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We have reserved 5 Bridges Restaurant in Riverview for March 27th, immediately following the last Open WOD. They need to know how much awesomeness is coming, so I’ll put up a sign-up sheet on the warm-up board. Please sign up before next Friday.

Regular Class

Bench Press
5 x 4 sets @ 80%

3 rounds
15 Cal Row
10 Burpees over Rower

*8 min cap

Compare to June 18/14



All athletes and judges – please watch this video before arriving at the gym.

If you plan on scaling, just let your judge know before the workout begins.


81 thoughts on “15.4”

  1. Here are my tips and tricks for tonight (scaled version)

    Pacing – Never go to failure (ever). However, try to keep the push presses to 2 sets (6+4). Cleans can be touch and go. Or singles with no break (just setup time). Any rest should be between movements (5-8 seconds).

    Technique – There are no jerks for the Push Press. So make sure you snap the knees back hard so they don’t rebend. The PPs will fade first, so let your lower body do the work. The cleans will feel light (at first). Avoid muscle cleaning them as that will fatigue your upper body (which you’ll need later on). LAND under the bar every single rep.

    Mobility – Pec ball, Hamstring smash, Calf smash, T-spine roll

    Warm-up – Row 3-5 min, Regular warm-up with ring rows, light presses and push presses, build up to clean weight and push press weight

    Advice – If you can do 1 HSPU, do it. Kip the living crap out of it. Scaled – just keep moving. No long breaks, you won’t die. It’s only 8 minutes.

    Peace, love and push presses!

  2. WUx2 plus mobility
    Strength: handstand progressions to strict handstand push up

    For time:
    500 m run
    150 DU
    50 burpees

    Time: 7:28

    I should have paced this one! The run was good, the DUs were bad (kept messing up) but the burpees were unbroken. That probably wouldn’t have happened without the cheering squad I had from people picnicking in the park haha.

  3. I need a volunteer for tonight. Your sole job is to re-apply the chalk lines during the workout. Cannot be shorter than 5’3. Thanks!

  4. 15.4 -scaled


    Thanks for ‘coaching’ me with breaks Josh! 🙂

    Loved the scale version. Great work everyone!!

    1. You killed this Elba!!! I gotta say, it’s a bit humbling when the very pregnant mama in the crowd kicks your ass on this WOD 🙂 Great job, and you were even dancing in out during your rest between sets.

    1. I just looked up my 1RM for push press (didn’t do this before… good thing!) It’s 65#… I think I need to retest that!!!

  5. Nooner

    Bench x 5 @ 135#

    3 rounds of
    — 15 cal row
    — 10 Burpee-Over-Rower (tough!)
    Time: 4:42

    Rower reset RIGHT before I started rowing but I kept going. Quick lung & quad burner for sure!

  6. So fun at the gym tonight…a mighty cheering crowd!

    Masters RX
    65# Push Press
    75# Clean
    37 reps

    Did the RX because the coaches (Jo, Amanda, Kevin and Patrick), believed in me more than I believed in myself. Thanks so much. You are truly special people.

    Thanks for judging Patrick! Another one in the books. I think the thrusters are looming large for 15.5. 🙂

    1. So proud of you for jumping up to the masters RX. I knew you could do it. That’s what the open is all about.

  7. 15.4 – scaled

    Reps = 80. Thank you for the push Tara 🙂

    I have to say it was a great night again seeing so much support and personal goals being met, but I also have to put a shout out to Cara. What you showed us in the final round with your pure determination, drive, and unwillingness to give up made me so proud of you.
    I think you must have the heart of a lion!

    1. awwww thanks Jen, that really means a lot!!! Can’t give up when you have that amazing support from CFM cheering in the background.. even after so many failed attempts. Everyone’s support was incredible once again 🙂

  8. WOD Rx
    31 reps

    Really, really happy! I haven’t had much practice with Rx HSPUs and 125 # is my 1RM for cleans. Great effort tonight Cara!!! Amanda you are a superstar! Everyone pushed so hard! Great night 🙂

    1. The whole effort was impressive Maria….but those heavy clean being lifted by that little body, that was awesome! Congrats.

    2. Thanks Maria and thanks for judging me and encouraging me for the longest 8 minutes of my life haha

  9. Scaled:
    8 Min. AMRAP
    10 Push Presses @ 65#
    10 Cleans @ 75#
    90 Reps

    Thanks for the encouragement Pete. My goal was 4 rounds, so was happy to surpass.

    Another great night at CF Moncton for the open. I had the pleasure of judging Amanda and her HSPU were super fast & strong and completed without hesitation. Very impressive Amanda!

    Also, a shout out to my 6 a.m. buddy Natacha who did her first Rx’d HSPU tonight. Woot! Woot!

  10. Now wow!! I left the gym tonight singing: “everything is awesome”!!

    I did something iwas afraid of and wasn’t sure i could handle!! Feels awesome! Thanks Joanna for the push and the tips!!

    Great job everyone!!!

  11. 15.4 as Rx’d
    18 reps

    Was unsure how it was going to go but happy I got over 2 rounds.

    Great performance again by all who tackled 15.4!

    1. Ah yes, have to shout out to Amanda for taking up my crazy husband and his rowing/beer chugging challenge. Well done.

  12. First time doing a HSPU since October. Thanks for the tune up Vanessa.

    49 reps

    Tied Amanda 🙂

    1. ps – I’m still smiling about the awesome cheering section on the other side of the room. You guys are so awesome!!

  13. 15.4 as Rx
    2 reps

    I definitely went into this with higher hopes then maybe I should have (thought I would get to at least 1 round of cleans) but it was much more difficult then I imagined…between hitting the line and staying on a wall, man oh man it wasn’t working for me. Even so I’m so happy to have tried it and gave it my best effort…and I cannot begin to thank all the amazing people in our gym who were cheering when I finally got rep 2 around the 7 min mark. I also can’t even tell you how many hugs I got after it was over, the whole thing was overwhelming (hence my first CF tears…..) another night at the gym that makes me so happy and thankful to be apart of CFM. THANK YOU to everyone 🙂

  14. Wod 15.4 rx’d
    70 reps.
    Super pumped I could do handstands!
    Thanks alot Patrick for judging and to everyone cheering on!!

  15. 15.4 RX’d (on Monday)
    32 reps.

    While I don’t like the word “failure” I am not sure how else to explain my shoulders and arms during the hspu. Clean were remarkably smooth.

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