good time

5 days until the Hopper!

200m Tire Flips

Compare to June 26/10

Everyone mid-squat

52 thoughts on “A flippin’ good time”

  1. Push jerks x5
    115-135-155-175-195 (tied pr)

    200m tire flip

    I know I did this before, but unable to find the time. Sore butt tomorrow!

  2. Mob. 400m run WU x2
    Lacrosse ball on shoulders instead of strength today

    200m Tire flips – 9:23 (almost 2 mins slower than last year..)

  3. Worked on shoulder press today. Warmed up with a few light presses and then I did 5 x negative 115lbs

    WOD: 200m Tire Flips

    Time: 6:18

    Marco was on my ass the whole time and would NOT let me slow down one bit. Thanks for the push! I recovered really quick from this wod and feel like i had more to give. However my butt feels like jello and I’m sure I’ll feel different about it when I’m sore tomorrow.

  4. Mobility
    400M Run

    Strength Front Squats

    200m Tire Flips

    Time: 7:23

    Great workout! That was fun.

    1. There you go, you got your tire flips. Satisfied now? Should be enough to last you a little while. 🙂

  5. Mobility
    400M Run

    Strength-press 3’s
    95-125-145-150(2 reps)-150 (1rep)
    200m tire flip…….or should I say 200m of trying to keep up to Patrick.
    Fun workout, glad it wasn’t too warm for this one this morning.

    1. HAHA if I didn’t stay on the inside around that corner, it would have been a photo finish 🙂

  6. WU X2
    400 m run

    OHS x 3

    200 m Tire Flips

    One of my least fav. workouts!
    Thanks Martine for coming to the corner and giving me the push I needed to finish it up 🙂

  7. WU x2 and a 400m run

    Back Squat x1
    this either matches my PR from a year ago or is a 5# PR

    WOD: 200m tire flips

    I’m with Patrick on this one, I feel like I could have gone faster when it was all over with. It’s my first tire flip WOD though so I think I paced myself a bit.

    I’ve been back to CFMoncton for just over 4 weeks now and I’m really happy! and I’ve been matching or exceeding my previous PRs despite not doing it for 6-7 months. I’m really excited to see where i’ll be at at the end of the summer. The programming has been loads of fun and challenging and everybody is super cool. as Corinna says.. smiles!

  8. Had a great workout Crossfit Kinetics in Halifax this morning!

    CF Kinetics WUx2

    Strength: Front Squats (3rm)
    3x 65-80-90-100-110-120

    WOD: 50 burpees

    T = 4:41

      1. Thanks! Felt like they had gotten better but wasn’t sure cause I’ve never done this one before. I think I can do better, too…I only turned on the gas during the last 7 or 8. I think I could have gunned it a bit sooner. 🙂

  9. wu x 2
    400 m jog
    Dead lift x 3: 125, 130, 135, 135, 140
    200 m tire flip 12:24

    Fun with 7 a.m. crew. 🙂

  10. WUx2
    400m run
    Strength: Front Squat (x10)

    WOD: 200m tire flip

    Time: 5:57
    Whoa – whatta butt workout – (twss)

  11. Chantal Theriault

    400m run
    strength : shoulder press x1 65-75-80-85-90-95(f)

    WOD: 200m tire flip
    time 7:25
    Fun workout 🙂

  12. Guy:
    1. Get an effin cell phone!
    2. I forgot my passport!
    3. Call my cell!
    4. Meet us at Big Stop with said passport!

    1. 1. No dear!
      2. Yes dear!
      3. Yes dear!
      4. Yes dear!

      For all you bachelor! These two important words will carry you a long way. 😉

  13. Need a ticket for U2?
    I have one extra general admission ticket for sale.
    If interested let me know.

  14. monbility
    400 m run
    WU x 2
    Strenght: OHS 1RM (55lbs… PR by 5 pounds… still hard on wrists)

    WOD: 8:50… started a little slower than got a little bit faster as I got the groove and tried to catch Heidi!

  15. wu x 2
    400 m run
    Strength x 5: Push Jerk
    35, 40, 45, 50, 50 (x4)
    200 m tire flip
    Time: 10:59

    This was hard but I kinda liked it!!!

  16. Squat Cleans – 1RM
    Not today I guess. I power cleaned 195 three weeks ago.

    200m tire flips —> 6:33

  17. push press x3

    -200 m tire flip
    5:44 or Dan + 6 seconds

    1 mile run

    1. Nice time Rob. I only got 5:38 because it sounded like you were 5 feet behind me the whole way.

  18. 400 m run
    WU x 2
    Strength 1’s – Back squat
    140-160-180-190-200 (f) was to slow, locked at the bottom – 200 (f) not low enough, was too fast this time! I’ll get it next time around!

    WOD 200m Tire flips

    This was wayyyy harder than it looked. Good job 5:30 crew! Awesome time!

    Thanks for bringing back my booklet! I probably wouldn’t of got it back if I was going to a globo gym! 😀

  19. Mobility
    400m Run
    CFWU x 2

    Strength – Front Squat x 1

    WOD – 200m Tire Flips
    Time: 7:22

    800m Run

  20. Mob + 400m Run

    WUx2 + 50 no-show burpees, Lacrosse ball figure-4

    WOD = 9:31… did it in 6:05 last year, back when I was still in my 20’s… back got fired up around the 60m mark… oh well

    Figure-4 wall stretch, Lacrosse ball on lower back

    Good job y’all !!

  21. Mobility

    400M Run


    Strength-OHS x 1

    65-85-95-105-115 PR 🙂 Finally starting to feel comfortable with this goat.

    200m Tire Flips

    Time: 7:29

    First time doing this WOD, I agree with everyone else…my butt will be sore.

  22. Mobility
    400M Run

    Strength-Clean x3

    200m Tire Flips

    Time: 9:05 – I had more to give, will do better next time
    Figure 4 stretch and 800 m run

  23. 400 m run
    WU x 2
    Cleanx x 3

    WOD: 200 m tire flips
    Time = 9:05
    That was a tough one, I thought. I tried so hard to stay ahead of Natacha, but she got me in the end.
    Oh…& in case anyone is interested, 200 m = 154 tire flips. (I needed something to keep my mind busy!)

  24. Mobility
    400m Run
    WU x 2

    Strength – Push Press x 1
    65-75-85-90-95-65 (X5 for form)

    WOD – 200m Tire Flips
    Time: 8:02

    800m Run

    What fun!! Even though I left some skin behind this was great. Loved this, loved Fran, good week so far…wonder what tomorrow will bring!

  25. Mobility
    400m Run

    Strength: Shoulder Press x1
    65-75-80-85F-85F (Really sad, my old max is 90 and I haven’t seen it in almost a year, and now I can’t even get 85 🙁 )

    WOD: 200 Tire flips
    Time: 7:26

    PR by 22 seconds!

  26. WU
    Run 400 m – felt great

    Strength Push jerk 5rm

    WOD 200m Tire flips


    Need more practice !

  27. Decided im going to try and start posting on here, might help me focus up for the last month and a half before I head to training camp!

    WU x 2
    400m run

    Strength- deadlift x 1
    115-135-155-175-185-205. (PR- didnt think i could lift that.. thanks for the tips kevin)

    WOD 200m tire flips


    kinda liked this one. but didnt like the heat!

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