A Day at the Beach!

We’ll meet at Gabrielle’s at 11am. If people want to meet at the gym to carpool, feel free. I’ll be there for the drop-in and leaving shortly after.

Bring bug spray, lotion and a bathing suit.

Workout will be announced when we arrive at the beach. We’ll also be playing a little Hooverball too.

Elissa's back!

12 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach!”

  1. 40 minutes of stretching followed by…

    5km run
    Time —> 26:56 (PR by 54 seconds!) 😀

    I’m really happy about that considering I took 4 or 5 short walking breaks.

  2. BEACH WOD 🙂

    15 minute walk to the beach
    Mobility and Kettle bell throw

    3 rounds of
    20 squats
    crab walk to the little sand island
    15 pushups
    10 burpees in the water

    time: 8:31 That was much harder than it seemed when it was first explained! Especially those water burpees – the water seemed to suck me in so it was hard to get any momentum. But, so much fun! Great workout idea Kevin 🙂

    2 games of Hoover Ball – that was funny, fun and a nice mini workout 🙂 Guy, you were so scary when you threw that ball!

    Thank you to everyone who drove all the way down here for the workout! It was so much fun to share my little corner of the world with you and I hope we get to do it again 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    15 minute walk to the beach
    Mobility and Kettle bell throw

    3 rounds of:
    20 squats
    crab walk to the little sand island
    15 pushups
    10 burpees in the water
    Time: 7something

    What a great day. Thank you for the planning this Kev, and a HUGE THANK YOU to Gabrielle for hosting the event. I love your little paradise. 🙂

    Thanks to everyone for being patience with our bird crazed dog.

  4. I don’t even know what my time was…5 something.

    Loved it today! Had so much fun with the kettlebell toss, the WOD, Hooverball, seeing Murph chase the birds and the Paleo bars (MMMmmmm!)

    Thanks Gabrielle for hosting us. Love that spot!

  5. Having the dogs with us was another fun part of the day 🙂 I loved meeting Zeena (hope I spelled it right) and Murph is just way too cute! I’m sure he’ll sleep well and dream of chasing birds on the beach all night 😀 I apologize for my rude neighbors Dave – I’m embarassed to have such mean people living around here…

    I was really impressed by how well behaved Zeena was – that collar is the bomb! It was so fun for the dogs to socialize and have fun while we were having our fun – Copin and Garou have been sleeping since you all left lol We definitely have to do this more often! I’m game if anyone else is 🙂 Oh and I’m really hoping that Hooverball league is going to happen! Ok, I need to get a life and give this site a break now…

  6. Beach WOD

    I think it was 8 something.
    Doesn’t really matter.
    What a great day!
    Thanks for having us over Gabrielle.
    MHL is coming to town hopefully started by us. 🙂

  7. Beach WOD

    Dont remember the time… but it was fun! 😀

    Hey Kevin, you need to edit the videos of the WOD, put them in slow-mo and add the theme song to Baywatch.

    “I-I-I-I’ll be there…. “

  8. Beach wod 5:30

    awesome day makes me want a dog

    Gab i love your home its actually what i had in mind for a dream home thanks for having me =)

    I’m in for hoover ball btw

  9. Wow, what a fun day… great workout (my time was around 6:40 I think), awesome weather, great fun people, hoover ball was sooo much fun…. dogs are always fun to have around too. Thanks Kevin and Gabrielle 🙂

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