What you need to know:

-There’s a photo contest tonight – best picture wins a $50 gift card! Send all entries to Kevin by Saturday 5pm.
-Theme is “Team Cheer” – best cheer wins 10 bonus points
-There’s gym time available for anyone from 10-12. BYOJ (Bring your own judge)
-With 14.5 being a timed event (not an AMRAP), we are unable to create heat lists (thanks Dave Castro). So this last Games WOD will be run a little differently. Please read carefully.

The gym will be open from 3pm until 8pm. We will have 10 lanes set up. You need to find a buddy (not necessarily a judge) to judge you for the workout. It is a first come, first serve basis for the lanes (SIGN UP ON THE WHITEBOARD – THERE WILL NOT BE HEATS POSTED IN ZEN PLANNER). If you know it’s going to take you a while to complete, show up as early as possible. If the weight of the workout is an issue, please choose the scaled category.

-Judges – same as last week – please sign-up on the whiteboard when you arrive at the gym.
-The After Party is at 8pm at Five Bridges in Riverview.


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:

Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.


Men use 65 lb.
Women use 45 lb.

Please watch the video below for all the movement standards.


27 thoughts on “16.5”

  1. Because there’s no set start time for heats, I will share my tip and strategies with you all here:


    Oly shoes
    Wrist wraps
    Knee sleeves
    A beard


    Mob + WU x1
    Row or Jump rope
    Wrist Twist
    Samson Complex (samson, spiderman, pigeon pose)
    Pec Ball
    Practice burpees
    Build up weight in thrusters (no more than 10 reps)


    Control your bar, so it stays centered

    WOD Strategy

    Breathe and relax – keep heart rate as low as possible


    Little wider stance than normal
    Drive through the hips
    Rest for 1 sec at the top if a break is needed in a set
    Sets (if possible)
    21 = 12+9
    18 = 8+6+4
    15 = 6+5+4
    12 = 5+4+3
    9 = 5+4
    6 = UB
    3 = UB


    Stay relaxed, same pace start to finish
    Jump in, feet flat, hips high, step forward and hop + turn
    If fatigued, walk out, walk in (last resort)

  2. As we prepare for the last of it, good luck everyone and here are my …

    Top 10 take-always from the 2016 Crossfit Open:
    10. If you post early enough you can be at the top of the leaderboard.
    9. Pacing your speed in the first round is not just for NASCAR.
    8. Your designated power-of-attorney should be available to sign your scoresheet.
    7. You’ll never regret that extra rep you did when you thought you had nothing left in the tank.
    6. After the second round of an AMRAP you won’t know/care who’s ahead of you.
    5. Having a massage therapist on speed-dial is not obsessive.
    4. For five wods a year the world will know you as a Superhero.
    3. It’s essential to own a heating pad in the shape of a sleeping bag.
    2. The bar is not your enemy – so grab hold and demand success.

    And the number 1 take-away from the 2016 Crossfit Open is….
    Dave Castro IS NOT THE BOSS OF ME (for the other 360 days of the year 🙂 )!

    1. Love it! By the way Heather, you are my hero and you represent us seasoned athletes in the very best way… true grit, a commitment to excellence, and pushing the outer limits at all times. Good luck today as you finish strong. Take that, Dave Castro!

  3. 16.5 Rx
    Time of 21:58
    PR of 1:12
    One of worst WODs ever
    Great job everyone! Happy Easter!

    1. Big thanks to Shane for judging/ coaching me through this one!! It’s was extremely helpful and pushed me!

  4. 16.5 RX
    Thrusters @ 65# (Broke out in sets of 8-7-6/7-6-5/6-5-4/5-4-3/6 (but failed on my 6th)/3)
    Bar over burbees (Walked most of these out. Really slow)
    Time: 23:54 (I think. Left my paper & wrist wraps at the gym)
    Thrusters felt good. Burpees felt BAD 🙁
    For future reference, I can make up time by taking less time staring at the bar in between sets and ramping up my burpees a wee bit.
    PR over my 2014 time o 25:10 🙂 🙂
    Big Big shout out to Amanda who judged me and also set out my WOD plan and held my feet to the fire to keep it on track. Thank you Amanda.

    Another CrossFit Open in the books. Congrats to all athletes who participated, especially to the first timers. So much fun

  5. 16.5 scaled

    Was jittery all day about this one, so came early to get the job done. Big time suck with the burpees, but overall happy with the result and really happy when it was done!

    Thank you for judging Mel, and keeping me moving.

    Really fun games, loved all of the energy at the gym, meeting new people and sweating it out together on these past five Fridays!

    Thank you to the coaches and judges for all you do as well. We couldn’t do it without you.

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