A clean run

Reminder – Tomorrow is Change for Change. Bring $5 if you want to change up your workout.

Strength – Find 3RM Hang Power Clean

10 HPC (65% of 3RM)
2x10m Sprint
4x10m Sprint
8x10m Sprint
10x10m Sprint

Anthony going for a max box jump. You think he made it?
Anthony going for a max box jump. You think he made it?

16 thoughts on “A clean run”

  1. Mobility
    Warm up X1
    Birthday burpees for Pam….hope you have a great day!!!!
    Group warm up: 1 minutes each:
    -Sit ups
    -box jumps
    -wall ball

    Stenght: hang power cleans (3reps):35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60

    -10 HPC #45
    -2×10m sprint
    -4×10 m sprint
    -6 HPC
    -8 x10 m sprint
    -10 ×10 M sprint

    time:4:06 ( I messed up this wod…I did 4 extra HPC and 6 x10 extra sprints! Oh well, more will be best for today!

    Great work everyone….fun class Jeff!

  2. HPC x3
    135-185-205-215-225 (PR for reps)

    WOD @ 145#

    There was a missing round. Sorry about the mix up. We’ll do it right next time.

  3. HPC 3-3-3-3-3-3
    135-145-155-165-175-185-195PR (previous 1RM was 185#)

    WOD @ 125# (~65% of 3RM)

    HP Clean: 10-8-6-4-2
    10m Sprint: 2-4-6-8-10

    = 3:11

    I think I did it as it was intended…? Anywho, good one, a bit of a cougher.

  4. Mob
    Wu x 1
    Group warm up:
    1 min each of: burpees, sit-ups, box jumps, skipping and wall balls

    Strength: HPC x 3

    40-45-50-55-60 (PR)


    10 HPC @40 #
    2 x 10 m sprint
    8 HPC
    4 x 10 m sprint
    6 HPC
    8 x 10 m sprint
    2 HPC
    10 x 10 m sprint

    Time: 3:17

  5. Mob
    Group wu
    5mins- 1 min on each
    Box jumps
    Wall balls

    Strength – Hang Power Clean- 35/55/65/70/75. (Failed a couple times on 75 but got it in the end)
    *i get in my head a lot with strength, I don’t know why but it’s starting to drive me mental! How do I stop this???

    10 HPC 75lbs
    2x10m Sprint
    8 HPC
    4x10m Sprint
    6 HPC
    8x10m Sprint
    2 HPC
    10x10m Sprint
    That was a complete fail… I don’t know if I would even count my time. I was all mixed up on how many laps and HPC. I did extra HPC and not enough running then reverse….

    Thanks Jeff for the tips on the HPC! Great class, I was sweaty after the warm up!

    Great class 11!

  6. Great great warmup …. Even though I sandbagged the skips. Thanks for calling me out, Jeff. 🙂

    HPC (3) up to 105. The clean tips that I have picked up this month have been great. Jeff, your watchful eye caught yet another way for me to lift heavier. Thank you!

    WOD @ 70lbs – 2:50
    All cleans were unbroken…perhaps 75lbs next time.

    Happy Sunday all!
    Great seeing you, Christine!

  7. Mobility
    Group WU

    Strength HPC x3
    Thanks for the tips Jeff.

    WOD @ 50#
    Time 3:33

    I have a medium zipper hoodie & I need a large. Does anyone need to switch their large for a medium?

  8. No, I had a blonde moment & didn’t try it on. I usually get medium sweaters so I just ordered it. I’ll know better next time.

  9. WU x 1

    10 strict pull-ups

    10 strict pull-ups on rings using false grip

    Jeff’s WU which definitely got the heart pumping…smiles..

    Strength: HPC’S : 3RM


    WOD: HPC’S @ 105lbs

    Time: 3:27

    Great class Jeff!

  10. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Group Wu…burpees, t2b, box jumps, skipping and wall balls one minute each. Wowsers!
    Strength hpc x 3
    135/ 185/ 205/ 215/ 225 felt good but need towork on my jump and landing. Thanks Kevin. Good sharing the bar Kevin and Lance.
    Wod @ 145
    Great class Jeff, great work everybody!

  11. – Mob
    – WU x1
    – Group WU

    Strength: Hang power clean x3…
    – 95-105-115 (x1 then F x2)-110 … Kind of disappointed, I’ve done more than 115 before, shoulder acting up 🙁

    – 10 HPC @ 70#
    – 2x 10m sprint
    – 8 HPC
    – 4x 10m sprint
    – 6 HPC
    – 8x 10m sprint
    – 2 HPC
    – 10x 10m sprint

    Time: 3:31

  12. Mobility + WU

    Filthy 50â€ēs

    Time = 27:19
    PR 1:20 seconds from dec 4.. very happy with this, not so much with my choice of wods! lol..

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Marie-No, Christine and Jenn B, Frankie and Gabe.. you guys kept me going! 🙂

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