15.2 Heat List

Tonight, we will not have times posted for heats, as we will not know how long each heat will last. Please be ready well in advance of your heat. We understand that the Overhead Squat weight is beyond some of your capabilities. Remember that 1 rep on the leaderboard is not worth the risk of injury. Please scale accordingly. We want you to experience the Open, but not if it means a damaged joint.

Regular classes – Bench Press 3 x 5 sets @ 85%

Tabata Floor Wipers (single count)

Compare to June 12/14

For the Games athletes, here’s your workout:

Every 3 minutes for as long as possible complete:

From 0:00-3:00
2 rounds of:
95-lb. overhead squats, 10 reps
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups

From 3:00-6:00
2 rounds of:
95-lb. overhead squats, 12 reps
12 chest-to-barΒ pull-ups

From 6:00-9:00
2 rounds of:
95-lb. overhead squats, 14 reps
14 chest-to-barΒ pull-ups

Etc., following same pattern until you fail to complete both rounds.

All athletes and judges – please watch this video before arriving at the gym.

If you plan on scaling, just let your judge know before the workout begins.


52 thoughts on “15.2”

  1. So 15.2, eh? While some people are pumped to see a revival of 14.2, I’m sure there’s an equal amount (if not more) that are not excited.

    For those without an unassisted pull-up, this workout will be like every other workout you’ve ever done at CrossFit Moncton – it will be scaled to your ability. BUT, it will be BETTER than every other workout you’ve ever done at CrossFit Moncton because you’ll have 100+ people cheering for you and supporting you every step of the way.

    So don’t worry about your score. Come support and be supported by others. Smile, have fun and see you tonight for 15.2!!

  2. Apparently I called it last year…..

    Chantal L.March 7, 2014 at 10:43 pm #
    14.2 : 10 reps (official score)

    I continiued with jumping pullups and finished 70 reps (for next time this comes up)

  3. Yup 15.2 – not worried, but I am disappointed because I was in this exact spot last year and put pullups on my list of things to achieve before this year’s Open. Sadly, I did what many of my students do – “really really” wanted it to happen, did some stuff, was sorta consistent πŸ˜‰ , worked hard and hoped for the best.

    That’s “really really” embarrassing because I actually know how to set goals, make a plan, measure outcomes, follow up, and adjust the plan. More than that I know that the trainers at CFTMoncton are super interested and capable of helping me figure out the path to achieve any of my CFT goals.

    So, new strategy for this year – be intentional; be consistent; be disciplined.

    And 16.2? Be ready.

  4. Here are my tips and tricks for tonight.

    Pacing – Never go to failure (ever). Try to use the whole 3 minutes for every round to control your heart rate. Singles on the pull-ups are still fast, but no breaks longer than 1 sec.

    Technique – Wear Oly shoes if you have them. Take a wider than normal stance if you have tight calves, hips or shoulders. Hook grip your clean or snatch, then relaxed grip once overhead. Shoulders should be squeezed and pressed up. Mixed or underhand grip on your pull-ups when needed.

    Mobility – Pec ball, Lat roll, Quad smash, Calf smash, T-spine roll

    Warm-up – Row 3-5 min, Regular warm-up with ring rows, light presses, build up to OHS weight, nail some pull-ups.

    Advice – If the weight is out of your current ability, scale it down. There are no egos. Safety trumps score any day. If you can hit the 10 OHS (rx’d or scaled), but pull-ups aren’t in your wheelhouse yet, jumping pull-ups are your option. Get as far as you can within your abilities and get some sweaty hugs when you’re done!

    Peace, love and pull-ups!

  5. – Mob
    – WUx1

    – Snatch/OHS/C2B practice

    15.2 rx = 38 reps (2 shy of getting to the 2nd round, grr… Still, way better than I expected and a big improvement over last year’s 13 reps πŸ˜€ )

  6. wu
    15.2 Rx
    total = 77 reps
    PR of 3 reps, I’m happy, I was really hoping to complete 2 rounds. really tough going after 1st round.
    great job everyone!

  7. 15.2 Rx
    Official score: 10 reps
    Unofficial score with Jumping Pull-ups: 162

    Another great night at CFM!

    1. Side note: I didn’t really have a strategy. However it was really hard to keep going when you knew your official score would be 10. Mostly because I am lazy. Thanks for the cheers.

  8. 15.2 scaled: 7 πŸ™‚ Then got to the middle of round 3 with jumping pullups on 1 plate (and a short bar). Forget how many reps though.

    Thanks Kevin for putting up with my late-ness and Blake for judging me!

