8 years?!

It was zero degrees and snowing on December 4th, 2006. I had just finished up teaching my last phys ed class of the day. I checked the CrossFit.com website on the school computer, wrote down the list of 10 exercises on a post-it note and started to set everything up. I had NO idea what was about to hit me.

The box jumps were on a weight bench. They were tough. Next was the pull-ups. Even though they were jumping, the only bar we had was just at my reach, so they took a while. Had to use a dumbbell for the swings (it’s all the school had and I didn’t really know what a kettlebell was). I think these were broken up quite a bit. Mainly because I didn’t want to drop a 50 pound dumbbell on my head. And then came the lunges. For some reason, I put a 50 pound dumbbell in each hand. I inched my way down the school hallway, step by step. Students and teachers were wondering what I was doing (so was I!). I finished the lunges and that was it for me. It took me 55 minutes to get to that point (there were still 6 other movements).

As a phys ed teacher, I thought I was in shape. Boy, was I wrong. Have any of you felt that before? I had no clue about the concept of scaling. I didn’t know the difference between a hang clean and a power clean. I couldn’t overhead squat a stick (<– video).

It’s taken me 8 years and a hell of a lot of mistakes to get to this point. When I ask you to scale, stretch, eat right, open your hips, arch your back, lock out your arms…it’s because I made all those mistakes. I didn’t have someone, a coach, to guide me. I want the very best (and safest) way to get you from where you are to your potential. But you have to listen. You have to put this guidance into practice. Improvements comes through commitment. Take it to heart, work on it, and you will be better.

“Filthy 50’s”

For time:
50 Box jump, 24/20″
50 Jumping pull-ups (forearm level)
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Good Mornings, 45 pounds
50 Wall ball shots, 20/14 pound ball @ 10′
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Compare to Dec.4/13

My very first Level 1 seminar. Can you find me?
My very first Level 1 seminar. Can you find me?

119 thoughts on “8 years?!”

      1. Oh I really missed you guys!!! I so wanted to do this with you guys. I will be thinking of ya’s at the nooner. 😉

  1. Mobility
    Warm up plus 2 minutes of skipping
    Group mobility

    WOD: filthy 50’s scaled to 40’s:
    -40box jumps (small box….12
    -40 jumping pullups
    -40 KBs @ #30
    -40 walking lunges
    -40 sit ups
    -40 push press @#35
    -40good morning @#15
    -40 wall balls @ #6
    -120 singles

    Time: 25:39
    Great work everybody. Thank you Chantal for the feedback…..was going to attempt 50 reps but had never done this WOD before. I appreicate your advice as 40 reps was plenty for me today! 🙂
    Congratulations Kevin on another very successful year. You and your tream are remarkable. I am proud to be a member of CFM! 🙂

  2. WOD: filthy 50’s
    -50 box jumps @ 20″ (For next time STOP being a baby and do the 24″ box, I did the same thing last year!)
    -50 jumping pullups
    -50KBs @ #30
    -50 walking lunges
    -50 K2E
    -50 push press @45#
    -50 good morning @45#
    -50 wall balls @ 14#
    -50 burpees
    -50 DUs

    Time: 27:40 ish?

    A few seconds slower than last year, but I used 35#, a 10# wallball and scaled to singles so I’m going with a PR today! I’m very happy. Great job 6amers!

    And congrats Kevin on 8 years! I still remember working out on Rideout. I still love coming to the gym everyday, SO thank you!!

  3. Yahoo!!! I can’t wait until 4pm to get in and do this wod!! REALLY disappointed that I’m not coaching any classes today.. 🙁 I fully expect everyone is going to kick ass though. 🙂

    Happy anniversary Kevin!! I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like without my beloved CrossFit Moncton and our members 🙂

    For those of you looking at this wod for the first time, don’t shy away from it – we have an excellent assortment of options that are just perfect for where you are at in your CrossFit journey. And this wod is an excellent way to measure your progress, so just think of it as a baseline – it comes up every year, so get in to do it today and in a year you’ll get to see how far you’ve come.

