65 thoughts on “21.1”

  1. Warmup & Mobility

    21.1 Scaled Masters
    (Modified wall walk, single unders)

    Finished 142 skips on the 15th round for 366 reps. Thanks for the judging Gabe!!

    Awesome class Ingrid. πŸ˜€

  2. 21.1 RX

    Finished 9 of 15 Wall walkers

    Score – 218

    Feel i could do better now that i’ve done this movement and gotten used to it a bit.
    Was fun!!

  3. Catherine Wilson

    Warmup & Mobility

    21.1 Yellow/Orange
    Bear Crawls & Skipping

    388 reps in total

    Bear crawls look easy enough, until you are trying to do them lol

    Workout tip of the day:
    Check your screws on your skipping ropes BEFORE you start.

    Thanks Jacques & Ingrid!

    FYI: This was my sweatiest workout to date!

  4. 21.1 Scaled

    Score @ 15 min: 382 reps (completed round of 15/150, plus 8/21 scaled wall walks)

  5. Warmup & Mobility

    21.1 RX’d

    219 reps. Did 10 of the 15 Wall Walks. Tie break 10:08. Thanks for the judging Jackie!

    Merci Ingrid!

    Go stop stoppings Go!!

  6. Warmup & Mobility

    21.1 Yellow/Orange

    Bear Crawls & Skipping

    538 reps in total

    Bear crawls are more challenging then they look…
    Next time I will wear gloves or tape my hands. Ripped up my hands this morning. 🩹🩹

    Great workout though!

    Thanks for the first aid Ingrid!

    1. Nice work Amanda! I guess you are off of dishes detail for this weekend, on the bright side.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. Warmup & Mobility

    21.1 Scaled
    (Modified wall walk, single unders)

    Time 14:30

    Thanks Gil for judging. Still have some work to do to keep up with you. πŸ™‚

  8. 21.1 Scaled Women’s Masters (55-59): Modified wall walk & single unders
    >> 384 reps
    (completed 10 / 21 scaled wall walks @ time)

    Thank you Josie for judging. Also big thanks to Kevin, Ingrid and CFM team for all the Intramural Open activities. Fun one today!

  9. 21.1 RX
    Total: 215 (6 of the 15 wall walks)
    Spent too much time laying on the floor.

    Thanks Brian.

    Good work 6am!

  10. 21.1 scaled
    wall walks & single unders

    217 reps.
    First skipping workout since November!

    Fun workout!

  11. olivierhuebscher

    21.1 rx – 216 reps (7 in round of 15)
    The wall walks were really tough, really hard to be efficient with them.

  12. 21.1 (doubles and scaled wall walks)

    4/15 wall walks.

    This was fun! Loved it!! Thanks for being my judge & good job, Blake!

  13. Catherine Allard

    Did 1 of the 21 wall walks (scaled). Coming to class at lunch, I didn’t even think I would do the wall walks so I’m pretty proud!


  14. 21.1 Foundations Version

    Bear Crawls & Jumping Jacks = 218 reps & a couple of sweet sweet bruises from biffing it on a bear crawl. πŸ˜›

    Team: The Stop Stoppings!

  15. 21.1 Rx

    48/90 DU, 167 reps

    Room for improvement when my head’s feeling better, but it was fun once I got over my wall walk fear (ie, when the time cap hit πŸ˜‚)

    Thanks Kevin and Amanda!

  16. Warmup & Mobility

    21.1 Scaled Masters
    (Modified wall walk, single unders)
    Thanks for the judging Ivory
    605 reps
    Finished at 14:16

  17. Daniel L Davey

    21.1 Rx
    270 reps

    Liked the wall walks. Liked the workout. Program again one day please.

  18. 21.1 Rx’d

    214 reps (finished 5 of 15 Wall walks)

    Double Unders need work. Spent most of my time saying β€œF*#k”.

  19. Stacey Simpson

    21.1 Scaled

    Score @ 15 min: 382 reps (completed round of 15/150, plus 8/21 scaled wall walks)

  20. Joe McSheffery

    Mod wall walls doubles. Got to 140 double unders. I was running out of double unders by this point. Last set was sets of 20

  21. Rx’d
    377 reps with 14:29 tiebreak.

    Broke doubles 90’s and 150’s into 2 and 3 sets.
    Wall walks – sets of 3.
    Felt good this morning!

  22. 216 Rx

    First WOD I’ve ever strung doubles in. Consistent (ish) stringing until about halfway through the round of 90 doubles and then I started to lose it a bit, but stayed calm and got through it.

  23. WOD Rx’d
    Finished round of 9 Wall Walks + 76 DU’s for total reps of 195

    The DU’s went great. The wall walks sucked ass.

  24. Crazy fun workout! Thanks to everyone for giving it their all and showing their spirit!

    213 reps

  25. Bear crawls and single unders- 11 reps short of finishing! Tough workout to star my first open!

  26. Catalina Vargas


    512 Reps

    First open WOD ever! Loved it! Thank Anita and Elba for sticking with me ❀️ and extra thank you to Elbita for judging me and keeping me motivated through my exaustion lol

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