7th Anniversary

As I sit here writing this post, I can’t help by reminisce about the time gone by since opening CrossFit Moncton. The amount of growth and change is beyond measurable. There are only a handful that remember the days of working out in the grassy field behind a school (just Lance and Gillyon). In the summer of 2007, we had 70 people visit the school to learn about the wonders of CrossFit. Back then, there were no Reebok Nanos, Hylete compression shorts, or Rich Froning. Just you, your body and the dirt beneath your feet.

After the park, we moved indoors to 94 Rideout Street. The max class size was 6 (the gym was smaller than our current warm-up room). Once we busted out a few walls, we could hold up to 9! WOAH!

Seven whole years have gone by since I gave up my full time teaching position. I have trained over 1000 people since we started. And with every person that walks through the door, I learn something new.

With that said, thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. I have grown as a coach thanks to all of you. And for that I am very grateful.

Hope to see lots of you today for the Anniversary Hopper WOD and BBQ.

*Can you identify everyone in this picture? Name who you know.

Teaching the Med Ball Clean (with sand-filled balls) at the park
Teaching the Med Ball Clean (with sand-filled balls) at the park

7 thoughts on “7th Anniversary”

  1. Have an amazing time today everyone!!!! I’m thinking about you and wish I could be there. Happy anniversary CFM and Kevin for what you started! In just over a year with you, your team of trainers and this unreal community of awesome humans, my life has changed dramatically and I don’t want to think of life without all of these things.
    Have a great day!!!


  2. Happy Anniversary! It was a great WOD too (thank you Holly!)….Congratulations on 7 years and looking forward to many more!

  3. Mob
    200m run
    25 DU (50 singles)
    30 hang power cleans 40#
    40 box jumps 9″
    21 thrusters 40#
    200m run backwards (I ran forwards)
    Cashout- 7 burpees

    It was great having lots of people cheering me on! Thanks Patrick, Amanda and Annie. Really glad to be able to run today and not row….felt good.
    Just need to get the brain to tell myself I can do more than the 9″ box.
    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Hopper Style anniversary WOD

    200m run
    25 DU’s
    30 HPC @ 65 (1 arm w/ KB @ 30#)
    40 BJ (20″)
    21 thusters @65 (1 arm @ 30#)
    200m backward run

    Hit the 12 min cap while running backwards but close to finish it.

  5. Hopper style anniversary WOD

    200m run forward
    SCALED 50 singles
    HPC @65lbs
    40 box jumps 20″
    Thrusters @65lbs
    200m run backward

    Hit the 12 min cap running, Trent checked my time it was 12:53

    7 bday burpees

    Congrats Kevin, we love CFM

  6. Mob


    WOD – Hopper – 12 min cap

    200m run
    25 DU (50 singles)
    30 hang power cleans 95# scaled 85#
    40 box jumps 24″
    21 thrusters 85#
    200m run backwards


    Cashout- 7 burpees

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