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5k Run

Compare to July 25/11

We have a few folks from CrossFit Moncton headed down to Vermont this weekend for the Tough Mudder. It’s a gruelling challenge that goes over, under around and through a ski mountain (nothing like Poley Mountain). Check out the Vermont event in the video below. Looks like they will be cold, wet and muddy. Best of luck and way to represent CFM!


110 thoughts on “Best of luck”

  1. Wu x 1 – no pullups

    Running drills

    Run 5 k – scaled to 3k

    21:44 PR of 1:24 from July 2011

  2. Wu x 1
    Running drills

    5k- 25:21

    Never ran a 5k before. It felt great. Glad I did it in the morning though.

    1. Great time for your first 5km run Jack! You are our new poster child for CF…smiles!

  3. WU X 1
    Running Drills

    Time: 29:30

    Before Crossfit the farthest I ran was 4K and the longest I could go without walking was about 1K.
    Today was 5K unbroken!!…..thanks crossfit I’m really happy with my results!!!
    Definatly a result of crew and coaches.

  4. Wu x 1
    Running drills

    7k- 31:11

    7k?? you ask, well someone had to test the route to CFM standards πŸ˜‰ At the end of the run Kevin informed me that he had one loop too many, did 3.5 laps instead of 2.5. With Gilles info at lap 3, my time would have been in the 21-22 min mark. Must say, the Running drills helped quite a bit. No cramps and was able to finish strong. Nice morning for a run.

    Good Luck Tough Mudders!

  5. Good luck Uncle Patrick, Mario, Blake, Marcel and Heidi! I just watched that video…looks crazy and FUN! Can’t wait to hear all about it! πŸ™‚

  6. I have to admit that when I checked the site this a.m. and sae the 5k I did a mental happy dance that today is a rest day for me – but now I’m a little sad about missing the running drills, ’cause no one needs them more than yours truly. Maybe next time…

    1. I know I have the same feeling, today is my day off, hope comes back before summer is over, just to give it a try!! πŸ™‚

    2. CHERRY PICKER!! Don’t believe for a second that this was a scheduled rest day for you.. Get out of your comfort zone Steeves!! πŸ™‚ on another note, Kevin can you cancel my 6:30 as I’m feeling under the weather!! lol

      1. It doesn’t take 5k to put me out of my comfort zone – a good 400m will do it! On the other hand, if I did the wod and you were under the weather (and running backwards) maybe we could run together πŸ™‚

  7. I’m bummed to be missing the 5k run too…I think this will be the first one I’ve missed since I started 2+ years ago but I really need the rest day.

  8. Nooner

    Wux1 no pull ups
    Running drills

    5 k run. 26:06

    Plus a 1k run to the gym, no PR today..still a great workout. I do not care to run in the heat though!

    Good Luck Tough Mudder competitors!

  9. From all the CFM participants, thanks for all the good luck wishes! Darsey is also going with us to tackle the mud run.

      1. Best of luck Patrick, Marcel, Heidi, Mario, Blake and Darsey on your crazy Tough Mudder adventure this week-end!

  10. I knew a couple of those who were going to Tough Mudder, but now that I see the whole list I am impressed, but not surprised. Each one of you guys gives a 100% every time and that never-say-never perserverance (aka bitciness πŸ™‚ ) will take you all the way this weekend. You guys don’t need it but Good Luck anyway!!

  11. Thanks for the Tough Mudder well wishes guys! Thankfully Mario has been working on his squats and will be able to carry me …literally…through most of it!
    Lots of video and updates to follow!

  12. Good luck Patrick, Heidi, Marcel, Blake, Darsey and Mario! It’s going to be brutal but think of how cool of an accomplishment it will be when you guys cross the finish line. Think about the beer you’ll get at the end πŸ™‚

    Wux1 no pull ups
    Running drills

    5 k run. 27:32
    missed doing a PR on this run. Previous 5k Runs:
    July 2011 – 28:33
    October 2011 – 26:50

    1. “its like eating ice cream and getting punched in the balls at the same time!”….. hahaha. can’t wait to hear about it guys…

      1. hey.. you found that quick wit that you lost yesterday.. glad to see you got it back! πŸ™‚ we missed you!

