What you need to know:

-Theme is “Superhero Night”
-ALL classes will be performing this workout today (same as last week).
-Registration in Zen Planner for evening slots will be posted at 8:15am this morning. Please register BEFORE 2pm. Once a heat is full, that’s it. Specific heat times will be posted at 3:30pm. 
-Judges – same as last week – please sign-up on the whiteboard when you arrive at the gym.
-First heat will start at 5:20.


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 handstand push-ups

Men deadlift 225 lb. and throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target
Women deadlift 155 lb. and throw 14-lb. ball to 9-ft. target


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
55 deadlifts
55 wall-ball shots
55-calorie row
55 hand release push-ups

Men deadlift 135 lb. and throw 20-lb. ball to 9-ft. target
Women deadlift 95 lb. and throw 10-lb. ball to 9-ft. target

Please watch the video below for all the movement standards.


28 thoughts on “16.4”

  1. WUx1 15 Wallballs

    Scaled version of workout:

    55 deadlifts @135# (30 – 15)
    55 wall-ball shots 20#@9ft (10-10-10-10-10-5)
    55-calorie row (mostly 1 cal per pull)
    55 hand release push-ups (5-5-5-5-3-3-3-2-2-2=35. (Hardest part of the workout)

    Total = 200

  2. WU x 1 + 15 Wallballs

    16.4 Masters Scaled
    55 DL @ 95#
    55 Wallballs @ 10#, 9′
    55 Calorie Row
    55 Push Press @ 45#

    Finished to 12 Push Press (gave up 3 sec. early in error…could have made one more rep)
    177 Reps

    Many thanks to Gabe who came in at 6 AM to judge. Can’t be there tonight, but may the force be with you on this fun one! Go Wodding Crashers!!

  3. #nooner “scaled-scaled” version 😉

    55 DL 55#
    55 WB 6#
    33 cal row

    ran out of time. heavy or light its a lot of reps for the time. good luck to everyone tonight!

  4. 16.4 RX
    136 reps
    Note to self…fuel your body.
    Thank you so much for judging me Alaina!

    Great job everyone! Amazing performances tonight 🙂

  5. M+WU

    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 13 minutes of:
    55 deadlifts, 95lb
    55 wall-ball shots, 10lb @ 9′
    55-calorie row
    55 hand release push-ups


  6. 16.4 Rx
    161 reps
    got to the rower at 9 minutes and struggled keeping pace.
    Great work everyone!

  7. 195 reps (30 HSPU – my goal going into it)

    Everything was paced as expected.
    DL – 3 min (11-11-8-5-5-5-5-singles)
    WB – 35+20
    Row – about 2:30 (1000-1100 pace)
    HSPU – 5-5-4-3-and a bunch I don’t remember

    Deadlifts were the scariest part. Fun wod though. And awesome night at the gym!

  8. Wod 16.4 rx 182 reps

    Went in with a plan, worked pretty good until I kinda Fell apart on the hspu’s…. A bunch of no reps and just fatigued quicker than expected. Something to work on…
    Fun night!!!
    Great work everybody!

  9. 16.4
    In 13 minute time cap:
    55 Dead [email protected] 155#
    55 Wall Balls – 14# @ 9′
    55 Cal Row
    55 HSPU

    Score = 105.
    I was hoping the get to the rower, but just didn’t have it in me. I would like to try this again sometime when I don’t have a chest cold. I found it really difficult to breath and pretty sure at one point that I was going to meet Pukie….but thankfully that was avoided.

  10. WOD RX

    122 Reps

    Hard time breathing on wall balls, note to future self – pick up the freakin ball & start rowing right away.

  11. Heather Colleen

    16.4 Rx 130 reps (lost 40 seconds trying to get rower to cal without use of brain or arms.)

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