    And on that note, everyone please post your results!! I can’t wait to see how everyone did today 🙂

  4. Super excited to do a WOD with a good friend from CFQ today. Denessa had a blast!!…..and was thankful that she did not look at the WOD first 🙂 Thanks Chantal 🙂

    Mob. and WUx1 plus skipping, got 17 DUs in a row…yay!!
    WOD: Filthy Fifties
    50 box jumps 18″
    50 jumping pull ups
    50 KBS #35
    50 walking lunges
    50 sit ups
    50 push press #35
    50 Good Mornings #35
    50 wall balls #10 at 10′
    50 burpees
    150 singles
    Time: 27:01
    Last time I did this at home and my time was 28:33. I love my CFM family and don’t know what I would do without all of you!! Only wish I would have begun this journey sooner!!

    1. Good job on the WOD – Nice PR!
      I love the expression on Denessa’s face when she saw the WOD! 🙂 I’m glad she was able to join us!

  5. Congrats Kevin! You’ve done so many amazing things for the community and Crossfit as a whole. I know myself along others, lives have improved immensely by joining CFM. So thank you! 🙂

  6. Wod Rx


    Missed this wod every year, finally got to do it today.

    Burpees absolutely destroyed me. took 6-7 mins to complete them. DUs on the other hand only 41 sec haha, can you find my goat?

    Great little class today, Nice meeting Alaina’s friend Danessa.

      1. Yes, I did like it, I had a good pace, slowed down some on the wall balls, but those freaking burpees were my downfall.

  7. “Filthy Fifties”

    30 walk ups with orange box
    30 jumping pull-ups
    30 KBS @#25
    30 Walking Lunges
    30 knee tucks
    30 Push Press @#35
    30 Good Mornings @#35
    30 Wall Ball @#8
    30 Burpees
    90 Singles

    Time: 21:41

    It was a gift for me to be one of the first few people finished today, because I am nearly always last. I never get the experience of cheering anyone on and I must say that I nearly cried today. Do you guys have any idea how awesome and inspiring you are??? The effort and the heart that goes into giving everything you physically have to finish a WOD. It was an awesome sight to see.

    And to think I didn’t even want to go to the gym this morning when I saw the posted WOD

    1. You did awesome! And I know what you mean by not wanting to try this one. Sometimes just making yourself show up is the biggest PR!

  8. “Filthy 50’s”

    For time:
    50 Box jump 20″ (steady pace)
    50 Jumping pull-ups (15-10-10-8-7)
    50 Kettlebell swings, 25# (30-20)
    Walking Lunge, 50 steps (steady pace)
    50 Knee tucks (15-10-4-4-4-4-4-3-2)
    50 Push press, 35# (20-20-10)
    50 Good Mornings 35# (unbroken)
    50 Wall ball shots, 10# 11″ (aimed higher, since my shoulder wouldn’t let me go heavier) (15–8-7-5-8-7)
    50 Burpees (steady pace)
    50 Double unders (12-38)

    2012: Dirty Thirties (almost every movement scaled) 16:38
    2013: F’ing Fourties (some scaled movements) 28:40
    2014: Filthy Fifties (some scaled moevements, less than last year) 25:19
    2015: RX

    This workout intimidates me every year. No, actually Murph intimidates me. This WOD scares me. My first year I did 30s. Last year I did 40s. I’ve known for the last few weeks (I have Dec. 4th marked in my calendar. Not even kidding.) that it was time to try 50s. I spent the morning talking myself out of going altogether, then talking myself out of doing 50s.

    But I did it. And it was the hardest thing I’ll do all day. And I am so, so, so proud to have completed it.

    1. Heather, I feel relieved to learn that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to come in today.
      You did so awesome and then when you peeled yourself off the floor and did burpees with Karen to encourage her along.