  13. Good luck guys, stay safe,have fun

    wu x 1 (no pull ups)
    Running drill

    WOD : 5k Run
    scale – 3K Run
    Time = 18:23 (killed myself trying to keep up with Gilles had to walk off a bad cramp for 25-30 feet but still a PR of 1:02(may 23/12) Kevin running drill really help)
    cash out – back stretch and leg stretch

  14. Good luck guys

    wu x 1 (no pull ups)
    Running drill

    WOD : 5k Run
    scale 3k Run
    Time = 16:28 (PR 31 sec from may 23/12)

  15. 5k run
    Last time I timed a 5k run was in mid Oct when I scaled a 10k run wod to 5k. 26:03 oct/11

    1. nice run darsey.. told you man.. 5K races should be on your list of “to do’s”.. soon!..

  16. Mob, WUx1, Running Drills

    WOD: 5k run = 28:14

    Around 2 mins under my PR I believe. Doesn’t matter, this is the first time since spring that anything over 1k felt great. I will gladly take it.

    Bring on the mud!

    1. So happy you were able to do the whole 5k and still feel great. Take care of your back and no matter how much he BEGS, don’t carry Blake, ok? LOL

    1. Thanks! It actually started getting sweet after the 3rd k… Closed my eyes and imagined being on water… Kinda cool!

  17. mobility
    WU x 1

    Practiced running “Barefoot”

    Did not have running shoes and my body asked for a low impact day so I substituted the run for a 5K row.

    5k row: 21:21

    1. Truly “barefoot”? Ouch!
      Nice time on the row. Did you at least get to set up the rower outside? I imagine it was quite a sweat-fest.

      1. Well we weren’t really barefoot, just landing on the balls of your feet vs traditional heel to toe. Some folks refer to this style as barefoot running.

    2. nice row sheldon.. and “forgetting” your shoes, what a shame but not sure rowing 5k would be a great trade off in my books!.. good work.

  18. WOD: 5 km run

    Time: 24:13

    Last time: 23:22 I did not take the right route last time so this is more indicative of my time. Thanks for keeping me in this one Darsey! Tough running in the heat and wind, but felt great once it was done.

    Congrats to all who conquered a 3km/5km run or row today!

    Awesome job on your 5km row Laura! I am very proud of you!

    1. PS. Way to go Bridgette for having the courage to take on your first 3km run at CFM. You looked strong.

  19. from home


    WU x 1 (no pull ups)

    5k run
    Time: 29:16

    *Best part of the workout… I was able to run with my daughter!!

  20. Mobility

    wu x 1 (no pull ups)

    Running drill

    WOD : 5k Run 27:15 PR Distance running is not my forte. It was still fun though!!

    Got beat by a 13 year old. My son Marc ran it in 23:02.

  21. Awesome runs (and rows) today peeps!

    Practiced some knee jumps tonight, got up to 3 45# plates, surprised I could get up that high. Good times!

    And yes Pat, Kevin has video proof lol

  22. mobility
    WUx1 (no pullups)
    Running Drills

    5k run
    Time 29:15

    Thought about scaling it but decided to go for it. so very glad i went for it super happy with the sub 30 mins didn’t think i was going to get it but pushing hard gets you results! Great job everyone was a hot one.

  23. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    Mob, WUx1, Running Drills

    WOD: 5k run = 27:03

    PR. Last time I did a 5km I was just over 28. Considering it was so hot out during the 5:30 class, I am super happy with my time and that it was unbroken.

    Good warm up for Parlee! If you’re bored this weekend, come to Parlee beach on Saturday and Sunday. There is a Ultimate Frisbee beach tourney! πŸ™‚

    1. Glad all the running didn’t bother your knee. Great time, Val. Good luck at your Frisbee tournament this weekend πŸ™‚

      1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

        Thx Lora!

        The knees bugged just a lil tad. Physio said my quads are too tight. So before the run I foam rolled for like 20 mins.

  24. beach wod.. WU (laying out towel)

    for time:
    walk 200m to water jump in to cool off
    walk 200m back to lay on towel and get hammered by blowing sand
    200m walk to water jump in cool off, wash off before mentioned sand..
    burn ever so slightly..

    time 3:30:24.. not a PR but thinking if the weather holds it might be!!

    great job by everyone today tackling the 5K run.. wish i would have done that instead but really needed a rest day! and i’m sooo rested..

    Good Luck to all at Tough Mudder this weekend!

    1. No wonder you were so tired when I got there πŸ˜‰

      Too bad you strained your wrist twisting off all those beer caps…hope it heals up quickly.

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