Thursday WOD

We are going to delay opening today until 12pm. Please be safe out there!

Games Athletes – Remember to register for a time slot by 8pm tonight. Thanks!

Judges – let me know if you will NOT be able to make it or have special requirements.

Skill – Turkish Getups

5 rounds (not for time)
30 sec Handstand Hold
20 sec Ring Hold
Max Ring Dips
10 sec Pullup Hold
Max Pullups

Frankie's dynamic pushup
Frankie’s dynamic pushup

46 thoughts on “Thursday WOD”

      1. um no…maybe you should wish Patrick happy snowblowing. I waited patiently while he worked on the driveway this morning, then I got in my warm car (he also started it) and I drove off to work. I’m a lucky wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Hmmm I don’t have a coach uncle Patrick, but Vince did the exact same for me… even tho he’s starting a man cold and works from home! ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. I have no Coach Patrick, but a great neighbor who gave my little car a push! Happy 14.3 announcement day…please no wallballs please no wallballs…

      4. Valรฉrie Arseneau

        yeah… I did it myself… my man lives too far…

        But I do have my parent’s snow blower!! Because they live in florida in the winter… lucky folks…

    1. Yay announcement day! Crossfitters rejoice! I’m gonna throw another question out there to discuss…

      – Is the next one a 15+ min triplet
      – long-ish “most-people-in-the-world-wont-get-to-complete-1-round” chipper-style WOD… (that format has shown up every year)

      1. Yeah Amanda, I’d like to see the WBs in a regular triplet like 2011’s… I guess we can blame the repeat WOD for ’12 and ’13 hehehe.

      2. Well… that one triplet from 2011 would fit perfect, wallballs, power cleans, toes-2-bar. But that’s just wishful thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. I’m going to make a safe assumption that neither of you are doing much work at your jobs today? ๐Ÿ™‚

        I’m going for long couplet/ladder style WOD

    1. I agree! I always love the hang-time pics like Spencer last week and Frankie today. Guess my super power should have been flying instead of sarcasm

      1. I’d prefer the order Kevin suggested too…..since T2B’s seem to be mostly eluding me today. I can’t believe I just asked for wall balls to be first in anything.

    1. Based on 14.1 and 14.2, I’m guessing T2B will be in there as one of those that alot of us struggle with. I seems to be the open theme this year.

    2. Im thinking in the same length (15-20 min) either something heavy or wallballz (like Kevin suggested)… Maybe KBS? Ascending ladder up by 3 for the AMRAP? Or maybe that would be tough on scoring…

  1. Heather Colleen

    First of all, I love that in 30 comments this is the first WOD post. Secondly, I’m jealous of Open competitors right now who had the excuse not to do today’s WOD because it was brutal…however I will be comforted when I see all the wall balls and T2B you all will have to do tomorrow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    shoe test-15-20-25-30#

    5 rounds
    30 second barbell hold 35#
    Max press
    20 second paralette hold
    Max para dips
    10 second pull-up hold (blue/pink)
    Max pull-ups

    Total reps: 118 (aka Anthony + 18)

    My shoulders are still burny.

    1. You do know with Kevin’s sense of humour as it is he may just schedule wall balls and T2B’s just so he can laugh all day thinking about it.

  2. Lydia and I started off to the gym. I wanted to do some mobility and find my muscle up. Roads are still terrible. Turned around. When we arrived back in our driveway, Lydia stated crying and saying gym gym gym. Guess we have another one who drank the crossfit koolaid.

  3. Please cancel my 6:45 class….I almost got into accident coming home from work, I’m not going out again! LOL

  4. WU x 1 + Burpee Broad Jumps

    5 Rounds:

    30 second hand stand hold then max reps HSPU with ab mat + 10# Plate
    20 second ring hold then max ring dips (with purple band)
    10 second chin over bar hold then max pull ups (with purple band)

    Reps went like this:
    HSPU: 5-4-3-3-3
    Ring Dips: 12-8-5-8-4
    Pull Ups: 6-4-4-4-4

    Total reps = 73

    After being away on vacation, this is the first WOD for me since 14.1. It was tough, but I was really happy not to start back with a big cardio work out. I’m sure I’ll get that tomorrow in 14.3.

  5. WUX1

    Skill: TGU
    shoe test-15-20#

    5 rounds
    30 sec barbell hold 35#
    max press
    20 sec paralette hold
    max paralette dips
    10 sec ringrow hold
    max rinrows

    total reps: 129

  6. WU x 1 + Burpee Broad Jumps

    TGU 25-40-53

    5 Rounds:

    30 second hand stand hold then max reps HSPU with ab mat + 25# Plate
    20 second ring hold then max ring dips
    10 second chin over bar hold then max pull ups

    Reps went like this:

    HSPU: 4-3-2-0-0
    Ring Dips: 5-2-2-1-1
    Pull Ups: 10-4-5-4-5

    Total reps = 48

    Good first WOD back after a week of abusing my body in the DR.

  7. Mobility
    WUx1 + Burpee broad jumps

    Turkish Get ups

    5 rounds (not for time)
    30 sec Handstand Hold
    Max HSPU
    20 sec Ring Hold
    Max Ring Dips
    10 sec Pullup Hold
    Max Pullups

    Total = 81

    Great Class thanks Kevin

  8. MOB + WU

    SKILL- Turkish Getup’s

    25(2)- 30(2)- 35(4)

    Not for Time: 5Rds

    30s HS hold
    Max HSPU’s
    20s Ring hold
    Max Ring Dips
    10s Pullup Hold
    Max pullups

    27Reps total

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