  9. 50’s Rx and with back extensions
    35 burpeess in at the 30min mark. Definitely no PR, I knew half way through the K2E I wouldn’t be finishing today as they took way too much time. Back extensions also make wall balls worse if that was possible :-s

    Happy anniversary Kevin 🙂 You put your heart and soul into everything you do for CFM and I’m so very proud of you xo

    1. Yeesh – we were just talking this morning about how this would be horrible with back extensions – Good job for trying it!

  10. First and for most, slow clap for your OHS transformation Kevin! I love watching that video.
    “Filthy 50’s”
    For time:
    50 Box jump, 24/20″
    50 Jumping pull-ups (forearm level)
    50 Kettlebell swings, 35#
    Walking Lunge, 50 steps
    50 Knees to elbows (knee tucks)
    50 Push press, 35 pounds
    50 Good Mornings, 35 pounds
    50 Wall ball shots, 20/14 ball @ 10′
    50 Burpees
    50 Double unders (150 singles)
    Time: 26:29

    1. I haven’t watched that video since last year. I LOL’d so hard! I bet I thought I was the shit back then.

      Great job on your progress!

      YAY Brenda!!

    1. Oops – forgot to thread this comment into Vanessa’s post :$

      Oh well – I will take the opportunity to say that I really connected with Kevin’s words and his video. I’m sure many of you have seen it before, but as a relative new-comer, his message really hit home and yes, definite slow clap for the OHS clip!

      I’m not sure how other newbies feel, but I’ve pretty much accepted that everyone at CFM is some sort of ancient god in human form (sans ego of course), and I’m just a mere mortal doing my best to catch my breath! I’m in awe of everyone’s abilities! So it’s inspiring and motivational to see Kevin’s humble beginnings and learn about his growth. 🙂 Thank you.

  11. The 50’s is what started it all. Golf claps to anyone that tackles this beast today, regardless of which version you do. I’m inspired daily by everyone that walks through the door. Normal people would look at today’s workout and ask “how many days will you give me to do this?” But CFM members are a different breed. You accept the challenge. You demand more of yourself. You won’t be happy with “good enough”.

    It’s easy to assume that the CF veterans all started out as super-human. As the OHS video shows, that’s not the case. Just as another example, I want to post all of my Filthy 50 times I’ve ever done.

    Dec.4/06 – DNF
    Jan.24/07 – 37:37
    Mar.29/07 – 33:20
    Sept.8/07 – 45:26
    Nov.18/07 – 38:50
    July20/08 – 28:59
    Sept.20/08 – 27:11
    Dec.4/08 – 24:01
    Nov.21/09 – 19:48
    Dec.4/10 – 19:40
    Dec.3/11 – 18:47 (first time truly Rx’d)
    Dec.4/12 – 19:54
    Today, Dec.4/14 – 19:58

    I love going through my old journals from back in the day. It really shows the progress that can be made. And 8 years later, I’m still hitting PRs (maybe not today, but the trend is still going up).

    I love that I’m able to do what I do for a living. And it wouldn’t be possible without all of you. Thank you for trusting me and taking this journey with me.

    1. Nice post Kevin, and all who posted today. Congratulations on 8 years of success. I love CFM and the people who make every day fun, hard, scary, exhilarating and AMAZING!

  12. Oh, this was supposed to be my rest day, but I’ve only hit this WOD once in my time at CrossFit……see ya at 6:00 p.m.! (Now I’m scared) 🙂

  13. Mobility + WUx1 + skipping
    Group mobility

    “F’en 40’s”

    For time:
    40 Box jump @ 20″
    40 Jumping pull-ups
    40 Kettlebell swings @ 35
    40 Walking Lunges
    40 Knee tucks
    40 Push press @ 45
    40 Good Mornings @ 45
    40 Wall balls @ 10#/10′
    40 Burpees
    40 Double unders

    Time: 24:23

    Kevin, congrats on your success with CFM!

