Registration in Zen Planner will be open from 9am-12pm. Once a heat is full, it’s full. When you arrive at the gym, mark your name on the whiteboard for your specific heat. If you can judge, put your name under an athlete’s name (there’s bonus points for judging this year).

Come early, get in a solid warm-up, and bring your A-game.

There will be a 5 minute transition between heats. Athletes – have your dumbbell ready to go BEFORE the heat starts. The clock won’t be waiting for you.

Who’s pumped for 18.1?!?

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks
14 / 12-cal. row

52 thoughts on “18.1”

  1. Score: 247 reps (Rx)

    Awesome work out! This is why I love Crossfit. So stoked right now and going to ride that high for the rest of the day.

  2. 10 + 4 T2B (324 reps)

    Tried to stay just ahead of 2 minutes per round.
    T2B – 5+3
    C+J – unbroken, KBS style, passed overhead
    Row – around 11-1200 for most

    Great job tonight everyone!

  3. 18.1 Scaled (knee raises and 10#)

    Total Score = 269

    23 weeks pregnant today.
    Way better then I was expecting. Glad I went with the 10#. This was were I got my breath.

    Thanks Janelle for judging and the encouragement.

  4. 9 + 3 T2B Total=291 RX

    Kept a steady pace throughout. Aiming for 2:10 per round. First couple were faster, then settled into a steady pace.
    T2B – singles right from start.
    C+J – unbroken, KBS style
    Row – steady
    Thanks for judging Moody, and the extra push !!
    Just happy you kept your clothes on!!!

    Good job everyone.

  5. 18.1
    185 reps Rx

    …. and I almost hurled all over the gym floor….good thing my stomach was empty!

  6. 18.1 was FUN! Great job all!

    18.1 Scaled (knee raises and 35 lbs)

    Total Score = 270

    Thanks for judging Lyndsay, thanks Kevin and Joanne!

  7. Wod 18.1
    303 reps rx’d

    It was a great workout to start the season off..

    Engine wasn’t quite there tonight, got nautious way earlier than anticipated. Still happy with my score but I think I had more in me.

    Great work everyone!!

  8. 18.1
    Scaled with hanging knees raises and 10# (tweaked my previously injured shoulder on Tuesday – fell on ice with my arm behind me)

    9 rounds + 4 calories
    =292 reps

  9. 18.1 Rx

    173 reps

    Thanks for judging Jeff! It was a tough WOD to do while battling a cold, but happy with my result tonight. Great job running things smoothly as usual Kevin & Jo.

  10. 18.1 (scaled- knee raises + 20# dumbbell)

    Total: 265 reps

    Almost completed 9 rounds! Pretty happy with my results. Great night at the gym! Thanks for judging me Aubrey! 😁

  11. WOD Rx
    201 reps

    just shy of my goal was at 7 rounds
    lost time on dumbbell hang clean and jerks
    I wasn’t swinging the dubmbell to my shoulders for the first 5 rounds

  12. Go reds!

    9 + 12 Cals (318 reps Rx’d)

    Happy : )

    Just shy of 2min. rounds
    T2B – mostly 3-3-2, ripped around round 8
    C+J – unbroken moderate pace
    Row – around 16 pulls to get 14 cals

    I opted for a slowish pace with quick transitions. Worked for me!

    Thanks for judging Del. Great job everybody!

  13. 18.1 Rx
    270 reps (9 rounds even)

    Stuck to 3-3-2 for T2B
    Feeling like I could have pushed my pace… I wanted 10 rounds but easy to say that now that’s it’s over πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
    On to the next one!

  14. 18.1 Rx
    6 Rounds = 180 Reps

    Happy with that. I was most worried about the 35# DB weight & that was most definitely my weak spot. It was friggin’ heave!! Nearly died to finish my 12 calorie row in the last round. Pausing to breath after the pull on the rowing was a life saver. Fun one! Thanks for judging & the push Mario B. It helped.

  15. Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
    8 toes-to-bars
    10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks (#35)
    12-cal. row
    151 reps
    I was undecided to do scaled or Rx, but I am happy I took the Rx challenge! My toes to bar were not perfect but I hit that bar every time, and the dumbbell was freaking heavy but I kept it moving by telling myself it was the same weight as my ruck!
    Thanks judge Alex!

  16. Heather cooper Skeard

    Open 18.1 on Sunday morning open gym with quite the crew of people!
    Thanks John for judging!!

    Rx = 228 reps πŸ˜€

    I wanted over 200 and with still being sick and on antibiotics I am so happy with that!!

    1. Heather Skeard Cooper

      did T2B in 2’s for the first few rounds then changed to 3-2-3’s them 4-2-2’s depending on my grips.
      dumbbell’s wasn’t too bad but got tiring for sure, and rowing just made my chest hurt from being on antibiotics.
      wanted 7 rounds which I hit, 8 would of made me even happier but I am SO happy with how it turned out!

      Proud of everybody πŸ˜€

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