  9. 15.2
    RX OHS, scaled C2B to jumping pull ups.
    29 reps Total
    Offical score: 10

    Felt super shaky in my OHS tonight. Overall, super happy with this because last year it took me the entire 3mins to get 7 OHS πŸ™‚

  10. WOD Rx = 87 reps (PR)

    Kinda lost my cool there for a second. 1 rep away from next rounds… oh well. That poor wood box didn’t deserve it. πŸ™‚

    Very happy with everyone else’s PRs tho! Very very happy!

  11. Heather Colleen

    15.2 Scale
    Official reps: 6
    Unofficial reps: 56
    Best judge ever: Chantal

    Tonight was tough, but without CFMers it would have been impossible. Because of you, what could have been a difficult, scary experience became stress-free and REALLY fun. Because of you, scaling wasn’t the end of the world, being watched wasn’t awful, and failure wasn’t a consideration.

    Basically, you guys all rock.

  12. 15.2 Rx
    121 Reps (found 10 extra reps while checking math πŸ™‚ )

    Great turn out and effort by everyone again this week!

  13. WOD rx’d: 77 reps

    I thought when I was done that I had 5 reps less than last year and I was initially disappointed because I thought I hadn’t made any progress… After double-checking my score from last year it turns out I had a 9-rep PR. So…I’m very, very happy about that.

    I could hear ALL OF YOU cheering for me. I love you guys so much. Thank you. xox

  14. 15.2 Rx
    18 reps

    First kick at this one and got my first C2B just before the wod so overall I’m quite happy with that!! I do wish I would have clued in to continue on scaled to regular pull ups to see how far I could get…but I got so caught up on those C2B haha

    Awesome effort and support from all of our amazing member again, can’t wait for next week!

  15. 15.2 scaled
    Official reps: 6
    Unofficial reps: 120 or 132 reps, I don’t remember if I am only did 1 rd or if I did more LOL! Anyways was a good WOD, good job everyone πŸ˜‰

  16. 15.2 as Rx’d
    72 reps.

    Just a 1 rep PR, but it *felt* much better (does that make sense?)! My C2B felt good and I didn’t feel slow but when I hit those OHS the wheels fell off.

    Great to see everyone’s amazing efforts!

  17. 15.2 rx’d
    11 reps.

    So got1 c2b which is a 1 rep pr from last year. Had a couple of chin over bar reps that were soooo close. But hey I’ll take it.

    Great job everyone!

    1. I didn’t get to see it because I was judging. But this was the highlight of my night. πŸ™‚

  18. Wod rx’d

    Exactly the same as last year.
    Had a great pace throughout and was very focused on the clock. When my grip gave out in the last round, I completely forgot to mix my grip. Even coaches need coaches! Kinda mad at myself for not strategizing better.

    Great job to everyone who nailed PRs!

  19. 15.2
    RX – 10 reps!
    +10 jumping pullups (I didn’t think I’d get to these… my inner voice told me I wouldn’t get more than a few OHS reps! I proved my inner voice wrong!!!) I tried to get another OHS in the last 15 s, but it was wobbly and I didn’t want to risk getting hurt, so I put it down).

    Last year I got only 1 rep.

  20. Hilarycantin1

    Scaled Masters: 9 reps

    Discovered a new goat in jumping pullups.

    Another amazing night at the gym. Thanks for being my judge Heather P.

  21. Great job everybody on 15.2, lots of pr’s!
    I actually did better than anticipated on this one, with my shoulder being not so good.
    Wod 15.2 rx’d
    125 reps
    Really had to focus on good technique and stability as to not hurt my shoulder. Which added some stress. No pr but still happy I got that far!

  22. Re-did on Sunday.

    44 rep PR!

    Final score: 184

    Paced 45 sec for each set of movements
    Rep breakdown:
    10’s – 4-3-3
    12’s – 5-4-3
    14’s – 6-5-4, 4-4-3-3, 8-6, 2’s+1’s
    16’s – 10-6, singles, 8

    Remembered to mix grip in the 14’s and helped tremendously!

  23. 15.2 scaled
    2 Rounds of
    6 OHS @ 45#
    6 Chin over bar pull ups

    then 8….etc.

    Total reps = 55

    1 rep shy of finishing my last set of pull ups in the 2nd round of 8’s. (Failed it twice in the last 10 seconds) Note for next year…suck it up & get that last rep in. I would have loved to continue with another set of OHS to improve the score.

  24. Bench press x3
    2-3 warm up sets
    5 sets at 85%

    45,65,75#x 5


    Tabata Floor Wiper

    single count

    used 60#

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