    “Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”. Thank you Coach!

  14. WU X1 Skipping 2mins
    Did the Dirty 30’s.
    Pleasure working out with the nooner crew and Mr Wood you guys did all FANTASTIC!
    I share this anniversary with CFM and today it was my 2yr. I can honestly say you need to be consistent with CFM and you will see the results. It’s the only place I’ve ever been where I feel like I got a shit kicking but come out happier then I have been all day! Doesn’t matter your size…CFM makes you feel like an athlete.
    Thanks CFM trainors and members…you are all definitely my happy place.

  15. Mobility + WUx1 + skipping
    Group mobility

    WOD: filthy 50’s scaled to 40’s:
    For time:
    40 Box jump @ 20″
    40 Jumping pull-ups
    40 Kettlebell swings @ 35
    40 Walking Lunges
    40 Knee to elbows
    40 Push press @ 35
    40 Good Mornings @ 35
    40 Wall balls @ 12#/10′
    40 Burpees
    40 Double unders

    Time: 29:35

  16. Mobility
    WUx1 +skipping
    Group Mobility

    WOD: 50’s
    50 Box Jumps 20′
    50 Jumping Pull-ups
    50 KBS @35#
    50 Walking Lunges
    50 Knees to Elbows
    50 Push Press @45#
    50 Good Mornings @45#
    50 Wallballs 14# 10′
    50 Burpees
    50 Double Unders

    Time: 26:37 RX PR!
    Last year I had 13 Burpees and the DU’s left at the Cap! Happy with my progress 🙂

    Thanks Mario! Great Good 4:00PM Class!!!

  17. Congrats and Thank You to Kevin, Jo and all the trainers for the many years of planting in each of us the seeds of health and fitness and for all your help and support along our journey!

  18. Mob/ wu x1/ 2 min skipping

    Group mob

    WOD: filthy fifties……30 min cap
    Scaled to thrifty thirties

    30 box jumps(16”/ 10 b-jumps & 20 step ups)
    30 jumping pull ups
    30 kbs (30#)
    30 walking lunges
    30 knees 2 elbows (knee crunches)
    30 push press (35#)
    30 good mornings (35#)
    30 wall balls (6#)
    30 burpees
    30 dble/ 90 single unders
    Time: 19.16

  19. One of my favorite WODs. 🙂
    Loved reading all the comments today. Sounds like CFM members kicked some major ass today.

    Kevin, I love what you have created in Moncton. Your dream has changed so many lives.
    Ps. I think your ohs was worse than mine.

    Hugs and cheers to many more years!

  20. Mob + wu x1 + 2 min skipping

    Group mob

    WOD: filthy fifties……30 min cap
    Scaled to dirty thirties

    30 box jumps(18”)
    30 jumping pull ups
    30 kbs (25#)
    30 walking lunges
    30 knees 2 elbows scaled to situps
    30 push press (35#)
    30 good mornings (35#)
    30 wall balls (8#)
    30 burpees
    30 doubles scaled to 90 single unders
    Time: 22:18

    Last year I did terrible twenties. This year with thirties my box jumps were 2″ higher and I used a box without plates!!!!

  21. 3rd time doing this wod (somehow I missed it my first two years of CrossFit?!) and I did the 40’s with all the movements RX’d, finally. 🙂 I’m doing 50’s next time!

    Time was somewhere around 28:40… I looked at the clock when I was done and immediately forgot what the time was as soon as I looked away.

    Great job everyone!

  22. WOD: filthy 50’s scaled to 40’s:

    40 Box jumps @ 20″
    40 Jumping pull-ups (18″ box, 7’7 bar)
    40 Kettlebell swings @ 35#
    40 Walking Lunges
    40 Knee to elbows (some K2E but mostly knee raises)
    40 Push press @ 35# *could have done 45#
    40 Good Mornings @ 35#
    40 Wall balls @ 12#/10′ *these are awful regardless, just do the 14# next time!
    40 Burpees
    40 Double unders (150 singles…just realized I did 30 extra skips…..)

    Time: 26:34

    First time tackling this one and I’m glad I went with 40’s. Wall balls almost made me lose my mind today, I apologize for loudly dropping F bombs about every 4 reps… and then my burpees felt sooo slooow.

    Goal for next year is Rx, and I think it miiiiight be possible if I work hard enough.

    Thanks for the class Mario and way to go everyone, no matter how you take on this one it’s amazing to do it!

  23. WOD: filthy 50’s scaled to F*%$&%& 40’s:

    40 Box jumps @ 20″ (not bad)
    40 Jumping pull-ups (45# plate under 6’6″ bar) (not bad)
    40 Kettlebell swings @ 25# (not bad, but the weight was scaled)
    40 Walking Lunges (this was the rest)
    40 Knee to elbows (truly sucked. worst movement of the WOD)
    40 Push press @ 35# (not bad, but only because I intended 45#, but forgot to add weight on the bar….just as well)
    40 Good Mornings @ 15# (super light, so this went really well.. trying to keep my back in line)
    40 Wall balls @ 10#/10′ (these always suck, but not as bad as usual)
    40 Burpees (really really slow. 2nd’ worst movement of the WOD)
    40 Double unders (not bad)

    Time: 25:24

    In 2012 I used Rx’d weights for all movements, so hard to compare. It clearly felt better this year & time was faster, but not sure that would have been the case with heavier weights.

    Congrats to all who did this beast of a WOD today. It’s not joke. Congrats to Kevin on 8 years. Happy to be along for the ride 🙂

  24. Filthy Fifties-one leg version
    50 Russian KBS 45#
    50 jumping Pull-ups
    50 KBS 35#
    50 one leg deadlifts 2×25 kettlebells
    50 knee lifts
    50 Strict Press 45#
    50 Good Mornings 45#
    38 Modified Wall Balls (stopped b/c of pain)
    50 Push-ups (knees)
    150 speed ball swings
    Time- 28:14

    Ooooof. That is all.

  25. Mobility
    Warm up plus 2 minutes of skipping
    Group mobility

    WOD: filthy 50’s scaled to 40’s:
    -40box jumps (20″)
    -40 jumping pullups
    -40 KBs @ #25
    -40 walking lunges
    -40 Knees to Elbow
    -40 push press @#35
    -40good morning @#15
    -40 wall balls @ #6
    -150 singles

    Time: 28.43

    Just realize I did more skipping than necessary Ouppss!

  26. Mobility
    WU X 1

    Group Mobility

    WOD: Rx’d
    Time: 24:59

    the second half of this workout was just a blur. I only remember the last 20 DU’s. 😀

  27. Mob + Wup x 1 + 2 min Skipping (missed the skipping)
    Group Mob

    WOD: Filthy 50s (30 min time cap) – did the 40s
    40 Box Jumps
    40 Jumping Pullups (lost count so I did an extra 10 reps to make sure I made 40)
    40 KBS (35lbs)
    40 Walking Lunges (40 steps – finally a chance to breath)
    40 K2E (lost count again so again did an extra 10 reps to make the full 40)
    40 Push Press (45lbs)
    40 Good Mornings (thought these would be a break, but oh no, not the case)
    40 Wallballs (14lbs at 10 ft)
    40 Burpees
    40 Double Unders

    Time = 29:53

    Whooo – that was a doozy. Thank you for your advice and feedback Mario – you are a great coach!!

    Thank you for the encouragement everyone. I saw people coming towards me at the end and I am sorry that I ducked out the door, but I just couldn’t think straight and needed the air to avoid a mess. Didn’t mean to be rude.

    High Fives Y’all and really great job today :everyone

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